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Liam Wolfe isn"t having the best of days. He"s being falsely accused of things he"d never even think of doing and is now facing the loss of his career because of it. He has an idea of who"s behind the attempt at assassinating his character but can"t put the pieces together by himself.

Mark Masters isn"t having any better of a time. He"s sitting in his office at Stonewall Investigations, getting work done, when his boyfriend of a year walks in with the sole goal of breaking up with him. He"s blindsided by the development and thinks not much else can surprise him.

He was very wrong.

Moments after the breakup, Liam walks into Mark"s office looking for help and a connection that had been lost for years suddenly reignites. As childhood best friends, Mark and Liam were inseparable. As adults, they"ll come to learn not much has changed.

With a second chance on the horizon, Mark and Liam explore something that fear had cut them off from as kids. They"ll do it while working together to unravel the truth behind Liam"s case, risking everything they"ve regained in the process.Books in Series:Stonewall Investigations Series by Max WalkerBooks by Author:Max Walker Books



Liam Wolfe

The Starlight Theatre was packed, which, duh, it was a Friday night and we were a few blocks away from Times Square. But that was fine, Mark really wanted to see the new Jurassic Park movie, and I was down because I was a good friend like that. Also, raptors were pretty badass, and I was interested in seeing them on the big screen. So I stood in line with my best friend, who I noticed was wearing the shirt I"d gotten him for his birthday.

"You like the shirt, huh"" I motioned with my chin.

It was a black T-shirt with a slogan on it printed in bold white print that said "Feels Like Summer." It wasn"t the only thing I got him, don"t worry. Nah, it was my mom who"d seen it in the store and thought of him. She bought it and told me he"d love it for his birthday. Guess she was right.

"Yeah, dude, it"s awesome." Mark looked down at his shirt before looking back up at me. His eyes were reflecting the light from the flashing theatre signs above us. They were different colors, one a really light blue and the other was half-brown half-blue, and they never failed to throw me off. I looked away.

"Good. Looks good on you."

"Thanks, dude."

We made it up to the ticket stand. We each bought our tickets and followed the line of people into the theatre. It was an old place, grand I guess would be the word. They kept it looking like it was something out of our history textbooks. It was really cool. Mark and I came here like every weekend, and we never got bored. Not that we could ever get bored hanging out with each other. It was always an adventure with him, and I loved it.

"Want something to eat"" Mark asked.

I looked at the long line of people waiting at the concession stand. "No, I don"t want to wait."

"Go sit down. I"ll wait," Mark said, already moving to grab a place in line. "What do you want""

I shook my head. "Nah, nah, I won"t make you wait here alone." I got into line next to him. And, as time usually did when we were together, it flew. The line disappeared and we were up front and ordering in what felt like seconds. Maybe it was because we were getting into a heated argument on which starter Pok"mon was truly the best.

"Charmander," I was still saying strongly as we grabbed the big bag of popcorn and our sodas.

"Squirtle, man," Mark argued. "He"s the strongest, and the cutest, and just the better one overall. Plus, he turns into Blastoise. Bad ass."

"Charmander evolves into a dragon. Done deal." I was pouring butter on the freshly popped popcorn.

"More," Mark said before I put the butter down. I listened as Mark grabbed the salt and added it to the mix.

"Fine, whatever," Mark said, grabbing the sodas while I grabbed the popcorn. "I"m not saying he"s a bad pick; I"m just saying Squirtle is better."

Neither of us wanted to ruin the friendship over Pok"mon, so we moved on to other subjects. We were just about to go back into our sophomore year of high school after a summer break that wasn"t long enough, at all. We started talking about our class schedules and who we thought we"d be taking classes with as we went to go find our seats. There were already a few people neither of us wanted to be around, and some others that were actually cool, down-to-earth people. But mostly, it didn"t matter because it was me and Mark for the majority of it all. We stuck together through thick and thin, and neither of us needed a ton of friends. We just hung out together, and that was pretty much it.

Honestly, at fifteen, I guess that"s all that really mattered in life. Just having a good person to talk with and have a good time with and get through things with. That was Mark to me. He"d helped me through a lot, and I"d helped him, too.

We sat down. The seats were good, too, like right in the center"even though the theatre was packed, somehow there were two empty seats and we grabbed them.

I put the popcorn in my lap and went for some. "Oh shit, sorry, here," I said as my hand rubbed up against Mark"s, who I didn"t realize was already going for the popcorn. I tilted the bag his way, avoiding any eye contact.

I knew that if there was eye contact, then he"d know something had just happened to me, that I felt electrocuted by that random touch. Which, no, I mean, I didn"t really feel anything. Nothing real, at least. It was just a reaction to the surprise of being touched, obviously. It had nothing to do with Mark and the way he smiled or how he always seemed to know exactly what to say or how he somehow always made me laugh without even doing anything.


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