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Just like Abe Lincoln, I got shot. You"ve got to be kidding me.
If we"re going to stay safe, we need to grow the MC.
And I"ve found a good guy to join up.
Except his sister hates me.
Too bad, because she"s a beauty.
Those curves, and long legs.
I"ll convince her to be mine.
And let her brother join the MC.
I"m honest, after all.

Abe (Marked Skulls MC) is a full length STANDALONE bad boy motorcycle romance.Books in Series:Marked Skulls MC Series by Savannah RylanBooks by Author:Savannah Rylan Books

Chapter 1


Lila and Jordan had taken care of my gunshot wound, and after I left Jordan"s apartment, I took off the sling she had tied my arm in. I straightened my fingers, feeling my knuckles crack and my muscles ache. The only way to heal a wound like this was by pushing through the pain.

The girls had insisted that I keep the sling on; something about not putting too much pressure on the wound in my shoulder. But I didn"t want to turn up at Vanity"s apartment in bandages.

It was the middle of the night, and I waved goodbye to Lila and Girth who got on his bike and rode away. When I moved my arms to get a grip on the accelerator, I felt a current of pain shoot up and down my spine. I pushed through it, clutching the gear tightly with my gloved hands. Getting shot was collateral damage in the life I had chosen for myself. My body would heal on its own, I didn"t need to keep an arm in a sling along the way.

I rode towards Vanity"s apartment. I wasn"t sure if she would be back from her shift at the strip club yet. It wasn"t that kinda relationship. It wasn"t like we texted each other all day and updated each other on our whereabouts.

I"d been fucking her for almost three months now, ever since her first night at the strip club when I paid her triple the amount she was supposed to charge for a private dance. She was a voluptuous blond with a tiny waist and she screamed loudly when I fucked her doggy-style.

I didn"t know how many other guys she was fucking, and I didn"t want to know. I didn"t ask her any questions, just like she asked me none either. It was a relationship of mutual understanding, it worked for me and I had every intention of keeping it that way.

After fights and being in the middle of a shootout like the one we were in, to extract vengeance for Fred"s death"I was in the mood for a good fuck. I could have gone back to the strip club or picked up one of the groupies who hung around our bar, T-Bone; but Vanity was quickly turning into a habit. I knew I could fall asleep at her apartment and in the morning, she wouldn"t expect me to have breakfast with her.

It was a good fight. The bald fucker who had shot and killed Fred was now dead, our MC had got its revenge and the rest of my brothers were celebrating. I, on the other hand, had an itch in the pit of my stomach for more. How much longer were we going to remain the underdogs"

We were a small MC; our main business had been counterfeit alcohol and stolen goods. We had always stayed out of the territory of other bigger MCs like The Dark Legion and The Hell"s Drifters"we didn"t get ourselves involved in drugs and the weapons trade because we didn"t have the manpower to handle the rain of fire that we"d receive from the other MCs.

But I was itching for more. This shootout had given me a taste for victory, it got my adrenaline pumping and I wanted that brain-numbing feeling of taking a risk. Of not knowing if I"d get out of a fight dead or alive. Our MC needed to push our imaginary boundaries.

I parked my bike outside Vanity"s apartment building and I took the steps two-at a time up. I had been ignoring the throbbing wound in my shoulder, so that now, the ache had become a part of me, another one of my old habits.

I rapped on her door loudly, hoping that she was back. I could already feel my cock moving in my jeans. It needed to be inside a warm tight pussy right now.

Vanity opened the door a few seconds later. It seemed like she hadn"t changed out of her work clothes yet. She was in her usual fishnet stockings and the red leather skirt and the matching bikini top she usually wore at the club, before she started stripping them off.

"What are you doing here"" she asked in a snappy voice, just cracking the door open an inch. I placed my hand on the door and pushed it open.

"What the fuck do you think"" I growled and stepped into her dimly lit apartment. She stumbled away from the door and looked nervously over her shoulder. I followed her gaze to the small living room at the end of the corridor and I knew instantly what was going on. She"d brought a customer back to her place.

"I didn"t know you were coming," she snapped, crossing her arms over her juicy breasts. I clenched my jaws, narrowing my eyes at her. Her makeup was caked thick on her face, her eyelashes were dark and unnaturally long.


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