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They call me Prince Playboy… but she’ll call me husband.

I married an American woman by accident.
My parents–the king and queen–are going to kill me.
But I don’t give a f*ck.
Freya’s mine–from her smart mouth to her perfect a$$,
She belongs to me.
I’ve got the marriage certificate to prove it.
There’s just one little thing–I need to tell her I’m aprince,
And I’m nevergranting her a divorce.
This playboy has found his queen,
And I intend to make this fake marriage real.
I’ll keep Freya–and the royal baby inside of her–forever.

Accidental Princess is a steamy, sultry standaloneromance, the first in the Hidden Kingdom Series. The series follows theroyals of the Hidden Kingdoms and their journeys through love andheartache. Accidental Princess contains NO cliffhangers, ZERO cheaters,and lots of delightful dalliances on the sun-soaked beaches of Ibiza.Books by Author:Lexi Whitlow Books



I watch out the window as our plane descends closer to the ground with each passing minute. The waters here in Ibiza are breathtakingly beautiful, the prettiest out of all the shades of blue. The white sandy beaches are packed full of tourists, wanting to soak up as much sun as possible before going home"which is exactly what Allison and I are planning on doing.

We started brainstorming this vacation three months ago and we"ve been counting down the days since then. After everything that happened over the last week, I"ve never needed a break more than I do now.

It all started when Kirk, who Allison recently dubbed Kirk the Jerk, sent me a strange text message which clearly wasn"t meant for me. At first, I thought it was just a joke but who jokes like that" The picture that he sent was of him screwing a girl, who was definitely not me, and the caption was "So you don"t forget me" followed by a couple of kissy face emojis.

First off, eww"

Or maybe it was for me. Who knows, but either way it was the end of Kirk and me. It felt like my heart had fallen out of my chest and was bleeding out all over the ground. This guy had been the love of my life"I was engaged to him! We were going to get married when I went back home after graduation.

He was my happily ever after. Or so I thought.

Then, all of a sudden, he wasn"t. In the blink of an eye, just like that. I didn"t leave my room for two days before Allison finally made me open the door and face the world. Even now, thinking about it still makes me sad.

I hope the blue waters of Ibiza help me fight that. It"s time to let loose a little and leave my memories of Kirk behind me where they belong. He"s obviously having fun without me.

I need to do the same.

The taxi drops us off at our hotel and we check in without any problems. Our room is on the fourth floor and has balcony views of the cove not too far away. The decorations are a mixture of European and coastal, making for an interesting combination. Allison sets down her suitcase and lays down on her bed, testing out how soft it is.

"I know this might sound lame, but can we take a nap before we go sightseeing"" she asks hopefully. "Jet lag and all."

"Sure can," I answer.

"Perfect. Just perfect," she says sleepily as she gets more comfortable.

I take off my shoes and lay down too. I close my eyes but I don"t sleep. My mind is too busy replaying the picture Kirk sent. I had deleted it shortly after, but it"s not as easy to do that with a mind as it is a phone. Eventually, I give up on trying to sleep.

I get up and write a note for Ally, saying that I"m going to walk for a bit. She"s old school and prefers for me to leave notes when I leave and go somewhere. We even have a cute little stationary set in the hotel just for notes. And I know that since we"re in a foreign country, if I take off without leaving her a note, I"ll be in big trouble when I get back. For as carefree as Ally comes off, she"s still a worrier"especially over the people she loves.

The sunshine and heat hits my face as soon as I"m out of the hotel lobby. It feels welcome and refreshing. I"ve spent too much time indoors studying and preparing for exams; I feel like I"ve forgotten what it feels like to be carefree. Hopefully that"s something I can remedy while we"re here.

There"s a charming looking caf" just down the block from where we"re staying and I make a mental note to bring Allison to check it out before we leave. I continue on towards the beach, walking along a path lined with vibrant flowers. They"re eye catching and I can smell them without even having to get close to them. The wind blows a soft breeze and everyone that I meet along the path is happy with smiles on their faces, simply enjoying the beauty that is Ibiza.

I pass a fountain, and something draws me to it. I stop and sit on the ledge, looking at the artfully designed fountain as the sound of soothing water makes me want to sit for a while and forget about my cares. And for a couple of minutes that"s exactly what I do. The fountain is back away from the path so it"s not as loud, and if I close my eyes I can almost pretend I"m by myself.

I look around and"oh, what"s this"

A good-looking guy sits on the other side of the fountain.


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