Accidental Princess Lexi Whitlow ~ Page 2

Good looking might be the understatement of the year. This guy is absolutely fucking fine.

I hadn"t noticed him before but now I can"t move my eyes away from him. Messy brown hair, high cheek bones, broad shoulders"I can"t see what color his eyes since he"s looking down, but his profile alone is captivating.

He looks up and catches me starting at him. My cheeks flush and I feel like an idiot, but I manage to smile at him, at least I hope it looks like a smile.

Before I know what"s happening he"s standing up and coming towards me, smiling, and even that is sinful. Once he"s standing in front of me he opens his mouth like he"s going to say something, only to stop as he glances over my shoulder at something.

"Can I ask you a favor"" he asks in a voice loud enough for only me to hear.

"Maybe," I say. I blush in spite of myself.

He gives me that charming smile again. "Will you pretend to be my girlfriend for a moment""


"My girlfriend. Seriously. I can"t explain, but it"s important."

"I guess," I agree, finally remembering how to talk.

He looks back over my shoulder before he pulls me close. He takes my chin and tilts me face upward so that I look directly into his startlingly green eyes. The color is so soft and inviting; I feel like I could lose myself in them for hours and still not know every facet of them.

I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see who it is, but he stops me and leans down to touch his lips to mine. They"re so soft and warm against mine that I forget about trying to see who"s behind me. This handsome stranger pulls me closer and I clench my fists in the soft fabric of his shirt. Somehow, in this brief moment, he manages to make me feel more in this one kiss than I"ve ever felt with Kirk the Jerk.

The kiss breaks, just a second; he gazes down at me with those piercing green eyes and I"ve already forgotten about anything and anyone that isn"t the two of us and this tiny, intense exchange. Lightly panting, I lean up"

He brings me back to him and kisses me again, deeper this time and I squirm as warmth floods me to my core. His hands rove over my curves and it"s intense"everything I never knew I wanted and I want more.

Before it even has a chance to really get started, he slows things down once more.

Space returns between us, and as he brushes my fly-away hair out of my face, I long for the touch to linger.

"I"m sure I"ll be seeing you around," he says. "Thank you again."

With a peck to my forehead, he"s walking away; he doesn"t even bother to look back. It"s like he just knows that I"m watching him leave.

Sandy cove forgotten, I"m reeling as I walk back to the hotel. I was correct in thinking that this trip is exactly what I need; that sexy stranger"s kiss just solidified that notion. I can only hope we run into each other again.

He"s just what I need.

A rebound. A stranger with a secret.

This seems like exactly the reason we came to Ibiza in the first place.

"Oh thank goodness you"re back!" Allison"s shriek greets me as I walk into our room. "There for a second I was afraid I was going to have to track you down!" she says as she pulls me in for a huge bear hug.

I laugh into the depth of her hug, trying not to roll my eyes.

Allison tends to overreact. It"s her thing, and I love her for it. Even if I do get the brunt of it most days.

"Sorry. I couldn"t sleep, and I thought I"d do a little sightseeing while you were sleeping. I left a note." I feel like I"m still glowing from the kiss, but Ally doesn"t notice.

"I saw it when I got up, but we"ve never been here before and you decide to go wandering off, alone I might add, without me."

I decide to change the subject to something be both love, not wanting her to wallow in the genuine concern she has. "I saw this adorable little caf" not too far from here. Do you want to go check it out tonight""

"Works for me. You know I can"t say no to food. Then we can hit up that club the clerk at the front desk was telling us about."

"Let"s do it."

Immediately, she up from the bed, happy to rummage through the closet for tonight"s outfit.

"Maybe you can meet some hottie to take your mind off Kirk the Jerk," she muses.

I smile. That nickname never gets old. "Actually, I found someone." There it is in my mind"the blushing, deep hotness of our kiss, the fullness I felt when he touched me. And the aching need to forget everything for just a few moments. "I might not see him again"but"" I shrug and pretend to look through my suitcase.

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