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Adrian Hawthorne was a man in complete control until he met her…
Adrian Hawthorne worked hard and played even harder. Money and women were never in short-supply for this charming billionaire. But when he bumps into the curvy Victoria Montford late one night, he can’t deny his attraction to her is stronger than anything he’s ever felt before. What starts as seduction ends up being an all-consuming love for Victoria, one that lasts even after she abruptly leaves him to go back South.

Victoria Montford was a young woman hiding a secret from the only man she’d ever loved…
Victoria Montford was on her own in the big city. As a full-time student juggling two jobs she barely had time to sleep, much less fall in love. When she meets the tall and incredibly handsome Adrian Hawthorne at her second job, she can’t ignore her yearning for him. Soon she enters a whirlwind romance that eventually ends up leaving Victoria heartbroken…and pregnant.

Four years pass before they see each other again on a crowded sidewalk. It’s inevitable that they pick up right where they left off–in and out of bed. But before Adrian and Victoria can try again for their happily-ever-after, she has a confession to make. What will Adrian do when he realizes Victoria had his child and kept it a secret from him"

NOTE: This book is the compilation of the “As I Hide: Adrian” serial.Books by Author:Anna Antonia Books


Adrian Hawthorne was not a man prone to idleness. An early riser, he worked out like a professional athlete every day before showering and eating breakfast. Plugged into his mobile and laptop by seven a.m., he was generally the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave.

Work was his addiction of choice and Adrian had no desire to change that.

He was a child born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, but Adrian fought his way to the top of a heap that cared exactly zero for his pedigree and Ivy League accomplishments. Never content with trading on his family name, Adrian had been determined to prove his mettle and change the world as a byproduct.

So he"d founded a company to do just that by the time he was twenty-one. The NYSE was just one of the markets to benefit from his digital prowess and excellent eye for finding and hiring the best programmers the world had to offer.

When his company went public every single hire, all the way down to the receptionist, was a millionaire. Scenting the winds were changing in tech, Adrian made the prudent decision to sell and walked away with nearly half a billion in his account.

Adrian could"ve retired to a sunny island and lived comfortably off the residuals for the rest of his life. Retirement wasn"t even on the horizon for him because Adrian Hawthorne was just getting started.

Not the least bit complacent with his early success, Adrian left the tech field and entered the hospitality industry, boutique hotels in particular. Catering to the nouveau riche through thoughtful design and artisan detail did much to fatten his net worth, but Adrian soon found it to be dull work once he"d established his world-wide brand.

Hungry for a challenge, Adrian hurtled into the lucrative arena of data mining. When that didn"t prove challenging enough, he turned his sights to the Arctic. Iron ore in particular. Partnering with an established firm, Adrian tackled the logistics and environmental nightmares with a laser focus that didn"t leave room for failure.

Not surprisingly, the venture was an unequivocal success.

All Adrian"s countless hours of unflagging work and predatory instincts left him in the enviable position of quadrupling the Hawthorne family wealth as well as his own.

A billionaire by age thirty, Adrian was confident there was little left to conquer"not in the business world and especially not in his personal life. A handsome face and staggering wealth were a potent combination to the women of his acquaintance. As a consequence, Adrian had sampled more than his fair share of models, actresses, and socialites throughout the years.

Even so, he"d yet to even come within spitting distance of a church. The only jewelry he bought were the colorful trinkets his latest paramour expected as her due. Never a stingy man in body or generosity, Adrian had showered his lovers with all the material possessions they could"ve desired. Trips around the world were commonplace in his courtships and he"d bought enough jewels, clothes, and cars to drive his personal accountant into apoplexy on a quarterly basis.

Still, none of those gorgeous women had stayed long enough to make an inevitable move towards the altar and matrimony.

Although once there was an actress who"d left a bridal magazine on his side of the bed, prompting Adrian to bid her adieu by the following evening. She"d gotten married to her costar six weeks later and Adrian had sent the blessed couple an all-expense paid stay at any of his exclusive hotels as a gift"which they"d politely accepted.

Adrian Hawthorne was in his prime and extremely happy with his life as it was. He went where he pleased, worked as often as he wanted, and never lacked for charming companionship.

The world was his and it was good.

Little did he know implosion was imminent to his carefully managed kingdom.

And that implosion"s name was Victoria Montford.


Victoria Montford worked like a woman possessed. She had classes in the mornings and afternoons at the university five days a week. She worked at her first job Friday through Monday as a waitress at one of the many sports bars catering towards men who liked seeing the staff wearing as little as possible. The work was tiring but the great tips went a long way in easing her sore feet.

Monday night saw Victoria trading her miniscule kilt and barely-there top for gray coveralls when she went to her second job as an office cleaner. That work lasted through Wednesday, which left Thursday as her only day off.

Between homework, class, and work, Victoria didn"t have much of a social life much less time for a boyfriend. Which suited her fine. Relationships, while nice, just didn"t seem to be in the cards for her"at least for now.

A late bloomer, she"d had only one boyfriend in high school and he"d been a member of the Purity Club"which automatically made her a member by proxy. While she missed out on all the good stuff, Kevin had been a nice first boyfriend and Victoria looked back at her junior and senior year fondly mainly because of him.


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