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Get ready to laugh out loud, swoon, and fall in love with this new, fun, and sexy stand-alone novel from New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig. Demonstrating her versatility in writing, Aleatha revisits her lighter side that you loved in PLUS ONE.

A complete stand-alone, ANOTHER ONE is the next big summer hit.


Trevor Willis is sexy, sweet, and oh so fun. He"s also my best friend"s brother-in-law. That should mean he"s off-limits, or that I should be off-limits to him.

Someone probably should have told us that before my best friend married his brother, before the morning of the wedding when we woke in each other"s arms with gaping holes in my memory.

They didn"t.

We did.

The hilarious truth behind our crazy, secret adventure secured this handsome, off-limits man in my heart. But alas, life goes on. After our one secret night, we went back to our lives"our hardworking, solitary lives.

And then it happened.

My phone began to buzz. Each night with thousands of miles between us, we laughed, talked, and shared. And then, the phone stopped ringing.

Before it did, I knew one thing…

Our secret one had bloomed and blossomed, and now that our circumstances have changed I want another one! Try Aleatha"s lighter side for a guaranteed smile"the perfect getaway.

Have you been Aleatha"d"

Aleatha’s “Lighter Ones” are all stand alone lighter romances guaranteed to make you smile, possibly shed a tear, and definitely enjoy the ride! They may be read in any order.Books in Series:Lighter Ones Series by Aleatha RomigBooks by Author:Aleatha Romig Books

Prologue –

* * *


* * *

"Can you believe I"m really married"" Kimbra asks, leaning as close to me as she can with her long white wedding dress filling the space between us.

"I"m so happy for you!" And I am. It seems like not that long ago we were roommates making our way through the big city of New York, the two of us against the world.

"If it can happen to me, I know your time is coming."

I don"t want to burst her romantic bubble, especially on her wedding day, but if my time is in the next decade, the way my love life is going, I"ll need some divine intervention. First, I"m not dating anyone, which is usually a prerequisite for marriage. And second, I"m now daydreaming about the man across the dance floor talking with his date.

Don"t jump to conclusions. There"s a lot more to that story.

My current obsession"or attraction"is new, exciting, and absolutely crazy. It began last night with an innocent drink near a fire pit, a few wrong decisions that included shots of Fireball, and continued into this morning, waking in the bed of said man.

No, I"m not into three-ways, and no, his date isn"t real.

It isn"t like she"s a blow-up doll either, but she"s a pretend date. She"s even engaged to his other friend. The reasons behind his charade are not complicated. My best friend"s new husband is Trevor"s brother, Duncan. Before meeting my best friend, Duncan"s history with women was, well, legendary. For that reason of sibling rivalry, Trevor said he couldn"t attend Duncan and Kimbra"s wedding solo.

Anyway, that"s the story he told me and the one I want to believe.

"Let"s concentrate on your big day," I say. "And your big night!"

Kimbra laughs. "I may be wearing white, but"" She looks out to find her new husband across the room. "I"m pretty sure that when it comes to tonight, I know all about what"s coming."

"It"d better be you!" I say just before we both start laughing, sounding more like teenagers than adults. When we both settle, I admit to my best friend. "I may be a little jealous."

"Well, you can"t have Duncan."

"I don"t want Duncan. I just would like to""

"I know," she says excitedly, reaching beneath the long table and lifting a gift bag. "You can have the gift from Grandma Helen."

I giggle into my own glass of bubbly. In the bag she"s holding is a brand-new vibrator, color-coordinated to match Kimbra"s wedding. "I don"t know if that"s sweet or gross or both. I"m sure it would be the most action I"ve seen in ages. But still, I"ll pass."

As my best friend keeps talking, my mind goes back to this morning, waking in Trevor"s bed, his broad chest and wide shoulders beside me and the warmth of his body against mine. Yes, we"d slept together. No, we didn"t do more. It"s a long story, but the most important part is that we both agreed not to tell Kimbra or Duncan what happened. We agreed to keep it our one secret night.

My lip disappears behind my teeth as I imagine Trevor shirtless, his morning beard covering his chin, and his hair all messed from sleeping.

"If you change your mind," Kimbra says with a grin, obviously misconstruing my concentration.

I lift my hand to wave her train of thought away. It may be hard to believe that the vibrator in question came from Kimbra"s grandmother. But it did. Yes, you read that right. She"s somewhere between seventy and one hundred years old, and as Kimbra says, her filter is broken and the warranty is expired. That means that you never know exactly what will come out of her mouth.

A few minutes ago, her grandma came parading to the head table and handed Kimbra and her husband Duncan a gift. I"ve heard stories of her doing the same to other family members. It seems that sometimes the gifts aren"t wrapped. Thankfully, Kimbra"s was in a gift bag. Even so, her grandma wanted the new couple to open it on the spot. The way Kimbra"s cheeks filled with pink, I didn"t have to ask what was inside.

It was then that Grandma Helen promised Duncan an entire package of batteries for the honeymoon. Their conversation makes me smile. "Besides, I don"t think your new husband would approve. He sounded pretty excited about the entire package of batteries."

Kimbra shakes her head. "It"s not like you don"t have one."

"A husband""

"No, silly. We were roommates for years." Her brows waggle. "As my grandma would say, you weren"t brushing your teeth at midnight."

"How do you know" I happen to believe in diligent oral hygiene." When Kimbra looks at me with that all-knowing grin, I go on, "Keep your gift. You"re right. I have it covered." Yes, I have my own battery-operated boyfriend, but taking another glance into the crowd and seeing Trevor talking to his date, for the first time in a long time, I wish for the real live kind of boyfriend.


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