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Ten years ago, the Four Kings killed my friend.
I"m not going to kill them.
I"m going to make every single one of them pay.
Make them pray for death, and take everything they"ve ever loved.
This is not revenge. This is justice.
Plain and simple.

It’s been ten years and the girl he once knew is back, working for the Four Kings as their PA. He’ll keep an eye on Taylor, and he certainly won"t let anyone else touch her.

When Taylor had to pull her best friend"s dead body out of the lake, it changed her life forever. Discovering a diary, she uncovered a secret relationship with one of the four kings. The four most powerful families in town. No one goes up against them without losing everything they hold dear. Something happened between her friend and one of them, and she"s going to find out what. She’ll bring them down and make sure they stay down.Books by Author:Sam Crescent Books

Chapter One

"Carla, come on, pick up your damn phone." Taylor Keane glared down at her cell phone, hoping that her best friend would pick up. When it went straight to voicemail, she clicked "end call." The lake was completely crowded, a bonfire blazing to keep them warm. The cold winter"s night was not enough to stop her fellow peers from fighting.

She avoided high school parties.

The truth was, she avoided every single damn party. There was no point coming here as most people just wanted to get drunk, have sex, and talk about who was screwing whom.

As she glanced around the bonfire, the music was so loud that she couldn"t even hear herself think. Each crowd was so clich"d that it wasn"t even funny. The jocks, the nerds, the druggies, the musicians. She glanced across to the left, and there were also "the four kings." That was what they were known as. The four guys that came from the richest, most powerful families in King"s Ridge, hence their name, the four kings. Axton Farris. Romeo Delacorte. Karson Cross. Easton Long.

If anyone messed with them in any way, shit happened.

It was the way of life at her school.

Avoiding them was the only way to survive.

She"d seen what happened to anyone who came up against them and lost. They ended up having to leave King"s Ridge for good. Those four families owned the town, the school, everything.

They knew it as well.

They did what they wanted. None of the teachers possessed any real control.

That in itself was the illusion.

Carla had been fascinated by them all of their lives, watching them from afar. Taylor had never seen anything interesting about them. Carla had wanted to be part of their crowd. She came from a family that was not wealthy, and Taylor had heard Carla"s parents many times arguing about money. At times, she didn"t think it was about being in the popular crowd. It was about the money, the wealth, the income, that life that was out of her reach. Whereas Taylor, she didn"t see the benefit of it.

The four kings used their popularity to get what they wanted and their names to keep everyone off their back. Rumors were always rife around them.

Their treatment of women and girls annoyed her as well.

They treated them like meat, something to use and throw away once they grew bored.

The deadliest one, the cruelest one, was Axton. He"d humiliated one of the cheerleaders to the point she had to leave school. He"d posted a video of her begging to suck his cock, which went viral.

Even Taylor had gotten a link, which she"d been too curious to not open up, especially as she"d been surprised to see Axton"s number already in her cell phone.

Again, she didn"t know how it happened, only that it did. Rumors were always a nasty, vicious thing, and she, for one, hated them.

Taylor quickly glanced away, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves. If they were at the party then things were going to go bad. Fights, sex, whatever took their fancy. Even car races, which she had no interest in attending.

Carla had been very specific about this party and how much she wanted to attend and had even told Taylor that there was a surprise about something. Carla had been acting strange lately. Every single time Taylor would ask her about it, Carla would close off and brush it aside as if it was nothing.

Taylor hated parties, but Carla had been so different over the past couple of weeks. Her best friend wasn"t the same person, and she didn"t know why. She"d begged Carla to tell her what was going on, but nothing.

Tonight was supposed to be a big reveal, to finally know what was going on with her friend, and so far, said friend was a no-show.

Tapping her phone on her lip, Taylor decided to give her one final call. She listened to the ringtone, and once again, Carla didn"t answer.

"Look, Carla, I"m getting ready to call it a night. You said to meet you here, and well, I"m still here, and you"re not. What"s going on" I wish I knew what was happening." She moved toward the edge of the lake, glancing down to see the ice covering the surface. In the heat of the summer the lake was always full of kids partying and having fun. Right now, no one would even bother jumping through the ice.

As she closed her cell phone, something bright in the grass caught her attention. Stepping to the edge of the lake, she picked up the cell phone, noticing it was Carla"s. She ran her thumb across the screen, seeing her missed calls and messages.


She looked back toward the party, and she couldn"t make out anything out. She stared at the phone, and then turned her attention to the lake. Something floated across the surface.


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