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Some girls cry to get out of traffic tickets.
But I did something much more fun!

Marisa"s driving back from a party with a friend when they"re pulled over. The sweet girl"s in big trouble because if she gets arrested, then her parents are taking away her privileges " including college money for next year"s tuition.

Officer Liam Davies is a ten-year veteran of the force. He takes his job to keep the community safe seriously. But when he sees Marisa"s car weaving on the road one night, all bets are off because the curvy brunette"s exactly his type " and he"s not taking no for an answer!

Hey Readers " Let"s just say our sassy heroine isn"t just bold, she"s also creative when it comes to getting out of that ticket. :) You can bet that sparks will fly! As always, an HEA"s guaranteed for our feisty BBW. xoxo, Cassie and KendallBooks by Author:Cassandra Dee BooksKendall Blake Books



"Bobbie, no!" I whisper urgently. "We can"t get into the car with her!"

My best friend hushes me.

"Don"t worry," Bobbie whispers back. "It"s gonna be fine. Jenna took Driver"s Ed last year, and I heard she got a perfect on the written test. It"s going to be fine. The weather"s good, and it"s dark, but there are lots of street lamps."

But it wasn"t the lack of lighting that I was afraid of. It was the fact that Jenna, an acquaintance from Honors English, seemed a little tipsy.

"No," I hissed again. "I can"t get into the car with her. I won"t. I"ll drive instead."

But Bobbie spun on me then.

"Marisa, you"re the one who"s gotten into three accidents in the last six months. It"s even more dangerous with you behind the wheel. Now, come on!" she scolded, pulling me towards the door where Jenna stood, gathering her keys while saying her goodbyes to a bunch of high school kids. "Let"s go because Cocker Daniels has been pawing me for two hours now, and it"s gross. If we don"t leave now, he"s going to start pawing you too."

I swallowed because Bobbie"s words were true. We"d both been fending off Cocker for the last two hours, and in the past fifteen minutes he"s gotten super-pushy. The guy is gross. He thinks that because he"s Cocker Daniels IV, he"s basically god"s gift to women. As if. I don"t care if you"re six foot three and have the body of a god. If you have the kind of red, seeping acne Cocker has on his neck, I"m not touching you with a ten foot pole.

And lo and behold, Cocker came up to us just as we were putting on our jackets.

"Yo yo yo," the teenage boy bellowed. "Where you girls going" This party ain"t over yet."

"Oh nowhere," said Bobbie with a smile, even as she put her hood up. "We"re just stepping outside to um " look at the flowers," she said. "Um yeah, Marisa"s really into orchids, and Mrs. Davenport has a really great collection outside."

I rolled my eyes. Just because I wanted to study horticulture didn"t mean that I was going to leave a rockin" party to go outside in the freezing night to look at some greenery. Besides, was Mrs. Davenport actually raising orchids" Who knew"

Evidently not Cocker because he grinned lasciviously.

"Yeah, I love flowers," he said, a little on the drunk side. "Flowers look like a woman"s "."

But Bobbie cut him off.

"See ya!" she sang, grabbing my elbow and pulling me along behind her. "We"ll be right back as soon as we check out the purple ones."

The door slammed shut, and both of us let out a relieved sigh.

I turned to Bobbie.

"Really, orchids"" I asked, eyebrows raised. "You couldn"t say we were going outside to smoke or something""

"Oh you," retorted Bobbie airily. "Besides, no one"s going to believe you smoke, Marisa. You"re such a good girl that people are surprised when you don"t show up for class."

I sighed while following my friend to the car because what Bobbie said was true. Even though we"d just been to a high school party, they aren"t my thing in general. First, because there are the guys like Cocker at these shindigs who are to be avoided at all costs. I hate the wandering hands and leering grins, and I"d rather be safe at home with my favorite romance novel and a cup of tea nearby.

Second, parties like the one we"d just left overwhelm me. There"s all the people, crowded and jostling within a darkened space. I detest getting beer splashed on myself, not to mention an elbow in the ribs because we"re packed in like sardines. Plus, the fake smoke machine they"d rented made me hack and cough, and I swear, my ears were ringing from listening to hard-core rap at fifty decibels. So instead, my idea of a good time is hanging out at home with a nice book, or maybe spending quality time with some close friends. Sure, it"s not the most exciting way for an eighteen year-old to live her life, but at the same time, I"m happy. Besides, don"t psychologists say that it"s close friendships that lower your cholesterol" I"d much rather spend one-on-one time with my best girl buddies than standing around at a party awkwardly while my eardrums shatter.

But at least we were leaving now, and Jenna sat behind the wheel of her Accord, her head hidden as she burrowed in her purse for keys.

"Oh here they are!" she chirped, those blonde curls bouncing as she popped back into vision. "You guys live just a couple blocks away, right""

I stared at her closely, but my fears were put to rest when Jenna looked right back at me with an innocent expression. Her eyes were a clear blue and her breath was sweet with no trace of alcohol. So I exhaled heavily and tried to calm down. After all, both Bobbie and I lived close by, so the drive would be short. Ten minutes at a maximum.


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