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Bad seed. Reckless. Wild.
He was my fantasy. I just never had the guts to tell him.
Now my brother’s best friend is back.
And things are about to get crazy…


I left town eleven years ago.
Hell was behind me, and I vowed I’d never go back.
Then I got an email that shook me to my core.
“Theresa’s in trouble.”
That’s all I needed to know.
She was just a teenager last time I saw her.
My best friend’s little sister.
A cute quiet twerp who used to follow us around.
Now she’s a vixen.
Full lips. Curves so sharp they hurt to look at.
Danger’s stalking her. Lucky for me, I like danger.
If her abusive ex touches her, I’ll end him.

Theresa’s mine now. And I always protect what’s mine.

***Bad Seed is a 70,000+ word full-length standalone novel with no cheating or cliff-hangers.Books by Author:Rye Hart Books




"Theresa, the guy"s bad news".

"He"s not a bad guy, Jane. He just had a rough home life. That"s why my parents took him in," I said.

"Fine, but I still can"t believe you"re fantasizing about your brother"s best friend."

"I"d rather talk about your love interest. Did you actually kiss him"" I asked.

"Who"" Jane asked.

"Do I have to specify""

"Come on," Jane said as she giggled. "Who are you talking about""

"You know. Chance. The captain of the football team" You can"t tell me you didn"t kiss him after the game last night."

"Maybe," Jane said with a grin.

"You little tease! I knew it! And you"re giving me a hard time about my innocent crush on Grant. You"re sucking face with the school quarterback. Why can"t this be my miracle moment"" I asked.

"Are you saying Chance kissing me is a miracle"" she asked, her face turning a slight shade of red.

"Jane, that"s not what I"m saying."

"That"s what it sounds like you"re saying."

"Look, I don"t want to argue, okay" I want to know how it was," I grinned.

Jane"s face perked back up. "It was awesome. His lips were all warm, and he had just put on Chapstick so they were nice and soft. And his tongue""

"He used tongue"" I asked. "Have you ever done that before""

"Not until him, but he didn"t need to know that. Confidence is key, Theresa. Project confidence and he will think you know what you"re doing," she said.

"You"re so lucky, Jane. I haven"t kissed anyone yet."

"And if you stop daydreaming about your brother"s best friend, maybe you"ll see that Ike has the hots for you."

"Ew. Ike"" I asked.

"Yeah. Don"t you see him staring at you every day in science class" Even I can see it, Theresa."

"But Ike is"Ike," I said.

"Sure, he doesn"t wear a leather jacket, but he"s smart like you. And if you look past his baggy shirts, he"s got some muscles going on under there."

"No, he doesn"t. Ike wears glasses and reads books."

"Like you," she said.

"But I don"t want someone like me. I want""

"Grant"" she asked.

"Yeah. I want Grant. Even though I know, I can"t have him."

"You do know that"s weird," Jane said.

"Yeah, I know it"s weird. But it doesn"t stop me from thinking about it."

"Trust me, I know," she said. "You talk about it every time I come over."


"Don"t be. I just want you to get your first kiss so we can talk and compare and do all of that fun stuff. But maybe you should be looking at someone who already likes you instead of someone who you can"t have."

"Like Ike," I said grimacing.

"Exactly," she said with a smile. "He"s really not a bad guy. And he"s head over heels for you. I can see it. He"s always making googly eyes at you and watching you walk down the hallway. He"s got it bad. You could easily have your first kiss with him."

"Yeah, I guess," I said. "But""

"But what, Theresa""

"Do you think there"s a chance Grant might like me back""

"Would it matter"" she asked.

"I think it would. I mean, it doesn"t make sense for me to have a crush on someone that doesn’t like me back. But if he likes me, maybe it could be a one-time thing. Like with you and Chance."

"Chance and I are not a one-time thing."

"What"" I asked. "Did he ask you out""

"Yes, he did. I"m going on my first date!"

I threw my arms around my best friend as we jumped up and down. I was so excited for her. She had been crushing on Chance Fuller for an entire year, and she was getting to go on a date with him.

But a part of me was jealous that she was getting her dream guy.

I wanted my dream guy, too.

"When" Where is he taking you" Do you know what you"re wearing"" I asked. "Please tell me I can help you pick out your outfit."

"Of course, you can. Who else would"" Jane asked. "We"re going out this Saturday night if my parents let me."

"Oh, my gosh, what if they don"t let you"" I asked

"I"ll sneak out," she said, shrugging.

"Jane! You can"t do that."

"Why not" You can kiss the guy your parents let move in, but I can"t sneak out of the house to go on my first date" I might even let him touch my boob."

"Wait, over the shirt or under"" I asked.

"Under," she grinned.

"You wouldn"t! Jane, that"s like an open invitation to have sex."

"Yeah. And""

I gawked at my best friend as she strutted around my room.

"I couldn’t think of anyone better to lose my virginity to. And it would be perfect. My first kiss, my first date, and my first time" In the same week" It would be perfect!"

"Jane, you can"t have sex with Chance."

"And why not"" she asked. "Because you can"t have sex with Grant""

I felt my cheeks flushing hot as Jane sat down on the bed next to me.


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