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Strike One: He"s my brother"s best friend.
Strike Two: He"s an older man.
Strike Three: A baseball romance would never work.

My brother"s best friend plays professional baseball from March to October, but I want the two of us to team up in a May – December romance kinda way all year round.

When I show up at his playoff game and see him in those white baseball pants it"s not the first time I dream of getting to second base for the first time with the only man I"ve ever wanted.

But when it comes time to win it all with him will he claim me as his ultimate "teammate" in the game of life so we can start a family that lasts forever, or will this younger woman strike out looking like a fool"

*Baseball Mine is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



My hands run down the denim covering my thighs, my palms pressing in hard.

When they reach my knees my fingers grip hard as I lean forward at the same time Bryce, first baseman for the L.A. Dolphins, leans down and forward as the pitcher delivers the ball towards the plate.

"Strike!" the umpire yells and while everyone around me cheers wildly, I just bite down harder on my bottom lip.

I haven"t taken my eyes off of Bryce since the game started. When he went into the dugout in-between innings, that"s where my eyes went right along with him.

As the star first baseman for the team that"s one out away from qualifying for the World Series, I"m sure I"m not the only one in attendance tonight who"s watching him like a hawk either.

Bryce is six foot three with dark hair, blue eyes, and a body full of muscles.

And so far those manly muscles of his account for the only run of the game.

The Dolphins are holding onto a one to nothing lead and I"m holding onto my knees so hard as I lean forward I probably look like a kid in the backseat of a car on a long road trip who"s dying to use the toilet.

But what I"m dying for is not to have my hands on my body, but his. The way he grips that bat barehanded without any batting gloves. The way that big mitt scoops up everything hit his way and plucks throws out of the air with the greatest of ease. His effortless athleticism and flexibility covering the first base bag have my mind thinking of all the ways he could make me his in the thirty-five million dollar house that TMZ reports he bought along the coast this past offseason.

Who spends thirty-five million on a house" A guy who just signed a multi-year contract for a quarter of a billion dollars, with a b.

And also b as in BFF, which is exactly what he"s been with my brother since before they even knew how to sign their own names, let alone for more money than the GDP of some small countries as Bryce now has in his checking account.

"Earth to Brynn. Do you read me, sis""

"I"m watching the game, Finn," I say to my brother who"s right next to me in our front-row seats along the first base line. I love my brother to pieces, but I"m annoyed that he"s trying to take my attention off of the game, and by game I mean all the sexy games I"ve been thinking about Bryce and I playing for the last three hours.

Those white baseball pants don"t leave much to the imagination, not that my mind needs any help filling in the gaps.

I feel the steady thud-thud, thud-thud, thud-thud of my heart beating in my chest and I swear now that Bryce is down to the last out I can feel my pulse in my neck.

And that"s not the only part of me that"s pulsing either.

"Take a breath," Finn says. "You look like you"re gonna have a heart attack over there if you keep stroking your arms and then your thighs. Are your eyes dry by the way""

"Why would my eyes be dry" I can see perfectly," I say without turning to address him.

"Because you haven"t blinked once since we got here and your eyes are glossed over. Your skin looks flush and you haven"t heard half the things I said tonight."

"I heard them. I was just"focusing on the game," I say realizing maybe I did miss some of his comments"or maybe almost all of them.

But these seats didn"t come cheap and I"m going to make the most of watching Bryce bend over each and every time that pitcher throws a pitch.

One of our salesmen had a client he was supposed to take to the game but the client had to cancel last second, when they cancelled I offered to do his expense reports for an entire year and wash his car every week too in exchange for the tickets. I thought it was a fair offer, but he wasn"t interested.

But what he was interested in was me, and I had to pony up. One date with him. I would have preferred the former, but I had to go with the latter.

So that means he"s getting a taco Tuesday, immediately after work, and we"re in there at 5:01 and I"m out before 6:00 p.m. I feel bad, but he wants a date so I"ll give him a "date."

But the only date that matters right now is a date to the World Series if the Dolphins can get this final out.

And although Bryce is the reason they"re ahead, he"s also the reason there"s a man on third right now.

The whole game the sound of those balls the infielders would scoop up and throw to Bryce was like music to my ears. The way the ball popped when it went into his glove. The tight sound of a vacuum sealing, and I know a lot about tight spaces that are sealed vacuum tight.


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