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How do you sue your Fairy Godmother"
When Cassandra Swaan ends up in court with her malicious Fairy Godmother,
the odds are stacked against her.
At least she has a lawyer–or a Court-Appointed Elf.
But who ever heard of a tall, muscular elf"
Jacobin O’Shea is rude, arrogant…and completely mouthwatering…especially when he has to heal her using his Touch Magic.
Can Cass resist him or will she wind up in Fairy prison"
Read Be Careful What You Wish For to find out.

How do you sue your Fairy Godmother"

Cassandra Swann is about to find out. Because she and her sisters are 1/8th fairy–not enough to do any magic–just enough to get them a Fairy Godmother from hell whose reckless spells makes their lives miserable. When her older sister decides to take the FG to court, Cass gets caught in the crossfire. Hit by their godmother with a disastrous birthday wish, she is in danger of losing what she loves most–her ability to paint.

Because the court is in the realm of the Fae, Cass and her sisters have a Court Appointed Elf who acts as their attorney slash bodyguard. But who ever heard of a 6 foot 4 muscular elf with coal-black hair and intense green eyes" Sparks fly the first minute Cass meets Jacobin O’Shea. She resents his high-handed ways and Jake thinks Cass is a spoiled human brat. But after he saves her from a soul-sucker and sees her art, things begin to change between them.

But Cass’s ability to paint is still screwed up. Every painting she attempts climbs off the canvas and makes trouble in the real world. When the Fae court assigns her a new Fairy Godmother, things get exponentially worse when her new wish multiplies her living art. To make matters even more difficult, Jake’s ex-fianc"e–a gorgeous, anorexiclly-thin fairy–has Cass in her crosshairs and is determined to ruin anything that might grow between them. And did we mention Cass’s grandmother is going on disastrous dates that fill the house with Star Trek conventioneers, bikers, and nudists"
It’s a mess only magic could make…or fix.

Will Cass and Jake ever get past their differences" Will Cass regain her ability to paint without every painting stepping off the canvas" (Really, Fairy Godmother") And will Cass’s grandmother find a man without burning down the house"

You’ll have to read Be Careful What You Wish For, the second book in the Swann Sisters Chronicles to find out.Books in Series:Swann Sisters Chronicles Series by Evangeline AndersonBooks by Author:Evangeline Anderson Books


On my twenty-third birthday, my fairy godmother ruined my life, but I wasn"t surprised. After all, it certainly wasn"t the first time.

My name is Cassandra Esmeralda Swann (Cass for short) and the first thing you have to know about me is that I"m one eighth fairy. One eighth. Not much, but enough to qualify as someone with fairy blood as opposed to a non-fairy or someone who"s purely human.

Now, if I was a marginal member of almost any other minority, I could get scholarships and maybe a sense of my ethnic heritage. If I was Native American I could go to the reservation and learn the ways of my people. If I was Asian American I could take a trip to China or Japan or maybe just Chinatown. Hell, if I was Norwegian I could go to freaking Minnesota.

But fairies don"t hand out scholarships and they don"t want anything to do with "half-breeds" like my sisters and me. In fact, we"re not even allowed in fairy land, otherwise known as the Realm of the Fae where most magical creatures make their home, for fear that we"ll try to find full-blooded fairy husbands and contaminate somebody else"s bloodline. Not that we"d want to"being married to a man with a great big"uh, pair of wings isn"t exactly my dream come true. But try telling that to the full-blooded fairies, the rich, famous, and ultra-snobby of the fae world. It"s like saying you wouldn"t want to marry a movie star"who in Hollywood would believe you"

So being one eighth fairy isn"t enough to net me any real magical powers or a big pretty pair of glittery wings, which all the full-blooded fairies have. And it"s not enough to let me disappear in a puff of magical pink smoke or live thousands of years.

Being one eighth fairy just means that my sisters and I got assigned a fairy godmother to grant yearly birthday wishes. That doesn"t sound so bad so let me explain"we have the fairy godmother from hell. Seriously, the woman is a cold hearted"well let"s just say it rhymes with witch and leave it at that.

Most people would think it"s wonderful to get a yearly wish but let me spell it out for you" the wish can"t permanently affect anyone but the wisher, you can"t wish for more wishes or no wish at all, and the magic keeps you from telling anyone without fairy blood outside the family (my family, I mean) about it directly, no matter what the result. And it"s surprisingly hard to make wishes that don"t make your life a living hell.

The FG, as my sisters and I call her, resents having been assigned to grant wishes for girls with barely a drop of real fairy blood in their veins. As a result, she"s not very careful with how her magic turns out. Which means our yearly wishes are often brushes with disaster. We even have planning sessions before any one of us turns another year older to think up the smallest, most harmless wish possible. The idea is to wish for something too insignificant to ruin your life but even the smallest wishes can backfire.

There was the time my older sister, Phil, wished that all her Barbie"s clothes would fit her. (She was ten at the time.) But instead of growing the clothes up to her size, the FG"s magic shrank Phil down to twelve inches high. Imagine living the rest of your life in the big pink Barbie dream house. It might sound nice when you"re ten, but when you get a little bit older you realize that Ken is lacking something as a conversationalist and also, he"s not exactly anatomically correct. It was a mess until I got our Fairy Godmother to take it back"something she hates to do, mainly because she doesn"t want to be bothered.

Then there was the time my younger sister, Rory, wished she could talk to animals. (She"s wanted to be a veterinarian ever since she was six and found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest.) Anyway, the FG"s magic turned her into a schnauzer so she could talk to her four legged friends first hand. Not at all what she had in mind. I spent my allowance on Kibbles "n Bits for a whole week before our fairy godmother finally took that one back.

And I"ve had my own run-ins with the FG too. For instance, the time when I turned fifteen and wished to have breasts as big as this girl at my school"Christy Seatons. I"m well endowed now, actually more than I"d like in both the boobs and the hips department, but at fifteen, I was so flat the walls were jealous. So it seemed like a good wish except that my fairy godmother screwed it up in typical fashion and I ended up with breasts as big as the porn star Trixie Teatons instead. I had to live with what my little sister Rory calls "porno titties" for over a week until the FG finally showed up and fixed her mistake. I thought it was bad being teased for stuffing my training bra but it was nothing compared to the ribbing I took when my bust grew from a triple A cup to a double G overnight. Talk about a nightmare!


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