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This isn"t your kid"s fairy tale, and I"m no ordinary beast.

Years of killing in the military have hardened me, scarred me, making it impossible to give a shit about relationships.
Then comes along Belle Fontaine. The innocent virgin daughter of the man whose company I want to buy. She"s twenty-four and drop dead fucking gorgeous.
I always say love at first sight is for pansies, but she has me second guessing that.
My cock stands to salute her the moment she walks into my office.
Purchasing her father"s company is more of a mercy buy for me, but she tries to get more than it"s worth.
Wrong move.
Now, I will make it" hard" for her.
The only way I will buy the company is if she agrees to come to my private island for one month.
I"m sure she"s heard the rumors about my secret room. I can sense her fear and desire.
Whips and chains aren"t the only secrets she"ll discover.
This steamy fairy tale contains some light BDSM, and the beast will surely win over the beauty.Books by Author:Kira Blakely Books

Chapter One


I sauntered into the room expecting another bullshit merger discussion, but instead saw the most gorgeous woman I"d ever laid eyes on. My cock instantly jerked to attention.

Don"t get me wrong, I haven"t wanted for women in my life. But I"d never seen one as enticing as the brunette sitting beside Maurice Fontaine at the head of the table. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with both intelligence and intensity, her round breasts filled out her blazer nicely, and her soft, cream-colored skin looked like it would feel like satin under my touch.

I was the head of the most successful PR firm in Los Angeles. There was no one from Brad Pitt to Emma Stone who didn"t come to me when they needed to take control of a story. If your career was going down in flames, I was the guy to fix it with the right public relations massaging. With my public relations and multimedia talent came billions by the time I was thirty, especially after the company"s IPO. It was how I"d become known as the Sultan of Spin. And it was how I had every woman in L.A. and some far beyond it ready and waiting for me.

I strode to my seat at the opposing end of the table and sat down. Shaking hands was customary, but that wasn"t the tone I wanted to set. This was a mercy killing. Fontaine Media Relations had once been the premiere public relations firm in Hollywood, but it"d been over two decades since they could make that claim. Maurice was once a legend in the business, someone who"d navigated the sharks swimming in La La Land long before I"d started high school, let alone enlisted. But that was then. The old man hadn"t kept up with the times and had bungled the social media age badly. Now they were bleeding out, and I could buy them out, dismantle what I needed, and move on.

Easy, simple.

Calling this a merger meeting was truly too kind.

"Maurice," I said, then nodded to my lawyer, who promptly delivered the papers to the older man. It was then that I realized a second woman sat beside the aging, balding former PR wizard. She had the same figure as the girl with the bright blue eyes and shared the same long, brown hair. The resemblance was uncanny. Were they sisters" I just wasn"t sure which of the two women was Belle and which was Carol. I"d read all the dossiers on Maurice"s firm. I always knew who I was doing business with, but the sisters were similar enough that in person, it was a toss-up as to who was who.

Except those eyes. Only the girl on Maurice"s left had those blue eyes that hadn"t left mine since I"d walked in. My dick was straining against the fabric of my slacks, and I was glad for the wooden conference table between us. I needed some way to obscure everything. Something about her caught my attention, something I wanted to explore far more than over a conference table.

What is it about you"

Maurice threw the folder down in front of him. The girl on the right scooped it up and scanned it as well. She pursed her lips back at me, and a dull grimace spread over her face.

"This offer isn"t enough," she said

I cracked my knuckles and eyed her. Oh, so was that the game" Was this daughter Daddy"s Little Ball Buster" Maurice would take the first volley but the girl with the green eyes would play bad cop" They must have made blue-eyes the good cop.

"Your company is dead. Forty cents on the dollar is generous. No other firm in L.A. will touch you, and if one was crazy enough to try, they"d offer fifteen cents." I leaned forward, going in for the kill. "You need me far more than I need you. If you sign this deal, you get to keep a few things, and Maurice, you and your daughters can stay on as executives at the combined entity after the merger. This is the best you"re going to get. Sign."

"My dad built this company with his blood, sweat, and tears for over thirty years," Blue Eyes said in a voice so quiet that it could have been a whisper.

"And you are"" I asked.

"Belle," she supplied.

"I can see why," I countered. "You"re certainly beautiful."

Her blue eyes shone like sapphires back at me. "Mr. McManus, let"s keep this professional."

Highly unlikely.

I steepled my hands in front of me. "I am being professional, Belle. This is the best offer your family will get. Your father" your family"s entire company needs this. You just sign, and I"ll take care of the rest."

"It"s an insult to everything he"s built, and you know it. He has name recognition still, and that"s why you"re buying us to begin with. To only offer forty percent of what it"s worth" we were thinking around eighty," Belle replied.


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