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Sorority Secrets: The virgins of Beta Kappa Nu would do anything for each other. Even auction off their most valuable asset"

Vivi Prescott loves Beta Kappa Nu. It"s her escape after a lifetime of living under her wealthy father"s overbearing thumb. She"ll do anything to help her sisters, including auction off her virginity to the highest bidder.

One tiny hitch. She"s not a virgin.

She gave that up three and a half years ago. Right there in the back of her brother"s best friend"s pickup truck. Dallas Monroe was a smug country boy with a dirty ball cap, torn jeans and a perpetual smirk. He showed her what pleasure could be, then let her go without a fight.

The mysterious, arrogant playboy who places the winning bid won"t ever know her secret. But his touch is so familiar, his mouth the one she"s been fantasizing about since forever.

Dallas is all grown up. And he was never bidding for sex"he was bidding for keeps.

This book is approximately 14,000 words.

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Chapter One


"Daddy, please," I beg, my eyes filling with genuine tears. Sure, I"ve been known to perform quite the waterworks show in the past when I"ve needed my dad to finance something I wanted, but this is the first time it"s actually meant something to me.

Helping those in need after a horrible fire.

My sorority sister Jessie Miller"s fireman brother Shane was burned in the awful blaze. Not to mention the complete and utter destruction of the facility that housed over two hundred animals. Once the fire started, it was all they could do to rescue the animals, but many firemen were injured, including her brother. It was absolute chaos from what I heard on the news. Shane, who suffered the worst, has a long road to recovery and the medical bills are ridiculously expensive.

This is something I can help with. The silly auction some girls from my sorority came up with doesn"t have to take place. I"ll get the money from Dad and save the day.

My father leans back in his leather chair and frowns at me. I look more like him than Mom. Jet black hair. Wide green eyes. Somber. The girls at the sorority call me Smiles. And it"s not because I smile. It"s because I have resting bitch face.

"Now, sweetheart," he says, his voice firm. "You know I can"t give you a couple hundred grand. It doesn"t work that way."

"Why not"" I demand, emotion making my throat clench. "You paid that much for your Aston Martin last month!"

He scoffs and waves his hand at me to brush off my argument. His Rolex catches the light above him, sparkling. "The Vanquish was my gift to myself for my fiftieth birthday. I waited my entire life for a car like that. I"ve finally earned it."

Tears escape my lids and streak down my cheeks. "Please. I"ve never asked for much."

"Because it"s inappropriate, Vivienne."

"You"re not going to help us"" I ask once more, my lip wobbling in frustration.

He frowns and shakes his head. "In this life, you have to earn everything. I"ve given you a lot but I"ve always expected you to do your part when you can. There are other ways you can help, I"m sure, but taking the easy route isn"t one of them. Perhaps hold a car wash or whatever it is you sorority girls do to raise money."

Car wash"

A car wash would pay for a homecoming dance or a paint job on our sorority house or helping a needy family at Christmas. A car wash won"t finance Shane"s recovery and physical therapy, find temporary homes for two hundred animals, and rebuild a facility.

He"s delusional.

"Okay," I utter in defeat as I stand and smooth out the nonexistent wrinkles on my sweater dress.


I lift my chin and meet my father"s frown. "Okay. I"ll raise money another way."

"That a girl." He beams at me"the same expression that seals his international deals. The same bright smile that made him the millions that buy Rolexes and Aston Martins and everything else besides what his daughter wants. "I know you"ll earn that money. Hang in there."

I"ll earn it.

It"s just going to be a lot more complicated than I originally hoped.

* * *

"You"re seriously going to do this"" Alani asks, gaping at me.

"Yep," I clip out. "For Jessie and Shane. For the cats and dogs from the shelter."

She frowns at me. "No offense, Vivienne, but I didn"t realize you were a virgin anymore. You"re a senior and""she motions at my body""have a killer body. I"m not even a dude and I"d tap that."

"There"s a lot you don"t know about me," I mutter under my breath as I continue typing out my profile.

Virgin" Check.

Down to fuck" Check.

Starting bid" Ten thousand dollars.

This whole virginity auction is risky. A lot is at stake. But the risk is what we signed up for because Shane"s medical issues aren"t going to disappear overnight. In order not to get caught, we spent hours working on a solid plan. No real names. That way, we don"t get nailed for prostitution if the police catch wind somehow. And Jessie, the smart girl she is, set up everything under the Shane Miller Foundation. The bidders know what they"re bidding on but when they make their transfers, it will be disguised as donations for the foundation.

I named myself Smiles. It takes forever to find a picture of me actually smiling though. There aren"t any on my phone. Well, there are fake smiles. But, for some reason, I want at least my smile to not be a fraud.

Because I"m exactly that.

A fraud.

My virginity is a lie.

I gave that up to a jerk who I thought I loved. Love isn"t love when it"s one-sided, though.

I pull up my brother Nolan"s Facebook profile and find the picture. My favorite picture. The picture where my smile lit up the world. At one time, at least, I thought it lit up his world. As soon as the picture pulls up, my cold dead heart throbs back to life.


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