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They call him Big D because he is.
Tall and broad, with muscles so thick and good that all I can think about is getting a grip on his biceps and squeezing.
Then there"s the other reason.
All the girls talk about it. I"m not sure how everyone knows he"s hung like a horse but they do.
I try not to think about it because he"s a popular football player who everybody knows and I"m just the work-focused history major who likes to stay mostly invisible at school. But when my professor pulls me aside and asks if I"d be willing to tutor a failing student, suddenly it"s impossible to ignore.
I"m going to be teaching Big D. If he doesn"t pass he"ll be off the team and they can"t win without him.
We"re going to be together night after night, well, the ones I"m not working. I have two big secrets you see. Huge enough that I know for sure that I"m not right for Big D, even though I wish I was.
In my fantasies I imagine finding out if he really does live up to his name, but when trouble heads in my direction again, Dominic Ramsey might be the only one that can keep me safe.

Big D is a standalone Sports Romance with a happy ever after. It also features HUGE – A Stepbrother Romance for your continued reading pleasure! Enjoy!Books by Author:Stephanie Brother Books



They call him Big D because he is. In just about every way. Big personality. Tall and broad. Biceps and thighs like tree trunks. On the field he"s a machine; the running back that everybody talks about. The rock that keeps our college team making headlines and wins. The one they can"t do without.

I"ve heard that they call him Big D for another reason too. I"m not friends with the kind of girls that discuss the size of someone"s cock at full volume in the cafeteria, but I have eyes and ears. I"ve seen the gestures. Hands held at least a foot apart. Wide eyes and open mouths. I pretend that I"m not interested in that kind of thing. I"m Hannah Star, serious history student. I concentrate in class and turn in all my assignments early. I know why I"m here and I care about my studies enough to not want any distractions. Not even the big, sexy kind.

That"s what I pretend. But in my bed at night I can"t stop my mind from wandering over Big D in all his glory. I"ve seen him in just his football pants and nothing else. I"ve seen his skin glistening with sweat, muscles rippling as he walks. I"ve seen the bulge that doesn"t seem like something that is really humanly possible. And when I"m so worked up I can barely breathe, I picture his face. Big D is gorgeous. Not in the model perfect kind of way but in the "I"ve had my nose broken", "I"m a real man" kind of way. Strong brow and beautiful dark eyes. Lips that don"t seem to smile enough. He"s watchful and calm. A veritable brick wall of strength and stability. No wonder his teammates worship him. No wonder all the girls on campus want to crack his reserve.

I"m on my way to class with my bestie, Andie, when I see him. He"s all swagger, with his snug jeans and t-shirt that leave practically nothing to the imagination. I watch him as he talks to his jock buddies, laughing at something I didn"t catch. He has a wicked sparkle in his eye that makes my lady bits instantly warm, and just one dimple that I get a sudden urge to lick. God, I have it bad. And the worst thing is, I have a rule and I can"t break it, no matter how much I wish I could.

No men. Not while I"m dragging my ass through college. Or shaking it, I should say. I have a secret that would complicate my life if it ever got out. It"s something that I"d have to admit to if I got close to anyone of the opposite sex, and that makes relationships out of the question. Honest ones anyway.

"He thinks he"s something really special," Andie says after we pass him.

"Who"" I ask, pretending I have no idea what she"s talking about.

"Dominic Ramsey."

"You think""

Andie looks at me as if I’m crazy. Maybe I am a bit. Crazy with hormones that have no outlet. Crazy with fantasies that keep me awake at night.

"That boy has more ego than Texas has hot summers," she scoffs, glancing back at him over her shoulder.

"He"s confident," I say, "But I"ve never seen him be a dick to anyone."

Andie looks at me suspiciously.

"You got a thing for Big D"" she asks with a raised eyebrow. That would certainly be big news if I admitted it. Andie knows about my rule. She also knows my secrets and is sworn to take them to her death.

"I haven"t got a thing for anyone."

"Liar," she says and laughs. "It"s okay to think he"s hot you know. There isn"t a girl on campus, except maybe his cousin, who hasn"t had filthy thoughts about that man."

Now it"s my turn to raise an eyebrow. Andie having filthy thoughts about Dominic.

"Hey," she says, shrugging her shoulders. "I"m only human, and on a dark night my thoughts might have turned to his most notable attribute."

I flush at the thought of the thing she"s talking about. If she wasn"t watching me like a hawk I"d succumb and squeeze my legs together to squash the ache.

"I thought I was the only one."

Andie laughs. "Your rule is stupid, you know."

I shake my head. If there is one thing I’m certain of, it"s that my rule is the most important thing in my life. The unbreakable commitment. The thing that holds all my worlds apart and makes life manageable.

"Nah," I say just as we get to our next class. "My rule is the only thing that makes sense."

We take our seats and I pull out my laptop ready to take notes. Andie hates that I like to sit near the front but she joins me anyway. The lecture starts and I manage to concentrate for the most part. I"m tired from my shift the night before but I force myself to listen. I down a full fat coke to keep myself awake and alert.


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