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Chapter 1


The light did its best to pour in through the dirty bedroom window, reminding me once again that I needed to step up my cleaning game. It was just one thought in a sea of many as I rushed to get dressed, digging through the mess of t-shirts and jeans on the floor.

“Where you going in such a hurry"” my boyfriend, Nolan asked from somewhere behind me.

I answered without turning around. “Work. I’ve got to open this morning, remember"”

Nolan never remembered any of my obligations. It was almost a defining trait of his. I liked to think it was because he had a bad memory for those sorts of things, but the more time went on the more I was starting to think it was just that he didn’t care.

A hand slid around my waist, and he yanked me back against his chest. His erection stabbed at my back, and I had to suppress an eye roll.

“Nolan, I don’t have time,” I said, pulling at his arm to extricate myself from his grip. “I’m already struggling to find my shoes in this mess.” I waved a demonstrative hand toward the mountain of discarded clothing on the floor which, without doubt, was all his.

Nolan didn’t release me. He moved his hand down to the front of my jeans and started unbuttoning them. “But I’m horny babe. It’ll only take a couple minutes.”

Yeah, he would cum in a couple of minutes. Then I’d be left feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. And I’d be late for work too.

I smacked his hand away and jolted away from him, turning back to glare as I continued rooting around for my shoes. “I said I don’t have time. Sorry.”

I don’t know why I tacked on the apology. Maybe it was because I was always apologizing for something with Nolan. We’d been together since high school, which made us the sweethearts of our small town. Bridgefield was one of those backwater upstate New York towns that prided itself on the inability of its citizens to leave. Even the kids who went off to college inevitably came back. I did.

Nolan chewed the inside of his jaw as he watched me finally unearth my shoes and sit down on the bed to put them on. He’d been a jock in high school, more so in attitude than in any real sports talent. I’d fallen over myself to go out with the handsome halfback whose eyes were like summer rain. He"d kept up his physique over the years, but always resisted my suggestion that he get back into football.

“Why are you being such a bitch"” he snarled.

Here we go.

“I’m not being a bitch.” I laced up one sneaker and then moved onto the other, deliberately cinching the laces a little tighter than necessary. “I don’t have time to have sex right now. I’m constantly late for this job and I know it’s starting to piss Marie off.”

The day before yesterday I was late because Nolan couldn’t find his keys. Last week, it was because he snoozed my alarm in the morning. Evidently, it was annoying him. Sure, some of the times it was my own fault, but I was beginning to see a pattern to my tardiness.

“You’re just being frigid because you can,” he said. “That’s why we haven’t fucked in days.”

We hadn’t fucked in days because he’d been pissing me off lately. I couldn’t even say that he was doing anything differently, either, which was why I hadn’t brought it up with him. I was beginning to suspect that it was me who was changing, and that I had been for a while. But what was I supposed to do" Nolan was my first and only love. We’d promised to be together for ever. It didn’t make sense for me to back out of it because of a few bad weeks.

“If I’m not in the mood, I’m not in the mood, Nolan.” I rose to my feet, rounding the bed and stepping past him into the hallway.

He followed on my heels. “Yeah" Well would you be in the mood if I finally agreed to put a baby in you"”

I stilled.

“Oh, I see that got your attention. Why don’t you back that ass back up and we can see about getting you knocked up"”

I couldn"t tell whether he was being cruel on purpose or whether he didn’t know how deep he was cutting me right now. I didn’t want to know, because if it was a case of the former then I would be even more upset.

“Nolan, don’t talk to me like that.” I turned to look at him. “And since when do you want a baby" I thought we were going to talk about it in a few years. We need to talk more about getting married first.”

He snorted. “You can have the baby if you want it, but we’re not doing the big white wedding. You’re not worth the cost.”


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