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When Mercedes Johnson completed her post-graduate program, she thought her trouble was at an end. Things were hard. Her father was going through chemotherapy, and his bills were starting to stack up. Her mother had to work three jobs just to keep the house from going into foreclosure, and there was no way she could possibly pay for the medical bills.

None of that mattered now that Mercedes had her degree. She thought she"d just go apply and somebody would give her the decent paying job she worked so hard to get. But that wasn"t what happened. Instead, she spent months applying at every company she could find, and nobody would take her.

It was time for her to accept that she wasn"t going to be able to find the kind of work she needed. She had to do something unconventional.

She didn"t know that she was signing up for an escort service. She thought she was just delivering packages, and she certainly wasn"t expecting the golden god that answered the door.

Was this a bad job or a means to an end" Who was this man, Jake, and why couldn"t he control himself when he was with her"

Billionaire’s Escort is alpha billionaire romance with an HEA, no cheating.Books by Author:Claire Adams Books

Chapter 1


She had silicone breasts and a lower lip that drooped from the weight of her collagen injections, but I wasn"t focused on either of those things. When she walked inside my home, all I cared about was that bubble butt. It swayed up and down as her heels clicked on the marble floor.

"This place is crazy." She turned around to take it all in, the chandelier, marble staircase, and of course, the centerpiece of the foyer: a three-foot-high floral display. She bent down to smell the flowers.

"They"re fake," I said.


I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her stomach, and bit her behind the ear. She turned around, jerked herself away, and started walking up the stairs. I kept my eyes on her hips as they swung back and forth. She looked back when she got to the top of the landing, winked at me, then yelped when I spanked her and dug my fingers in deep.

"You"re gonna get it," I said. My cock ached with desire.

She sucked in air sharply through her teeth. "You promise""

My instincts took over. I snatched her up, pulled her into my arms, and carried her into my room. The second she hit the bed, I straddled her and ripped her shirt off. She was vulnerable and sensitive, and she stared up at me with anticipation. I dug my teeth into her neck, behind her ear, and over her chest. I could feel shivers running down her stomach, so I met them with my lips while I reached around and unstrapped her bra.

I threw it to the floor, then pressed her nipples between my lips, first one, then the other. She was a slave to my whims. I could make her do anything I wanted, and there was nothing she could do about it.

I could make her shudder and cry out. I could make her tremble. All I had to do was reach down and circle my fingers around her opening while I began unbuttoning her tight, white shorts. I slipped them down her legs, threw them aside, then tore off her panties.

She clenched her legs together. She was already grasping at air, trying to pull me in. The light caught a drop of moisture flowing down her lips. I flicked her clit, and she jolted.

"You like that"" I pressed her sensitive bud between my fingers, gripped it tightly, and took in her expression. This wasn"t just about getting my rocks off. It was about getting into her head. I needed to see her lose control. She had to want it. It wouldn"t feel right if she was just going through the motions.

I slid down her body, placed my head firmly between her legs, and swept my tongue over her opening. She moaned at the feeling. I rested my tongue at the top of her clit, flitting it back and forth over the tip. She watched me with her lower lip quivering and her eyes ready to roll into the back of her head.

I drove my finger into her, and she sighed. "You like that"" I asked, twisting my finger inside her.


"Are you gonna take this cock"" I stood up and unbuttoned my pants.


"Tell me you want it." I unzipped my pants.

"I want it," she said.

"Yeah" How badly do you want it"" I reached forward and shoved my finger inside her.

"I want it."

I could hear the strain in her voice. "Good," I said. I whipped my cock out and watched as her eyes went wide. I slipped my palm over the shaft. "You think you can take it""

"I don"t know, baby," she said in a flirty voice, but she sounded genuinely skeptical.

"I think you can handle it." I grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over.

"Hey," she squealed. She tried to look back and see what I was doing, but that would"ve just taken away from the fun. So I grabbed her by her long blonde hair, pulled her head back, and slammed my dick in.

I didn"t think I"d ever get used to the burn that slipped past the head of my cock and encompassed my shaft. I dove in deep, hit her spot, and pulled back. I knew how to draw out the moment, tease the body, and let the pressure build up until I lost all control and my hips took over. My cock screamed with desire, driven by the sound of her moaning. It kept getting louder and louder until she screamed along with it.

I couldn"t stop. I couldn"t slow down. That glorious pressure built up behind my balls, spurring me on. At first, it was just a tickle, nothing special. Then it became a burst, sliding up my shaft where it rested just below my head. I slammed my cock inside her, let it rest on her spot, and reached around to caress her clit.


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