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I erupted immediately in a flash of raw, powerful energy that burst out and flowed into her. She tensed up around me and cried out. A wet wave flowed down over my cock. I pulled out and grabbed a tissue from the nightstand.

"God," she said and rolled over onto her back. "That was amazing."

"It was." I wiped myself off and walked into the bathroom to wash off. I loved the way my face turned bright red after a session. My blond hair stuck to my forehead, and sweat dripped down my neck. If anyone saw me, I"d tell them I"d just finished working out, which was kind of true. This was a sort of workout.

When I got out of the bathroom, the woman lay on the bed naked with her head propped up in a seductive pose.

"You know where the front door is"" I tried my best to not sound like a total asshole. "I have work to do."

She shot up off the bed to recover her torn shirt and bra. "Yeah, I can show myself out."

She left the bedroom and I heard her walk down the stairs. My front door closed shut, and she was gone.

I collapsed on the bed and sighed. I could already feel the urge rising back up. Nothing could stop it. That"s why I used Tony"s delivery service. I could order them up and kick them out without having to go through the motions. The girls knew why they were here, and they consented to it, of course.

Cindy wasn"t innocent by any means. I"d looked at her file before I ordered her. She"d been working in this industry for nearly 10 years and had been with the escort service for the majority of that time. It wasn"t a side job or a quick gig for her, either. She was so dedicated to her job that she was willing to go under the knife so she could get paid better. She should"ve known the rules by now. If she didn"t, it wasn"t my job to teach her.

Chapter 2


My cousin Loren and I were packed into my tiny living room. I stood in the five-foot space between my TV and my couch, wearing a pair of black slacks and a blue blouse I bought at the thrift store.

"Well," I said, turning around slowly to show off my outfit. "What do you think""

"Where"s your habit"" she asked.

"My what""

"Your nun"s habit," she said.

"Is it really that bad""

"It"s fine if you were interviewing for an office job. But this job is not that. Are you sure you understand what you"ll be doing""

"It"s a package delivery service," I said.

"You"re not that dumb. I know you"re not." She got up to get a soda from the fridge.

I followed her into the kitchen. "What do you mean, "I"m not that dumb"""

"Come on, Mercedes. It"s not just a package delivery service. It"s a sexy package delivery service. Dress for the job you want."

"You want me to walk in there wearing nothing but a bikini bottom"" I grabbed a soda too.

"Be realistic. They won"t be looking at your job experience. All they care about is whether you have a driver"s license and a nice pair of tits. You"re not going to get the job looking like a secretary from the "70s." She flicked the pussy bow sewn to the front of my blouse. "You might as well buy a pair of oversized glasses and get a roller set." She looked down at my shoes and sighed.

I shook my head. "The interview"s downtown. I have to walk four blocks to get there. I am not going to wear stilettos."

Loren frowned. "Those are nun shoes, and don"t you dare say they"re not. We used to sell them at Shoe Warehouse. They loved those things."

"Do nuns really wear these""

"Yes, come on." Loren led me through the hall into my bedroom.

"What are you doing""

She threw my closet open and started digging through the clothes pile on the floor. "I"m finding you something decent to wear."

"I"m not even going to get the job."

"What are you talking about""

"I"m not hot enough for this." I stood up to look in the mirror across from my bed. My hair was a stringy, dull blonde that hung over my curvy frame. "You think my butt is too small"" I turned to the side to inspect my ass. It did not look great in these baggy pants.

"Your butt is fine. It"s the outfit that sucks. But don"t worry. You look good."

"Sexy delivery service good""

"Yeah," Loren said. She fished a pair of white heels out of my closet, looked them over, and threw them behind her.

"I"m not buying it." I sat on the bed.

"These," Loren said, holding up a pair of black heels that looked like they"d been designed to stab somebody.

"I"ll break my ankle the second I walk out the door."


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