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Live-In Nanny Wanted
He needed a nanny.
What he got was a playmate.
Because playing is exactly what we’ve been doing.
Ever since I moved in.
I adore his seven-year-old. She’s the daughter I always wanted.
But as we get closer, as he digs deeper into my soul, as he comes further and further into my heart, the question is, will he adore me"
Will he ask me to stay"
Will I be moving in for real, or am I destined to remain an employee that he can’t stop inviting across the hall when the lights go out"
This playmate wants more.
I want the whole package.
I want to be his for life.Books by Author:Chance Carter Books

Chapter 1


Not long now, I think to myself. I"ve been driving for a while, from my tiny, old apartment in New York to my cozy, new house in Westchester. I"ll be taking this journey quite often from now on.

It"s not that bad, at least this part of the trip. The scenery is beautiful in the sunshine, with picturesque houses, lush green lawns, and kids playing outside.

This place will be perfect for me, and for my daughter.

I check the rearview mirror and see that Marnie is still asleep in the back. I laugh to myself, she is such a sweetheart. The move has really tired her out, she"s only seven, the poor thing.

I hate to uproot her, but the city was toxic for us. I was working non-stop and never had enough time for her, so moving out here to a quiet, small town will bring us closer together. I"ve managed to set up the business so that I can work from home most days, and I know this is going to be better.

A small boy playing in his yard accidentally misses a catch and a football bounces into the street, causing me to brake suddenly. It doesn"t bother me, I expected this kind of thing, especially in such nice weather. I wave the kid on to get his ball and he waves back, thanking me. I drive on, noticing that my abrupt stop woke Marnie.

"Huh" What""" she mumbles, wiping her eyes and brushing the adorable curly brown hair from her face.

"You were snoring again, sweetie," I lie. She doesn"t snore, but I like to tease her.

"Did not!" she snaps, sitting up in her seat. She looks around, a little confused. The rows and rows of colorful houses must be a shock to her, as I"ve taken her out of the city only a few times. She grew up around the bright lights and high-rise buildings of New York.

"Where are we"" she asks.

"Westchester, and we"re almost at our house in New Rochelle. Isn"t that exciting""

I"ve been trying to get her enthused about the move because I know she hasn"t been pleased about it so far.

She pouts as soon as I mention it.

"But why do we even have to move"" she asks, for what seems like the fiftieth time.

"Well, Daddy was getting a bit too swamped at work and he needs the rest and relaxation that a lovely little seaside town like this can offer. And I feel like it"ll do us some good as well. I"ve not been spending enough time with you. Out here I can work from home and spend as much time with you as we like. I can take you to the beach too if you want. Would you like that, Marnie"" I ask, unsure of how she will respond.

I"ve fallen out of touch with my daughter over the last few years and the realization suddenly dawns on me that I"ve already missed so much of her childhood. I definitely won"t be winning any awards as the world"s best father, but I"m determined to do better for her.

Marnie squishes up her face as she thinks, "But I like swimming in our pool at home. It"s warm and there aren"t any jellyfish."

I can"t help but laugh, "There aren"t any jelly fish here either. And sweetie, that wasn"t our pool, it was the building"s pool. We just had a pass that let us use it."

"Oh. Well, I still prefer that," she said, as she folded her arms, determined not to budge an inch or find anything positive to say about this big change in our lives.

"Come on, darling. We"ll have a big house to ourselves with lots of rooms. We"ll be able to play hide and seek for hours! You"ll have your own room and it"s in the attic because I know you like having a nice view from your windows."

"Really, Daddy"" she said, a reluctant smile beginning to spread across her face.

I knew that would catch her attention, and she better like it because the room in the attic is one of the biggest. She"ll be staying there till she goes off to college if this works out for us.

"Is it one of the big rooms"" she asks, with the first hint of excitement I"ve been able to coax from her.

"Of course it is!" I say, grinning back at her as I brake to take the turn onto our road. "Only the best for my little girl!"

"Thank you, Daddy!" she cries, bouncing up and down in her seat.

"Do you have your seatbelt on"" I ask, trying to put on a stern, fatherly voice. I shudder to think of all the parenting mistakes I"m probably making. I even forgot her booster seat when we left home.

I stop outside our new house, on the edge of the street just behind what I assume is a neighbor"s jeep, because the moving van is in our driveway. I switch off the engine and get out, then hurry to help Marnie.


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