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"OMG, what an amazing, intriguing and totally dark series this is turning out to be."

Some wishes have dark and deadly consequences. But I found that out too late.
I wished myself into his life. Now I want out…before his obsession kills me.

*This book contains dark themes, including violence of a sexual and physical nature that could trigger emotional distress in readers.*Books in Series:Obsession Inc. Series by Dori LavelleBooks by Author:Dori Lavelle Books

Chapter One

My eyes open an inch at a time. I want to keep them shut. My mind wants to stay awake, to stay alert.

I sit upright, my body feeling as though it has no bones at all. One glance out the window tells me we"re in the air, but not for long. I can already feel the sensation of Dax"s private plane lowering to the ground.

Barely moving my head, I glance around me. Dax is nowhere to be seen.

Shortly before we left the yacht and he"d forced me onto the plane, I fought him with the little energy I had left, leaving bite marks on his hand.

Unable to handle me, he had given me a shot which put me to sleep immediately.

I"m still his prisoner with no promise of escape. I cannot begin to imagine how to escape from this hell. He"s a ruthless murderer. He killed so many without blinking an eye. He killed his own mother. He would not think twice about killing me.

That"s the only reason why I sit here, afraid, terrified to even breathe.

My eyes start to close again, my body begs me to give in to sleep. I refuse and wait for him to return. I don"t have to wait for long.

His smile is wide as he strides down the aisle, coming to sit next to me. His finger traces the length of my cheekbone. I recoil within.

"Welcome back, baby. You"re just in time."

Where"s he taking me" Which part of the world is he going to torture me in now"

When I don"t respond, he doesn"t force me. I turn my head to look back out the window, ignoring him.

"Do you want something to drink""

"Yes, please." My lips are so dry they"re cracking. Not even my saliva can soften them.

There"s a risk he could put something in the water to drug me. But I don"t feel I have a choice. My thirst is overwhelming.

He hands me a plastic cup. I"m barely able to hold it. I lower it to my lap and look back out the window at the fluffy, white clouds, thinking about what he did to me, to my baby.

I had no idea if I had wanted to keep the baby, but even if I didn"t, I would"ve found the right parents for my child.

My stomach still cramps from the abortion medication he snuck into my body. I"m trying hard to ignore the pain, and the emptiness.

I lift the cup to my lips and take a small sip. As thirsty as I am, it takes me longer to drink the water than it should, but finally, I lick the last drop from my lips, and he takes the cup from me.

"Good girl. You need all your energy. I"ll get you something to eat."

He disappears again and returns with a salmon sandwich. I force myself to eat at least half of it. He"s right, I do need the strength.

Finally, the plane touches the ground and I sigh with silent relief. I"m terrified of what will come next but being on solid ground is safer than in the air where I have nowhere to run. In fact, it"s also safer than being on the Black Mamba yacht, surrounded by the dangers of the sea.

He escorts me to the bathroom and when I"m done, instead of asking me to follow him off the plane, he gathers me into his arms.

He"s well aware of how weak I am. He had found pleasure in breaking me, emptying me. Now I"m nothing but a shell, a shadow of the person I once was.

He descends the staircase with me in his arms, waiting to find out what comes next. There"s a sound of a tractor in the distance, and those of cows mooing. A wave of panic assails me.

He has brought me to a farm as he promised he would. I try not to think about what tortures await me. Knowing Dax as well as I do, I"m in for a nasty surprise.

Trying not to panic, I remind myself that this is better than it was before. There are more opportunities for me to escape on the ground than on water.

He lowers me onto the passenger seat of a dusty truck and drives down a dirty path leading to a farmhouse.

I don"t speak to him and he doesn"t strike up a conversation. The only sounds are those of our heavy breathing.

When we arrive at our destination, he opens my door and lifts me from the vehicle, then approaches the farmhouse I had seen from a distance. Some chickens run past us and dust swirls upward from the ground. I close my eyes as it enters them, wishing I could escape this moment.

It"s not over. I"m not ready to give up. As soon as I get my strength back, I"ll come up with a plan to get away from the monster.


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