Blackmailed For The Billionaires Pleasure ~ Chapter 1


Kira Black laughed at the man before her. She could tell he was making fun of her as his eyes twinkled, full of laughter.“I tell you Kira… these young honeys will see me with you and think that I must be worth a bob or two…. I’ll be fighting them off with a stick”

She had chuckled back at him, more at his use of the phrase honeys than the thought of his fencing expertise

“Now Bill, I don’t think your wife would approve”

The older man before her smiled back

“Kira, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her…”

Causing her to giggle harder

“Bill if any of them took you up on your offer you would run out of here like you were on fire” she laughed as he had chuckled.

“True, but if Marissa found out it would be because I was on fire”

The two were stood in the busy foyer of the Superior Hotel, in Las Vegas, after a long flight and even longer wait for luggage due to a problem with the baggage system, which had seen them sitting at the hot stuffy carousels for nearly an hour after disembarking their busy flight. Both were tired and feeling more than a just a little grubby from their long journey and the desert heat which neither were used to, both looking forward to getting cleaned up and enjoying something to eat in the hotel restaurant

Having already booked into their separate rooms they were organising when and where to meet for dinner as they moved through the busy area towards the lifts as Bills phone had rang. Not able to hear the person on the other end, he had moved to the side to take the call making “I’ll just be a moment signals at her” as she had smiled gently back at him, knowing who would be on the other end.

Now alone, Kira had waited for her companion to return, catching her reflection in one of the many mirrored columns that littered the large airy space. With a small grimace she had noted how unkempt she looked, smiling at her own vanity, despite the fact that at 26 there was nothing unkempt about her – Kira Black was stunning. Her slim, curvatious figure and long shapely legs turned eyes wherever she went, and her long blonde hair held loosely at the nape of her slender neck shone like spun gold framing her beautiful face. However, it was her large Aqua blue eyes so innocent and gentle which really had men’s’ pulses racing, though she seemed completely oblivious to it.

Looking over at Bill Thomson, her boss, she had smiled seeing the happy look on his face, knowing that she had been right in assuming his wife, Marissa, had been on the phone. Sighing softly she had reflected on what had brought them both from the cold and wet of London to the dry heat of Las Vegas for a whole weeks of business, the main point of which was to meet with a client from the Superior to discuss overhauling part of the hotel, the presentation a formality they were assured.

The news of the contract had been a relief, as the company had been struggling due to a downturn in the home market, and this was a huge opportunity for them, one which could see the company break into the international one. Prior to this they had only been able or willing to take on local contracts. However, due to hard work; Kira had helped to put the company in a position in which it

could compete with bigger competitors, quickly raising their profile on the worldwide stage.

So successful had their reputation became that they had been personally invited to bid for the lucrative contract, a fact which she was informed was more of a formality than a necessity, and which now saw them standing in the impressive, if not slightly shabby Las Vegas hotel. They had arrived in the hot Nevada Town that Tuesday evening, and were planning on flying back home the following Tuesday night, something Kira was happy about as she did not like being away from home so long.

As Bill talked to his wife, Kira had looked around the foyer distractedly. She loved old hotels because of the many hidden details within the architectural design of the buildings and this building was no different. While it did indeed look a little dated she could see the wonderful bones of the impressive structure, and made a mental note to herself to take some time to sketch some of the cornicing details on the ceiling. She had found that many of these old details worked well with newer designs to give fresh perspectives on older buildings whilst still retaining the elegance of the original builds. Inwardly she had laughed at herself a smile rising to her lovely lips. Here she was in party central -in Las Vegas - and she was getting excited at the thought of drawing parts of a building, and with an inward giggle she had thought to herself how she had to get herself a new life.

As she scanned the foyer, she had become aware of a group of woman close by, giggling and whispering to each other like young teenagers, all smiling seductively at someone moving towards them. Her interest piqued she had turned round to see the object of their obvious desire, her whole body instantly freezing as she recognised the man moving towards her, the smile falling from her lips as her large eyes stared in stunned shock.

Moving swiftly across the foyer a small delegation of 4 walked towards where she stood. In the centre moving with such masculine grace was a face Kira had thought she would never see again, and feeling sick to her stomach she had felt the panic rise within her as he moved within only a few feet from where she stood grim determination on his handsome face. Dressed in an expensive suit which he wore as though born to it, looking every bit the powerful and ruthless business man he was, appeared Craig Kent and Kira's whole body had froze with the fear which had swamped her.

Craig Kent had ignored the group of women all openly flirting with him. He was well used to admiration from the opposite sex. At 34 he had created his hotel empire from humble beginnings through his sheer will power and determination. These traits along with his dark good looks had meant that women had found him irresistible, and he had in turn enjoyed them. However as his eyes had flicked briefly to the beautiful blonde woman to the right of them his expression had hardening. He had recognised her immediately and determinedly he had walked by without even breaking step, suddenly quiet much to the surprise of the woman taking notes beside him who looked up from her pad.

“Mr Kent…?”

All this had happened in seconds, but to Kira it felt as if time itself had moved in slow motion, with all sound disappearing from around her. It was only Bill, his call finished, placing a worried hand on her arm that

had snapped her back to reality, causing the busy bustling sounds to come crashing back down upon her.

“You OK Kira” he asked in concern, as she had pulled her eyes from the back of the man walking purposefully away from her

“Fine” she replied shakily

“If you don’t mind Bill I would really like to go get changed”

Bill had smiled gently at her his expression now more fatherly as he looked at her with concern

“OK … you sure”

Kira smiled at him

“I’m fine” she said “forcing a smile back on her lips

“Long journey you know how it is” before she moved to the lifts feeling the need to be out of the foyer where he might at any moment return.

While the journey up in the lift had been quick, it had passed in a dream like state for Kira, who could only see that long lean back moving away from her in her minds eye. It wasn’t until she was safely in her room that she had started to shake. What was he doing here she thought to herself in panic her usually cool exterior totally thrown off balance at just the sight of him. He was as handsome as ever she thought smiling ruefully, although he looked harder than she remembered and groaning she had closed her eyes recalling every detail of him as he had walked past her. For a moment she thought he had recognised her, but apart from a fleeting shadow which seemed to pass over his eyes he had given no other signs, and she was sure that it had only been her imagination. She was nothing to Craig Kent, he had made that very clear to her many years ago, however, it was no wonder the group of women had all looked on with such admiration. Craig Kent was magnificent.

Over 6 feet in height he was athletic in build, with broad shoulders tapering down to a slim waist and Kira remembered even now how that hard, contoured body felt against her soft one, a memory which caused her to shiver with a pleasure which she tried to ignore. His black shining hair cut in layers tapered gently against his tanned handsome face, but it was those piercing blue eyes surrounded by such long dark lashes which she remembered most. They had once upon a time looked down on her softly, a memory which caused her to smile slightly, invoking thoughts of how his wonderful mouth had felt on hers. Closing her eyes she sighed with a pain which still tugged at her heart. That was before…

Pushing the memory down, she became aware that she was walking back and forth distractedly, panic still gripping her. Craig was most definitely a force to be reckoned with. He owned hotels all over the world and was one of the worlds "A" class rich listers. He was used to having whatever he wanted and throwing it aside when it bored him as she had discovered to her own peril. She moaned softly, if he had anything to do with this hotel then she and Bill would be better just packing up and going home now. He had made his contempt for her very clear, and suddenly the thought of Bill stopped her in mid stride. He had invested so much in this bid, he had seen it as a last attempt to save his failing company showing so much faith in her, and now it was all going to be for nothing.


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