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The final installment to our favorite family from Flatonia, Texas…

Daisy"s wedding is finally about to happen after a failed attempt in years past, mostly from her leaving Rand at the altar. Convinced, finally that Rand really wants a future with her, despite their past, she is ready and willing to tie the knot with her leatherman from down under. But when she finds some long legged, blonde Aussie hugging and kissing on Rand, this betrayal has thrown her off. When push comes to shove, will there be a funeral instead of a wedding at the Triple K"

Kanda has finally found the man for her. He"s a ropin", bulldoggin" Aussie cowboy and takes no for an answer. She"s been walking around on cloud nine as they get to the stage where they will say, I love yous. But when Wade"s ex fianc" shows up out of nowhere, Kanda plummets back to earth. Furious, she rides out to the range attempting to run away. Wade is there right on her tail, his rope in hand. She"s about to be rounded up by the only man who could achieve such a thing.

Brea is now engaged to Cole, the cowboy of her dreams and may get her wish to walk the aisle, despite finding out about the Vegas pact him and Jet made with the Noble twins. When her Mama Daisy blows a fuse, will it wreck everything Brea has tried so hard to have" Can she keep her family from messing up her plans" Then another surprise happens… from her soon to be husband, but will Cole"s latest surprise be his last"

When some female wedding party guests insult Maggie about her curves, she then shows off and accepts a date with Jet Kincade, knowing they think he is the hottest guy in town. She knew she shouldn"t play with fire, especially not with the Chicken Hawk Cowboy Sundae. So she plots and plans ways to get out of the "dangerous to her heart" date. Then while snooping where she shouldn"t, she finds out how Jet really feels about her and her confidence is shaken, so she hides out and tries to keep her head down. Yes, Jet will find her, but when he does, will stupid win out over love"

Staring into the blue eyes of beyond, owned by her dream of a cowboy. The one man she had pined away for all this time, Victoria felt heavy with fear. Jude was finally looking at her with the expression she"d yearned to see for so long. With a gut wrenching epiphany, she realized a certain redheaded witch of South Texas has been there before her, pretending to be Victoria while dating him. Her nefarious identical twin got one over on her AGAIN. In her whirlwind of misery, she runs into Breen Payson and finds to her shock that she was looking at the wrong cowboy all along.

Enjoy the last installment of the Triple K Ranch series!Books in Series:Triple K Ranch Series by J.L. BeckBooks by Author:J.L. Beck BooksCassandra Bloom Books


Last time in Playin" With Fire


Everyone was in attendance in the 2-acre lawn covered backyard at the Triple K ranch. The grass looked newly clipped and spread out for what seemed like miles with an eye blinding, emerald green. A wide open sky sparkled from above with a sapphire blue that could only be found in Texas. It was a perfect place to hold a wedding, she agreed mentally with Mable"s words of before.

Gosh, the only clich" missing would be doves.

Brea half expected them to fly over at any second. She felt like none of this could be real in any case. She was walking on air as she nearly floated forward. Everyone was here, people she knew from town, from the diner she worked at and some of the girls from high school even. The skinny, pretty ones too. They all looked green with envy.

With a sudden realization, Brea straightened her spine. Damn right! All the fatsy fat taunting and the blubber buns, plushy plush butt names they called her" The fact that she could not even get a date to the prom had prompted a whole week"s worth of sneers and comments from most of them.


Look who is marrying THE hottest cowboy in this whole state! THE PLUSH GIRL, that"s who! Suddenly, a huge smile rippled along her lips. I dreamed big, went after my man and it worked!

Maggie caught her attention as she sat in the second row with an ear to ear smile as if she just heard Brea"s thoughts. Mable even gave her a wink from where she sat in the front row, like she also knew what Brea had been thinking.

Most of the cowhands were even present, sitting in the chairs along the flower petal filled aisle. When she passed, all of the cowboys removed their hats in acknowledgement. It was so cool, like a tribute and acceptance. All of them stared directly at her too, as they let out ooohs and ahhhs when she passed by.

Her smile was shaky from all the attention and her hands trembled. Her bravado of before just dried right up. She certainly wasn"t used to so many people staring at her and she SURE wasn"t used to everyone acting as if she was THAT beautiful. She glanced down at the magnificently gorgeous lace and velvet gown that Cole had designed for her. It is beautiful though. Just like she thought it would be. It fits me to a tee and is so flattering. It struck her again, how thoughtful and wonderful her Cole really was. How lucky could a girl be"

She held a bouquet in her hands, her favorite white poseys. Another touch provided by her husband to be. Glancing up, she came closer to the tree. All decorated with bows, flowers and white silk streamers. Cole showed this to her just yesterday, it was the very one his grandfather planted there when Slade Kincade first bought this land for the ranch.

Cole stood there in front of the "Kincade Tree", as they called it"waiting for her. He sported a tux while wearing his best boots and that black Stetson he always wore. A huge, gorgeous smile beamed on his face.

Am I really marrying the cowboy of my dreams"

The wedding march playing in the background and floated to her ears as she moved closer to her future.

Yes, it appears that I REALLY am!

Excitement and joy filled her to the brim and she tried so hard NOT to tear up. Daisy told her never to do that" "When you"re wearin" paint in public." Speaking of her, Brea"s gaze swiveled around, searching for her notorious mother. Wasn"t this supposed to be her wedding day too" Maybe they will be up next and they"re getting ready right now" Brea returned her focus to her path. It would be just perfect to fall right on her face into a pile of petals in front of everyone in the county"ON her wedding day too!

She moved closer to the sweet sexy man who was about to be her husband. Would they have children" Live on the ranch or maybe build their own house close by" Would she be a boring housewife" Or one day, be on the PTA" Her mind swam with questions, but she needed to believe what Cole had said. "They would be together and that meant it would be a happy future."

Cole stood waiting as he held out his hand. He nodded his head slightly with an almost glowing warmth reflecting from those baby blue eyes of his.

The preacher smiled at her from behind him.

Brea reached out and grasped his warm fingers as he tugged her up and stood her next to him.

Brea fought off the feeling that she was gonna faint. NO! You CANNOT do that! Get through this and marry him, for Corn"s sake! Faint later when you are on your honeymoon as Mrs. Cole Kincade. She took a deep breath and tried to focus on what the preacher was saying.


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