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Blue Collar Billionaire is one way to describe my dad"s best friend.

The older man I"ve been saving my first time for is another.

He"s the first and only man I"ve ever felt anything for. Boys my age just don"t do it for me.

And as a younger woman there"s a lot I can learn from this older man, but first he needs to learn just how I feel about him.

When I start college and find my tiny apartment needs some repairs, my dad calls him to fix things"but what my dad doesn"t know is that I"m fixated on my dad"s best friend, the one who suddenly calls me "his."

And when he gets down on his knees to fix my leaky faucet suddenly I"m the one having dreams of getting on my own knees and fixing the other swollen pipe that looks like it"s about to burst.

But will my dad explode when he finds out what"s going on between his daughter and his best friend"

And will my dad"s best friend a.k.a. his blue collar buddy try and convince my dad that what we have is real"or convince me we"ve made a big mistake"

*Blue Collar Billionaire is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



"You want me to call Beau"" my dad says. "He can fix anything."

"That"s not a bad idea," I say just before my front teeth come down on my lower lip.

It was because I had the exact same thought before I called my dad, but I didn"t have his number nor the guts to make the call.

Plus how suspicious would that be" Just calling your dad"s best friend out of the blue to come over to your small, cramped, overheated studio apartment to fix my futon which also would double as my bed this first semester.

But fortunately my dad made the call and now here I am, my face glued to the window, waiting for Beau"s truck to show up. And by window I mean the tiny little thing that"s barely two feet high and a foot and half wide that serves as my only source of "fresh" air, sunshine, and a glimpse into the outside world.

But I didn"t enroll at U.S.C. to have fun. I"d come here to study architecture at the school Architectural Record named as the fifth best in the entire country. And I"m here because of him.

Beau is an unassuming billionaire, with a b. He"s been in the construction business here in L.A. since he was just a kid. He started working summers laying asphalt with my dad when they were in high school. It was just to earn some extra money back then, but when my dad went on to college Beau stayed in the blue-collar business but moved vertically into real estate construction and then commercial real estate where he made his fortune.

And working with his hands and his body made him something else"the cities most eligible, hottest, and ripped bachelor. The guy practically works out for a living, preferring to get out there with his crew every day versus sitting around in an office and counting all his money.

And I still remember the feeling of those giant, calloused, muscular fingers when he shook my hand after I offered it when I thanked him for the word he put in for me with the dean at U.S.C. The application process there is tough. I tried the early application process but hadn"t heard anything. I casually mentioned it to Beau when he was over at our house one day and literally the next morning the FedEx guy is knocking on my door asking me to sign for a letter.

Inside" A personally signed acceptance of my application and welcome from the dean himself. Talk about a man who has friends in high places.

And that"s the way Beau is. When I thanked him he pretended he had nothing to do with it and told me the timing must have just been a coincidence. He complimented me on my hard work and told me I must have gotten in on my own merit.

I sure did work hard, but the truth was I surely got in on his merits and not just my own.

And the following morning I received a second FedEx letter, which I also had to sign for, which said they"d reviewed my financial aid package and I"d be receiving a full ride scholarship.

Thank you, Jesus! Scratch that. Thank you, Beau!

He"s still acting oblivious anytime I try and thank him for what he did.

But with L.A. experiencing record heat, and my apartment without air-conditioning, will he act oblivious to another small problem I"m having.

The washing machine is broken and today was supposed to be laundry day. Instead of wearing something appropriate I"m going to be forced to wear my white spaghetti strap top that might just be a little too sheer and my short shorts that might be a little too short.

I guess we"ll find out when he gets"

I see his truck at the curb and he"s out of it in a flash, with a tool belt around his waist and a whole bunch of muscles under his white T-shirt.

I feel my heart rate kick into overdrive and I push back from the window. I don"t want him to see me waiting for him like that. I don"t want him to know how anxious I am about seeing him for the first time without anyone else around.

And I"m not sure I"m ready for him to know how I feel about him and just the kinds of thoughts that entails.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I hear those thick knuckles of his rap against the door and now I"m practically hyperventilating.

Stay cool, Ariella. Relax. He"s just here to get you in bed"I mean take a look at you in your bed"I mean fix your bed.

This is going to be way more difficult than I thought.



I knocked way too hard.

She"s going to know. She"s going to read my enthusiasm for her and know that ever since she came to me for help her senior year I"ve looked at her in a totally different way.


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