Blyssful Lies (Blyss Trilogy #2) ~ Page 2

I knew at that point nothing in this world would stop me from making her mine. Having a shit load of money just made it so much easier to keep tabs on her and allowed me to acquire her through any means possible to see this through.

I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to unfold with the patience of a saint, biding my time until I could finally claim her. She would eventually come to realize how perfect we were for each other, and I knew she would come to desire me just as much as I did her once I got her sequestered. She would want for nothing, and there is no one on this earth who could love her more than I do.

I"m pulled from my reminiscent thoughts when my phone buzzes in the left breast pocket of my suit. I must have been in deep thought, because the vibrations startle me. I pull the phone out of my pocket and check the text message. Apparently, the hairdresser just now finished with Julianna"s hair, calling it some sort of up-do, and she"s finally ready and waiting for me to escort her to the dinner party upstairs.

Glancing down, I check the time on my Constantin watch. Only ten more minutes to go and I will be able to stake my final claim on her. I feel like a kid on prom night, and I can"t seem to wait another minute. Both Travis and I agreed to keep her confined for the past week as we waited for my princess to acquire a new attitude. She was finally under my thumb, and it was the only thing giving me any semblance of peace over these past couple weeks.

Every time I"d sit down to watch her on the monitors, I would pass some of my time entertaining myself by running amusing scenarios through my mind, which consisted of me taking her in every conceivable way possible. I"ve been vacillating, wanting to claim her immediately, versus whipping her ass raw from the stunt she pulled with her birthday cake; I may just do both.

Too bad she screwed up her birthday party. I had some nice surprises lined up for her. The morning of her birthday, I had placed a wrapped present on her kitchen table, a little surprise for her to wake up to. Knowing eighties music was one of her vices, I wanted to surprise her with a new iPod Touch. I had it filled to the max with all of her favorite music, but she ruined that too. I hope by now she"s learned her lesson.

I"ve had some time to cool off over the birthday debacle, but it doesn"t seem as if Travis has. He took her poor behavior personally, because he"s never failed in his trainings, and she pissed him off something bad. I don"t ever remember him losing his shit before, not to this extent anyway. Thinking about how she was able to get under Travis" skin and slink past his stone facade has me chuckling out loud to myself.

She should be dying to go anywhere right about now, after being in solitary confinement for the past week. She hasn"t seen daylight in weeks, and I"m sure she"d be happy to get out, even if it"s spending time with me.

I"m fairly certain she"s beginning to acquire feelings for me. The way she responded to me on her birthday, I could see her fighting her inner desires at certain moments. I"m not sure what elicited her to destroy her birthday cake, but I can only surmise it had something to do with Travis. Something set her off, and it was crystal clear she seemed truly put off by his presence.

I was so pissed off at Travis for getting overly intimate with her, and the day I confronted him about it, he almost didn"t walk away. Seeing my buddy"s dick in Julianna"s mouth set me off like a freighter full of lit fireworks. Even though Julianna didn"t know any better, he did. Once I calmed down, however, I was able to reason with myself. I decided her little rendezvous wasn"t totally her fault. Blyss is some powerful shit, and it would only stand to reason she would desire to obtain something more sexual than what she had received. But I still plan on teaching her a valuable lesson, one she won"t soon forget. She is to touch no one from now on, not unless I give the green light, which would be never, since I"m a very jealous man.

After seeing their little interlude, I couldn"t sit on the sidelines anymore, not without hurting someone. I found myself scrutinizing and analyzing every single one of their touches, kisses, and glances. I fucking cringed each and every time I had to watch them interact, so I went ahead and put an end to their little escapade.


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