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When Sterling Baker discovers the wonderful world of BDSM, he’s ready to literally throw himself at the feet of the spectacular Owen Sawyer, but Owen is unwilling to take on someone so new to the scene"or so he says. Determined to get what he wants, Sterling sets out to convince the doubting Owen that he can be the best sub in the world, the fastest learning, the most obedient.

It’s not as easy as he thinks it will be, and things get even more complicated when Sterling realizes that he’s fallen in love with Owen. With the stakes that much higher, Sterling’s more determined than ever to win Owen over. But now he’ll have to convince Owen they can have more than a teacher / student relationship, more than just good kink.Books by Author:Jane Davitt booksAlexa Snow Books

Chapter One

"Are you sure this is the right place"" Sterling asked doubtfully as they stepped inside and the door closed behind them. He had to blink and let his eyes adjust, but even then it seemed like maybe they’d gotten the address wrong. He’d never actually been to a BDSM club, but whatever he’d been expecting, it certainly hadn’t been this.

It looked like a regular nightclub, and a reasonably crowded one at that.

There was a bar along the back wall with the typical collection of college students and older people jostling for the bartender’s attention. Two dance floors instead of the more traditional single one, but otherwise it seemed like just about every club Sterling had ever been to in his life. Not that there had been all that many, of course, since he was still half a year from his twenty-first birthday and he couldn’t legally drink, but one of the benefits to living in an area that catered to two different universities was that the clubs were prepared to handle things like checking ID and keeping the underaged from getting their hands on any alcohol.

Hypothetically, at least.

But once he looked around a little more closely, Sterling saw that this club was different. In subtle ways, maybe, but careful observation showed that some of the patrons were wearing collars. Choker-style necklaces went in and out of fashion, and he didn’t pay all that much attention to what women wore at any time"still, he did pay attention to men, and he was pretty sure he’d never seen a guy wearing a necklace like the ones he was seeing now. There were a few different styles, and the men wearing them seemed just about glued to the people they were with"some men, some women.

There was music playing, but it wasn’t the loud, pounding-beat kind that Sterling was used to at nightclubs. It sounded more like top forty.

"Hello" Earth to Sterling"" Alex said, sounding amused, and Sterling blinked and forced his attention back to his friend.

"Sorry, what"" Even now, he found his eyes being drawn back to a couple sitting at one of the tables. Well, one of the two men was sitting at the table"

the other was kneeling on the floor at his feet and looking up at him with an expression that might have been called worshipful.

"You asked if it was the right place," Alex said. "Then you looked around, and I guess you answered your own question judging by the way your jaw dropped. Play it cool, huh" We don’t want to come off like tourists." 2

Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow

"Hey, you’ve been here before," Sterling protested.

"Only a couple of times," Alex said. "Plus Ray was leading me around by the dick"mostly figuratively, by the way, in case you were thinking about asking"so I was kind of focused on him."

Sterling nodded and watched as the guy sitting in the chair said something to the one kneeling beside him. Then he reached out and cupped the kneeling guy’s head with one hand, stroking his hair. "Not too many people dancing," he said to Alex, trying to sound casual even though his heart was fluttering in his chest.

"There will be later," Alex said absently, his gaze scanning the crowd. "It’s not exactly what people are here for though, you know"" He touched Sterling’s sleeve. "Want to get a drink first and then I’ll introduce you around" I see a couple of guys I know from when I was with Ray."

"Okay." They started toward the bar; then Sterling froze as one of the men sitting at it sharpened into someone he knew. "Fuck," he said, the curse half under his breath but getting Alex’s attention all the same.


"That guy," Sterling said. "Brown hair, blue shirt, with the top two buttons undone""

"Yeah" You know him""

"He’s a professor," Sterling said. "He taught my freshman lit class. God, what the hell is he doing here""

"Huh." Alex studied the man thoughtfully. "He does look familiar. And I think he’s probably doing what everyone else is"hoping to hook up, maybe. It looks like he’s alone."

Sterling had a lump in his throat the size of a baseball; it almost hurt to swallow around it. Professor Sawyer, who’d stood at the front of the class and lectured about Shakespeare and Steinbeck and Gibson, sometimes smiling in a way that had made Sterling’s cock sit up and take interest, was here. At a BDSM club.

"You look like you’re about to pass out or throw up," Alex said and moved to shield him from a possible glance from Sawyer, a gesture that left Sterling feeling irritated rather than grateful because it meant that he couldn’t see Sawyer anymore. Which made no sense; Owen Sawyer wasn’t even close to what Sterling was looking for, after all. There was clearly a lot that he didn’t know about his former teacher, but Sterling doubted that the man was a sub.


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