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Rule #1 Hands off my best friend’s kid sister.
Rule #2 See rule number one.
Rule #3 Seriously, don’t even think about touching Emma.

Emma Kane is my new room mate. My very off limits room mate. My gorgeous, sassy, hot as hell room mate.
I try to keep my distance. To ignore her soft laugh, her intense eyes, her sweet smile.
And that groan, the one she makes over her morning coffee–
Alright, the feisty college student is driving me out of my mind.
I can still keep my hands off her.
I double down on my rules. Draw that line between friends and lovers.
Then she presses her red lips to mine.
And, suddenly, it"s obvious.
There’s no way in hell I can resist her.Books in Series:Inked Hearts Series by Crystal KaswellBooks by Author:Crystal Kaswell Books

Chapter One


There’s something wrong with my brother.

The house is spotless.

No dishes in the sink.

No papers on the dining table.

No pillows strewn over the black leather couch.

The only sign of life is the tap tap tap of the shower upstairs.

“Brendon.” I kick off my work flats. Move across the living room. Up the stairs. “Can we talk"” I swallow the nerves that climb into my throat.

I need to stay cool and collected.

So he believes my version of events.

If my brother finds out what really happened"

That’s not an option.

The shower turns off.

I take a deep breath. Exhale slowly.

I’m convincing my brother this isn’t a big deal. Period. End of story.

“Hello"” A low, deep voice fills the hallway.

It’s familiar.

But it’s not my brother’s.

That’s definitely not my brother.




I try to make eye contact, but I can’t.

He’s dripping wet.



“Emma"” The familiar voice asks.

Something clicks in my head.

That’s him.

He’s wearing way fewer clothes, yeah, but I’d recognize those blue eyes anywhere.


Hunter is naked in my brother’s house.

Hunter is naked in my brother’s house and I’m staring at his cock.

I should stop.

Really, I should.

But he’s so"

“Fuck. Sorry.” He turns and marches into the bedroom.

My eyes stay fixed on his tan skin.

I try to look at something else"his sandy hair or the lights in the bathroom or the beige carpet"but I can’t.

He’s so naked.

And I’m so into it.

“You okay"” He steps into the hallway.

Finally, my eyes obey my command. They trace a line up his long, lean torso. The dreamcatcher tattoo on his shoulder. The strong chin. The piercing blue eyes.

They’re so fucking intense.

“Emma"” he asks again. With extra concern. “Are you okay"” His voice drops to something closer to a whisper.

It’s not even remotely close to a baby, I want you whisper, but that’s still where my head goes.

He’s wearing a towel.

Only a towel.

And he’s wet.



God, he’s beautiful.

“What are you doing here"” I press my palm against the doorframe. Dig my toes into the carpet.

“Brendon didn’t explain"”


“I’m staying here for a few weeks.”

I just barely nod.

“And I’m filling in at Inked Hearts. While he’s in New Jersey.”

“Oh.” Of course the one guy who makes me blush is filling in at Inked Hearts. Of course he’s house sitting the one time I want to stay here. “That’s great.”

“You sure"” he asks.

“Yeah.” I try to find something to say. Fail. It’s weird. Unlike me. I hold my own around guys. Even half-naked ones. But after that" Fuck, I don’t know anymore. “You’ll fit in.”

“You work the front desk"”

“Yeah. Sometimes.” I take a step backward. Suck a breath through my teeth. Hunter is still wearing a towel. My brain is still struggling to function. It’s still screaming Hunter. Towel. Wet.

It’s a cavewoman who can barely put words together.

Though there’s a certain flow to Hunter. Towel. Wet.

It’s poetic.

“I should get dressed.” He nods to the office.

“Right.” I press my lips together. He’s so" This is so" I’m so not doing this. “I should" um" I’ll see you later.”

He nods sure, turns, and disappears into the office.

I press my bedroom door closed.

Then I slide to the ground and I die of embarrassment.

Chapter Two


This is not the time to be hard.

And that is not the woman to be hard over.

But Emma isn’t the gawky kid who used to look at me with doe eyes.

She’s all legs and energy.

I drape my towel over the couch.

Crouch over my suitcase. Find a clean pair of boxers. Jeans. A black t-shirt.

This room is mine for as long as I want it.

Brendon was welcoming.

He’s the only person who gave a shit about helping me piece my life back together.

He asked one thing in return: look out for his little sister.

And here I am, still hard.

But, God damn, the way she stared.

It’s different now.

It’s been forever.

That must be it.

Because it sure as hell can’t be that I want Emma Kane.

That’s out of the question.

I repeat the explanation to myself as I dress, but it doesn’t stick.

This is my self-destructive streak acting up.

Lusting after the one woman I’m not supposed to touch"

That certainly sounds like me.

I pull out my cell. Consider texting Brendon. Decide against it.

What am I going to say" Sorry, I gave your sister a show. But damn was she into it. Would you mind if I took this back to her room and fucked her senseless"

That isn’t happening.

Even if everything was different, Emma is a good kid.

I’m not.

I push my suitcase aside. Sit on the leather couch I’m currently using as a bed. Open my sketchbook to the sleeve I’m doing tomorrow morning.

It takes forever, but, eventually, I concentrate on the gig I need to ace.

Then Emma knocks on my door and all my focus scatters.

“Hey. Hunter. I, uh, Brendon’s only stopping by to grab his stuff. And he’s got another two hours at the shop first.” Her voice is soft. Nervous. “So, um, I" I’ll just be downstairs. Studying.”


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