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He wants me, and he takes what he wants.

I thought my scheme was foolproof, but the alien brute caught me. Now I’m going to pay.

I will not just be punished. I will be owned. He is going to use me roughly, savagely, taking me in ways I didn’t think it would be possible for such an enormous beast to take a little human.

As one painfully intense climax after another is ripped from my naked, quivering body, I’m certain he is not even close to being done with me… and I’m not sure I want him to be.

Publisher’s Note: Brute includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.Books by Author:Loki Renard Books

Chapter One


"Where is it""

"I"m not telling."

My breath catches in my throat as burning eyes settle on me with grave displeasure.

"You should answer my question, little human."

"You should go to hell."

Rebellion is easy when you crave the consequences of your actions so badly you are willing to do anything, say anything just to find a limit. I have been alone for a long time. I am not alone anymore. My solitude has been replaced with a tyrant interrogator, a confessor who will discover every one of my sins and punish me accordingly. I have crossed him. I have tricked him. I have lied to him and I have tried to cheat him. If I had gotten away with it, I"d be rich now. Instead of money, I have the wages of my sin, and they are about to be written in my soft flesh with rough strokes of his powerful frame.

I feel my lower secret self, the dirty little places no respectable woman ever likes to have displayed in such lewd fashion, swelling with anticipation and desire. This creature is like none I have ever met before. He demands obedience. He commands compliance. My rebellion and my lies are swept away before him. There is no fooling this male who is so much more than any man ever could be. My flesh weeps with desire, but still I cannot give him what he wants.

"Behave yourself," he growls, one hand at my throat, the other at my sex. I am caught in his grasp and in the consequences of my own deception. "Tell me what I want to know."

He is utterly alien. I owe him nothing. But he is going to take everything. Because he is a warrior and a conqueror, and it does not matter how alien he is, it is a universal constant that a naked woman spread before such a creature will not receive mercy. She will take the hard flesh already pressed between her thighs.

I want him. I crave him. But I know that he will give just as much pain as pleasure. And I know that I will earn every bit of it. I have been a very bad girl, and it has just caught up with me in a way I never thought it would.

Just how did I get myself into this situation"

Oh. That"s right.

* * *

Hours earlier"


"Earth stinks."

Farti holds his nose and screws up his face. His upper lip curls, baring the fangs that emerge under his upper lip. They"re supposed to be intimidating, but they"re about a quarter of an inch long and when they"re set in a face that has the head to body proportions of a teddy bear with about twice as much fuzz, they don"t do much for his credibility. His fur is a soft red plush. He has short pointy horns, little hooves for feet, humanoid hands, and a tail that wags when he doesn"t want it to.

He"s three feet tall, two hundred and forty years old, and he"s made me richer in the last year of working with him than I got in the ten years I spent in the Vatiri Special Forces.

Everything he lacks in height and intimidation, he makes up for in pure business acumen. I"m the muscle in this operation. Tall, even for a Vatiri, there are parts of this ship I have to crawl through in order to access them. I can"t wait to stretch my legs. I can"t wait to make some money.

"Are you listening to me"" Farti"s complaints draw my attention down again.

My nine feet in height means that occasionally, when he"s very serious about something, he hops up on my knee so he can look me in the eye. I am strictly forbidden from finding that cute.

Right now he"s stomping around my feet, irritated. "I thought the supplier was meeting us here."

He doesn"t care about the view, which is exquisite. We"ve landed at the verge of a great red and gold canyon lush with trees. A river winds below, and above the sky is bright and blue and big. So big I can almost forget how much bigger everything beyond it really is.

This is a nice planet. It does smell, well, organic, but you get that in the pockets where life still flourishes. Most of the universe is dead. Very, very dead. This is the scent of decay and growth curling into our nostrils. In the soil beneath the grass that ripples out around my feet, life is thriving.

"Where. Is. She"" Farti stamps his feet and lets out a nickering sound of irritation.

"She"ll be here, I"m sure," I say. I don"t care if she"s late. This is just another run for us. Another pickup followed by another delivery. Things have gotten a little boring of late. When I served in the Vatiri marines, hardly a day went by that you didn"t have a limb lopped off and have to go in for regeneration. I"ve had all my limbs attached for months upon months now. They"re starting to get that worn, lived-in look. I could do with a shiny new bicep.


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