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Grant Jacobs. S*x god in a suit. My new boss.
He’s my dad’s best friend.
The man I’ve been crushing on since high school.
Now the hunger in his eyes is making me weak.
And he wants to teach me everything he knows…

I promised Crissy’s dad to keep her out of trouble.
So I hired her as my PA.
Man was that a mistake.
Her sassy mouth is made for kissing. Her curves for sin.
She makes me forget my empty past.
Now I want more of her and I’m going to take it.
On my desk.
My hand over her mouth, stifling her moans.
Mixing business and pleasure has never felt so good.
F*ck trying to keep this a secret.
I might lose my best friend, but I won’t lose her.

Business & Pleasure is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words with a hot-as-hell alpha and a HEA. I’ve also included some bonus novels for your enjoyment.

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.Books by Author:Tia Siren Books

Chapter 1


"Here at J&M Energy, we pride ourselves on two things: getting people the energy they need in whatever form they wish, and making money. For the past three years, we"ve accomplished the former. But now it"s time to accomplish the latter."

I had all the junior executives gathered in the boardroom. For the past three years, my natural gas company had focused on tailoring our needs to the general public. We"d branched out and expanded up the entire East Coast, but now it was time to rake in some money.

"While the company"s been growing, if you compare the last three years to the previous ten, our sales and revenue have actually declined," Alex said. "Now, what is your knee-jerk reaction to that statement""

"Our expansion," Dylan said.

"That"s the usual reaction, yes," Alex said. "Now, can anyone tell me why that"s a pathetic fallback""

"Because expansion into other states should mean more consumers," Dylan said. "Looking at all the income as a whole shouldn"t exclude what we"re paying in debt in order to make money."

"Anyone else in the room awake"" I asked. "Is Anderson the only J.E. that came to work today""

Murmurs from incompetent junior executives ricocheted across the room, and all I could do was sigh. Dylan Anderson was the only promising one out of the bunch, but even he needed some refinement. Alex Marks was my right-hand man, not to mention the man I bought the company from eight years ago. He was doing just fine on his own, but he was scared to branch out, scared to take his company to the next level. You couldn"t run a company on fear, so I came in and decided to do it for him.

At first he was pissed. Why should he believe a younger man, like myself, who came in with a tailored suit and a string of companies he had only spent a few years with and proclaimed he could suddenly turn all his problems around" Even to myself it would"ve smelled like a con. But I"d been sure of myself, and I had told him I could spend two weeks improving everything around him"free of charge. If he didn"t like the changes and didn"t see the improvement, I"d go on my way and he wouldn"t even have to pay me.

Needless to say, I proved my point. Things improved and I got paid.

"Can I throw out the first idea"" Dylan asked.

"Better than what everyone else is doing," Alex said.

"Assuming the projections will have us earning next quarter, why don"t we branch into government contracts"" Dylan asked. "We"re stationed in Baton Rouge for fuck"s sake, and we"re an hour away from New Orleans. The navy contracts alone would do this company some good."

"All right," I said. "Assuming this would be good for our image, why don"t you begin to research that avenue, Dylan" That way, if we pursue it, it"ll be something you can use on your resume."

That statement wet the palate of the lazy room of junior executives I"d assembled. Suddenly, their mouths were watering like vicious dogs, ready to take a bite out of the meat presented to them, and I was more than happy to oblige. I enjoyed their drive when they had it, but it always took some tempting.

And tempting was something I did best.

"What about this whole "fracking" deal"" another executive asked. "What if we got in on that""

"Get on the research," I said.

"What"s keeping us from expanding into the West Coast"" another threw out.

"Research!" I exclaimed.

"What about charities"" someone else said. "Does the company donate" With the millennial culture, if a company throws its assets behind a cause they can stand with, that usually generates more revenue with just what we"re doing now."

"Look into it; then get back to me," I said. "It"s actually an idea I"ve been tossing around the past few weeks, but I haven"t had time to pass it on."

"Anything else"" Alex asked.

After a few beats of silence, I nodded my head. The room disbursed as the excited junior executives chattered away about their new tasks. I shuffled the files in front of me, readying them to be put back into my briefcase, but then a light hand descended on my shoulder.

"Yes, Alex"" I asked.

"I"ve got something to ask you," Alex said.

"Something that wasn"t appropriate for the meeting, I"m assuming."

"Correct. It"s more of a"personal favor."

I threw my gaze over to Alex before I nodded, telling him he could proceed. If there was one thing I enjoyed about Alex Marks, it was the fact that he never asked for anything. He was resourceful, had connections with individuals that spanned three entire rolodexes, and had a decent head on his shoulders. After all, he was the one who had built the company to be the most-used natural gas company in Louisiana.

I just came in and made it the most-used gas company on the East Coast.


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