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He never planned to take her…

There was something about the waitress with the black eye. She made him remember where he came from, and he knew he couldn’t stand back and do nothing. Chains kidnapped her, locked her away for her own damn good. He killed the bastard who left his mark on her. Now he has to face judgement for claiming his prize.

He stole her in the dead of night…

It had been a rough shift at the diner, but the man sitting quietly at the back made Lori feel special. He ordered the pie, made her smile, then walked out of her life. She never expected to see him again, but he came back to take what was his. Chains made her feel valuable despite the chains, loved even though she was his captive. When she’s given the chance to run, she can’t. He’s taken over her body and mind, and she wants more. If only she could save him from what was coming … because some sins can’t go unpunished.Books by Author:Sam Crescent BooksStacey Espino Books

Chapter One

Chains was hungry.

No, starving.

He needed food.

After all the shit that went down with Shadow and Boss at Killer of Kings, he"d decided to take a vacation. He didn"t want, nor did he need, any shit in his life right now. At times, being a killer took a toll on a man, and he wasn"t a fool. His kill ratio rivaled many of the killers he associated with. Of course, Boss had overtaken all of them with the slaughter he"d just done based on a mafia mark.

Rubbing the back of his shaved head, Chains entered a shitty looking diner. He"d have preferred a restaurant, one that served Russian food, but right now he couldn"t be picky. Taking a seat in the back of the diner, he grabbed the well-worn menu and looked over the choices. Of course, it was all greasy burgers and stuff more suited to a fifties-style menu.

His cell phone buzzed, and he glanced down to see it was Boss.

The fucker was alive and well, not that he would ever doubt him. If anyone could get out of a hit, it would be Boss.

Turning off his cell phone, he placed it back in his pocket. He"d already left word for Boss to know he intended to have some time off. No killing.

To get this " burning under control.

The rage inside him had begun to simmer midway through this latest mission, watching Shadow with Riley. He didn"t know what it was all about, and he didn"t care either. All he knew was when he wanted to kill those he worked with, he had to leave.

So far, Viper, Bain, Killian, and now Shadow had each fallen for a woman. Hardened killers became weak when they chose to bring a woman into their lives. Killers shouldn"t have women. They always had a "use by" date, and if one of their enemies heard of a way to take them out, their women would be the first to go. It was why he never allowed himself to take any pleasure other than in the women he paid for. The whores on the streets wanted his money, and he only required a quick release.

If he didn"t feel like fucking one of the streetwalkers, he"d found plenty of escorts and agencies willing to give him what he wanted.

He didn"t want love.

Glancing around the diner, he saw several families eating. One of them had that very prim and proper American look with crisp white shirts, the kind they wore to church.

He stared at them, knowing how looks could be deceiving. In his line of work, he"d seen a lot of shit. He"d seen stuff that had sickened him to the core.

One of the worst things was the child trafficking rings. Boys and girls sold for a fortune to meet the demands of the depraved perverts that wanted them. After seeing some of the victims, he"d made a vow to always defend them. If he ever caught sight of anything going down, he checked it out, and was sure to make an example of the people who thought they could use vulnerable children.

After surviving one of the worst childhoods imaginable, Chains learned from a young age the horrors that awaited in the big wild world. He"d been an unlucky bastard, being thrust into one of the worst Russian orphanages.

Every one of them had to learn to survive, and that hadn"t been the worst of it. The people who claimed to protect them had enabled the abuse. He"d been in a mixed gender orphanage, and the girls that were there, they had it a lot worse than the boys. They were trained to shut up and take it.

As a child, seeing the damage those girls faced at the hands of men, he"d taken a personal dislike to anyone who harmed a child.

"Hey, sorry it took me so long. What can I get you""

The feminine voice brought his attention around to the woman standing in front of him. He"d seen her enter five minutes ago. Her head was bent over her notepad, and she was on the chubby side. The uniform she wore was too tight, some of the buttons gaping around her impressive cleavage.

Her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she looked pale. He couldn"t get a good look at her, and Chains wanted to look at her.

"What"s good here""

He"d long ago lost any of his Russian accent, and only when he was angry did it show. Right now, he looked and sounded like any American businessman. He always preferred suits. To him they"d symbolized the sign of power, where the real money was.

"The cheeseburger"s good. I, erm, I wouldn"t go for the chicken though."

"Oh, why not""

The girl, Lori, her badge said, looked behind her, and he saw her nerves show through. "He doesn"t always cook it all the way, and it can make you sick."


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