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They call me the Devil"s assassin. It"s true. I have blood on my hands.
As the VP of the Serpents, my life is driven by loyalty, honor, brotherhood.
Until I see her.
Too young, too innocent. Mine to claim.

What I am, what I do, can never reach her. My dark secrets are scars I bear alone.
I"m torn between my duties and the woman I"ll die to protect.
Until…they try to take what"s mine.Books by Author:Betty Shreffler Books




MY FINGERS SPLAY around the copper knob of my door, slowly opening it to an array of stimulations. Music thumps, vibrating my chest and ears. Stepping out, I"m accosted by a thick, grey cloud of smoke lingering just below the ceiling. The aroma of marijuana and sex are scents I"m used to in my home. My mother, Dori and my sister, Amberlee act like sisters rather than mother and daughter, and the front door of our shitty ranch home is a revolving movement of men in and men out.

Tonight is no different from most weekends, except this time my sister"s new boyfriend is a member of a biker gang, the Devil"s Serpents. They"re as scary as the name sounds. Most of the members lounging in my living room frighten me, except one"Dominic. When his eyes follow me across the room, my skin burns with an unfamiliar heat. Between my legs, I ache with a want so fierce, it startles me.

Crossing the living room filled with blunts and beer cans, I make my way to our small, worn out, tacky yellow kitchen. Dominic"s bold, jade eyes glisten like a hungry lion, gaze dead set on its prey. Maybe I should be afraid, he looks like he"s six-foot-something, muscles on every inch of his body, tats covering every part of his skin I see, except his face and neck. He could easily overpower me, force me down, and rape me, and there"s nothing I could do about it, but the fucked-up part, I get turned on thinking about him dominating me.

Sucking my lip between my teeth, I tear my gaze off his intriguing eyes, chiseled jaw, and dark, short brown hair. The blast of the cool refrigerator melts my fiery libido, and I reach in for a bottle of water. Yeah, I"m the lame sister. The one who doesn"t party, smoke pot, or get plastered on alcohol and can"t remember who I fucked the night before. I"m still a virgin, and it"s something my sister gets a kick out of telling all her new friends. She might as well pin a target to my back with the kind of people she hangs around with. I have no interest in apologizing for my virginity. Just because she lost her virginity at fifteen and never stopped spreading her legs to every guy who looked her way doesn"t mean I have to.

Amberlee and I are polar opposites. I read books, she uses the pages to make her own cigarettes. I like to eat healthy, she lives on pop and chips and doesn"t gain a damn pound. She likes loud rock-and-roll music at all times of the day and night, I like to have peace and quiet to think and sleep. She constantly needs attention from friends and boyfriends, I can count my close friends on one hand and boyfriends even less. Every boyfriend I"ve ever brought home ends up being Amberlee"s fuck toy for the night. Great sister, right"

There was a time when we were close, but after our dad went to jail, she and mom spiraled out of control. My mom, Dori is even worse. She"s not even home half the time. She works nights at a twenty-four-hour diner, and when she is home, she"s not really "home." Her drugs are more important than paying rent sometimes. Thankfully, Amberlee keeps her head on straight enough to pay any bills my mother "forgets" to pay. She dropped out of college her second year and has been working at beauty salons or in retail ever since. She"s been fired a couple times, but I"m thankful this last place seems to be working for her.

I only have three months until I start community college, and it can"t come fast enough. If my mother and sister have taught me anything, it"s I don"t want to be like them. I want to move out of this shithole and make a life for myself, in a town far, far away where no one knows me or the family I come from.

Being the daughter of a drug dealer and murderer in a small town puts a serious damper on your social life. Most people view our family as the trash of Cinderville, Ohio. People spread rumor after rumor, and before long, the rumors become truth, and no one cares to know otherwise. That"s probably why I"ve never had a long-lasting boyfriend. Most have either slept with my sister, or if they haven"t, they"re probably a good guy, but I"m not good enough for them. They know my family, take one look at me and assume I"m the same.

Maybe I am like my family, or maybe I haven"t been given the chance to spread my wings. Either way, they can kiss my ass. I don"t need judgmental pricks in my life. It"s crazy enough as it is. I"ve had to grow up a hell of a lot faster than they have and have seen things that would make them squirm in their khakis.


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