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Best friend.
Nothing more.

We"ve been best friends since we were kids, but when he went off to high school a year before me he became the "older man" every younger woman was after.

But he never chased them. All he was ever interested in was chasing bad guys, and now he"s living out his dream as a courageous cop in the big city.

He"s part of the thin blue line between order and anarchy. And there"s been a thin line between us that we"ve managed to never cross"one that would put our friendship at risk forever.

Not a chance.
Not worth it.

Until this perfect police officer stops me on the street late one night.
I should have kept my lips shut"

But instead all I could think about was putting them on the lips of my best friend, the charming, rock hard cop.

But we"re just friends, right"

*Cop"s Best Friend is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.Books by Author:Flora Ferrari Books



"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sidewalk at your three o"clock," I say as I ride shotgun in the patrol car.

"No time right now," Lieutenant Banks says from the driver"s seat.

There"s always time for a distressed woman, especially on the sidewalk after dark.

"Pull over, Lieutenant!"

"You"re out of line, Sergeant," he says reminding me he outranks me.

Ask me if I give a fuck.

"Now!" erupts from so deep within the pit of my stomach I swear he jumps in his seat.

And the patrol car slows as he guides it to the curb.

I"ve got the door open and my black boots are putting pavement behind me quickly as I make my way towards her.

A woman in need always gets my help, but this isn"t just any woman in need.

"Fuck!" I say underneath my breath as I sprint to her.

"Autumn. Autumn, talk to me. What"s wrong"" I ask as I take her shoulders in my grasp.

"Connor," she says, tears streaming down her face. "What are you doing here"" her speech is slurred.

In all my years of knowing this girl I"ve never so much as seen her buzzed, so just the fact that she"s been drinking is enough to set off alarm bells. Big ones, and whoever caused this is gonna pay.

Nobody fucks with my best friend in the entire world"the nicest girl on the face of the earth"and the girl I"d do anything for.

"I"m here to help you, baby. What"s wrong""

She looks up at me and sniffs. I feel a rage boiling inside me as I see the hurt on her face.

I haven"t seen her like this since the time she told me about her parents being shot on the street during a botched robbery attempt when she was fourteen. It"s the only time she ever mentioned it because she doesn"t want anyone"s pity. She"s a damn fighter, stronger than most of the men I know and that goes for the guys on the force"and they"re no pushovers.

"Sergeant, we have to go. Chief"s orders. 459 over at Big Dale"s Diamonds."

"Who cares about some damn diamonds," I say. "Leave me."

"I can"t leave you. You"re my partner."

"Beat it, Lieutenant. I"ll settle this with the Chief tomorrow."

"Sergeant, get in the car!" he yells.

I turn back at him and snarl. He purses his lips and shakes his head as he leans way over across the console and the passenger"s seat and pulls the door shut.

At least he got the message I think to myself as he drives off.

But I still haven"t got an answer from Autumn.

"What did he look like""

She sobs again.

"Where were you""

"At the bar," she says.

Finally. Something I can work with.

"Which bar""

"Over there," she says pointing across the street.

"The Oasis""

She nods vigorously.

"What"s he look like"" I say as I look at the bar ready to go over there and tear the place to shreds, beating the shit out of anybody that so much as looks at me wrong.

"He"s not there, Connor. Don"t you get it""

I pause. No I don"t get it and it burns inside. I"ve known Autumn since the first day of preschool and at this point in our lives we can practically complete each other’s sentences so when she tells me I don"t get it what it really means is I don"t understand and I haven"t been listening.

But I have been listening. We had coffee just yesterday and she was telling me about her problems with some guy she wants really bad.

I was shocked as she never talks about guys. Never.

And I was shocked at my reaction too, because I felt jealousy fill me. I felt myself squeezing the coffee cup so hard the ceramic handle broke right off. I could feel the tension in my body. It felt like I was bench pressing a mid-sized sedan or trying to lift a boulder off the ground, two impossible tasks but my muscles were giving their all and all I was doing was just sitting there"fuming.

Getting more and more angry.

First at her for finally meeting a guy after all these years. Then I wised up and got disgusted at myself. Why should I be mad at her" What did I expect" That a twenty-seven year old woman doesn"t want to meet a man one day" That we can just keep going on like this"as friends forever" That my friendship with her wasn"t going to stand in the way of her meeting someone special.

More special than me" Bullshit.

I was the one for her and my six foot five inch frame let everyone that so much as tried to talk to her know it. All a guy had to do was look in her direction and sure enough he"d see me right there"every time.

I was always by her side. We were inseparable, and that includes dating"which neither of us ever does.

Who needs to date when your best friend is the only person you ever want to be with.


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