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They fall into bed together"he disappears"she ends up pregnant"

Alex and Aspyn grew up and had mutual crushes on each other in high school but nothing ever came of it. Fast forward ten years and their ten year high school reunion ends with them falling into bed together.

Out of that one night comes Kadie, a sweet baby who starts her life without her daddy since Alex disappears off the face of the earth.

When he reappears"

Cowboy Baby Daddy is just one book in this secret baby romance compilation.Books by Author:Claire Adams Books

Chapter 1


I was a woman, not an airplane, so I wanted a sexy dress, something nice that showed off my body rather than something hideous with shoulders that looked like wings.

"I"m not really feeling any of these dresses from the "80s," I said with a laugh. I put the crazy shoulder pad outfit I"d been eyeing back on the rack.

"Well, they don"t have to be from the "80s or "90s, but that"s the reunion"s theme, Aspyn," Perri said. My best friend held up a teal strapless dress against her body, posing in front of a mirror while offering her best pouty-lipped expression. The look made me chuckle.

I didn"t quite get why our 10-year high school reunion"s theme was the "80s and "90s. We"d graduated from Livingston High in 2008. But I was willing to roll with it.

If anything, it"d be great to see people I"d lost touch with. Sure, social media was great, but I was surprised by how many people I still hadn"t heard from in years, even one from my old group.

Alex Kline.

Warmth spread through my body at the memory of his name. I"d had such a super crush on him in high school. That lopsided smile and that fit swimmer"s body. Oh, boy.

I sighed. The problem was we were never more than friends. Close friends even, but I"d always wanted more. Way more.

Alex was the only one in our group who had left town. He"d bagged himself a swimming scholarship to a school in Texas, of all places.

His dad had passed away while he was in college. Since his dad moved to Phoenix shortly after Alex started college, I didn"t get a chance to pay my respects or meet with Alex. Losing his dad took a lot out of him, I"d heard, and he"d ended up dropping out of college.

I didn"t know if he was coming to the reunion, but I dared to hope. And if he was, I wanted to make sure I was ready to wow him with a sexy dress that highlighted my good parts and hid my not-so-good parts.

I glanced over at the rack, shaking my head. There were plenty of decent dresses. They just weren"t good for me.

The first issue was that a lot of them seemed designed for tall, beanpole women. I was short and curvy. And the dresses that worked for my height didn"t work with my pale skin and dark hair.

My blonde friend, on the other hand, already looked like she"d found a good dress that fit her taller, leggier profile.

"We could try another store," I said, worry creeping into me. I didn"t want Alex to come and see me after 10 years just to catch me in something awful.

"I called around," Perri said. "This is the only consignment shop in town with more than a few "80s and "90s dresses. This is our best bet."

I was about to complain when I suddenly fell in love, not with Perri but with a dress: black, strapless, deep V to show off my assets. I didn"t know if it was all that "80s or "90s, but I did know I"d look damn sexy in it.

"Perri," I said, holding the dress up. "Look at this gorgeous thing!" The only thing that could make it better was a little midriff-baring so I could show off my belly button ring, but it"d still do. It"d more than do. I"d be a sexy seductress at our reunion.

I chilled at a sudden thought. What if Alex was married"

No, he couldn"t be. At least I hoped he couldn"t be. It seemed like I would have heard about that, but then again, I couldn"t be sure. I"d lost direct contact with him and had no idea what he was up to other than working construction in Texas, according to my friend Carl.

"Looking good, ladies," said a man from behind us. "Y"all done yet""

I spun to give him a piece of my mind, but then realized it was Carl. Speak of the devil.

He was another guy from our high school group, but unlike Alex, he"d stuck around town after high school. Also, unlike Alex, I never had any interest in him. Something about Carl was just too wholesome.

Was that wrong" I"m not saying I was a bad girl, but I liked my men with a little more heat and edge. Like Alex.

Now Perri, on the other hand, liked herself some Carl and then some. Well, sometimes. That is, it seemed like it depended on what month it was. Hot and cold, or whatever you wanted to call it.

She batted her eyelashes at him and held up her teal dress. "What do you think, Carl" Hot or not""

"I think you"ll look damn fine in that dress," Carl said. "Definitely hot."

She grinned. Guess they were more hot than cold.

"Oh, I almost forgot," he said. "The gang"s all gonna be back together again."


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