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I’ll work for my dad’s best friend but only if he teaches me everything.
He showed up with a $10,000 check to my party.
“For you, gorgeous,” he says, kissing me on the cheek.
I’ll never forget how his soft lips felt.
I can still smell that s*xy cologne.
He’s my dad’s hot best friend.
And when he hires me as his assistant, I decide he has to be my first.
I know the rules: Never fall for your employees.
And especially never think about f*cking Violet.
She’s my best friend’s daughter.
He trusted me to protect her from other men.
And I am jacking off in the shower thinking of her.
I’m the one staring at her taut curves.
I’m enjoying her company more than I should.
Well, I can sense trouble coming.
But first, I want to make her come.

70,000+ words in this standalone Billionaire and Virgin Secret Baby Romance.Books by Author:Amy Brent Books

Chapter 1: Cole

It always felt good to head out to the Hamptons. The stretch of the highway leaving the hustle and bustle of Manhattan felt like freedom"a much-needed break from the shit-show of a week at Crayton, Inc.

I rolled the windows down to enjoy the calm, and the late summer breeze rippled my hair as the road twisted around to the affluent Summers family"s home. The mansion sat on a sprawl of ten acres with a long and guarded driveway and a heated pool along the backside of the house. Rose bushes, Gloria"s favorite white roses, poked out of the iron gate that surrounded the entire property along with large willow and oak trees. It was beautiful, and as I expected, there was a great number of cars parked around the Summers" property.

I drove up to the gated fence. It was tempting to pull away, back up, and go to my Bayfront mansion a few miles south. My idea of spending Labor Day weekend was sitting alone in my house with a bottle of whiskey, but after turning down every event Gloria and Alan invited me to because of some work conflict or other, I had to deal with it this time. Alan Summers was the only true friend I had left in the world after the past fifteen years of my life. I could deal with all the fake smiles that would greet me.

I pushed the button on the intercom box.

"Summers residence," a male voice spoke briskly. "Only guests on the list are invited in. No photographers or reporters."

"It"s Cole Crayton," I said.

"Please drive in, sir. Mind the gate as it closes."

The gate buzzed open a second later. I pulled up the paved driveway as the gate swung closed behind me. I stopped alongside Alan"s gold Escalade that was parked in front of the detached garage. The mansion"s door opened as I climbed out of the car. I was glad to be off the hot leather seat after driving for a few hours. I turned to greet Alan with a smile as he walked up.

"I"m glad you could make it," Alan said. "The drive up here a bitch with all the traffic""

"It wasn"t bad. Cheryl had me out of the office at a decent time to beat most of it."

Alan clasped my shoulder tightly. "I"m glad that you"re here. I can"t stand these dickwads that come along with Gloria"s friends."

I grinned at that. "Hence, why you were in the house when I rolled up""

"Exactly." He returned the grin. "There"s a bottle of whiskey with your name on it too, in my study."

The foyer was polished and clean when I followed Alan inside. The smell of barbecued chicken floated through the air as I trailed Alan up the spiraling staircase to the second floor where his office was. Years ago, Alan had sold his investment firm to another eager CEO. Now, he managed high-end clients from his home in the Hamptons. Most people would be jealous. A home in the Hamptons" Great. A stay-at-home job that pays for the home in the Hamptons" People would kill for that opportunity.

It sounded like a fucking nightmare to me, though. I liked my office in Manhattan. It was separated from my home life, even though I didn"t have much of one anymore. That was one of the main reasons why I declined Alan"s invitations throughout the year. I didn"t want to feel that fucked up sense of loneliness.

A bottle of whiskey sat on the edge of Alan"s desk. I picked it up with a grin and gladly accepted a glass when he offered one. Pouring us both a hefty amount, I clinked my glass against his with a sigh. "To my one and only good friend in the world."

"Cheers to that," Alan said, eyes studying me as he took a sip. "How"s business going""

I let my eyes close in pleasure at the taste. "Fine. I have my VP in charge while I"m away in case there are any emergencies."

"You need a break. I can see even more gray hair than the last time." He chuckled.

"Funny," I said. "I see gray in your hair, too, old man."

Alan shrugged. "Let"s face it. Women don"t look at us the same way anymore. Fuck. Even Gloria played the diet card on me this morning."

He patted the slight gut that protruded over his belt. I took another drink to mask my amusement. There was no doubt in my mind that Gloria and Alan were soulmates. They both loved each other with a passion that would make even teenagers blush. It was sickening at times. It also made it much harder for me to talk about the string of women I enjoyed every week, now that my divorce was finalized. That counted as a healthy exercise in my opinion. I needed a good balance between relaxation and work. So far, having a woman in my bed once a week helped lower my blood pressure. I could get through the week without wanting to tear one of my employee"s heads off.


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