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Dane Andersen is my dad"s enemy.
It"s too bad because the gorgeous billionaire"s promised to teach me everything he knows.

Hey Readers " This scorching hot story will make your heart race and your senses tingle. As always, expect a satisfying HEA where our sassy, feisty heroine nabs her sexy alpha male. :) Love, Katie and SarahBooks by Author:Katie Ford BooksSarah May Books

Chapter One


"Allie! Breakfast is on the table, get down here this instant!"

The harsh sound of my mother"s voice makes me flinch.

"I"m coming!" I call in response. Holding my breath, I lean my ear against the door to hear if Mom has anything else to say, but thankfully, I"m met with nothing but the sound of her footsteps padding down the stairs.

This is it. Today"s the day that"s going to change the rest of my life. I swallow nervously and pad across my huge bedroom. I"m still not used to all the space I have to myself " this room is bigger than the master suite was at our old house.

But Dad"s company has been doing well, and he"s been able to sell software at a very high price to lots of businesses and individuals alike. I don"t know specifics about the numbers, really, but Mom and Dad were convinced that striking it rich meant that we needed a new house.

I"m too embarrassed to tell either of my parents that I actually got lost in our mansion the first day we lived here. But today isn"t the day for me to dwell on these thoughts. I have to put myself in a professional mindset because I have an interview today with a security company called Lockdown. If I land this internship, it"s going to be a major coup " I"ll be set for the summer, and neither Mom nor Dad will be able to bug me about "making good use of my time."

With a nervous gulp, I open my closet and stare into the unfamiliar abyss of clothing. This giant new house hasn"t been the only recent change in my life. When Dad got lucky with his software, Mom had all of my clothes thrown out. She said my old stuff made me look like I was wearing rags, which was inappropriate for the daughter of a CEO. Honestly, just the memories make me flush awkwardly. I"d come home to find an empty closet and a stern-looking seamstress standing with my mother in the kitchen.

"It"s not fitting for a girl of your size to go around in shapeless sacks," Mom had said curtly. "Theresa will take your measurements for your new custom wardrobe."

At the time, it had been humiliating as heck as both Mom and Theresa eyed my curves with disapproval. But now I find myself feeling grateful. I definitely need to impress the people at Lockdown, and I know that you don"t get a second chance at a first impression.

I reach out and pluck a black pencil skirt from a cushiony satin hanger. Struggling a little, I pull down my pajama bottoms and yank the skirt up my curvy hips. It fits, thank god " the zipper slips up smoothly. There"s a violet silk blouse in the closet too, but I worry that it might not be conservative enough. Instead, I choose a white cotton shirt that wraps around and ties on the side with a bow. I remember the seamstress telling me that this is a very flattering look for big girls because it creates the illusion of a waist.

I strip out of my pajama top and throw it to the floor before pulling on a bra and clasping it in the front. By the time my blouse is on and tied, I"m flushed and a little damp with sweat. I take a deep breath and wipe my forehead with one of my clammy hands " I just wish that I could stop feeling so nervous!

"Allie, I"m not going to call you again!" my mother yells. "We"re waiting! Get down here!"

My cheeks flush bright red and I grab a pair of black heels from the floor of the closet before darting out of my room and heading down the large spiral staircase. Mom says she had it designed in the shape of a seashell, which is probably something she saw in one of the high society magazines she"s always reading now.

"Coming," I call. "Something smells amazing!"

When I step into the dining room, I see my father sitting at the head of the table. He"s wearing his bifocals and squinting down at the Wall Street Journal.

"Good morning, Daddy," I say nervously. "Did you sleep well"

My father grunts in my general direction before folding his paper and setting it down on the table. Before I can ask anything else, my mother comes in and takes a seat next to my father at the table.

"Hi, Mom," I say. "Sorry, I had a hard time picking out what to wear."

My mother looks at me and raises an eyebrow. "That was precisely the point of your new wardrobe," she replies in a chilly voice. "So you wouldn"t have these issues in the mornings."

"Yes, but today is special," I say simply. "You know I have my interview today."


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