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From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a new MM standalone novel!

I"m used to being in charge.
In the courtroom. In life. In the bedroom.
But then I met him.

He brings me literally to my knees.

Handsome. Charismatic. Sexy as hell.
He"s everything I desperately crave to possess.

I"m burning to get him beneath me just to have a taste.
Turns out, though, one taste isn"t enough.
And he"s starved for me too.

Two alphas fighting for dominance.
He thrives on control and I can"t give it up.

A battle of wills.
The bedroom is the battlefield and our hearts are on the line.Books by Author:K. Webster Books

Missy DeMarco winks at me from the other end of the bar, and all I can manage is a slight nod of my head. I"m fucking stupid, really. The girl likes to suck dick and has even mentioned she"s down for anal. And yet"my head"s just not there. You"d think my forty-seven-year-old almost-divorced ass would be into nailing twenty-something blondes with big shiny lips. Instead, I find myself dragging my gaze back to my tumbler filled with amber liquid. I drain my glass and count down the minutes until I can leave this lame-ass party.

Except leaving the firm"s Christmas party when you"re the managing partner would be highly frowned upon. Not to mention, I"m sure that little tidbit of information would get back to Janice. Shame on me for thinking that after twenty-six years of marriage, she"d show a little kindness my way. Not Janice. She"s been a super cunt ever since I said, "I do." When she filed for divorce a few months ago, I knew my life was over. The over-botoxed snob has been trying to bankrupt me ever since.

Thank fuck I"m an attorney. If I were just some run-of-the-mill stupid sap, Janice would have already screwed me so hard I wouldn"t be able to sit for years. But I know her bitch ways and I"ve been able to preempt every one of her attempts to ruin me.

"I"ll have whatever he"s having," a deep voice booms. "And put it on his tab."

I snort and swivel around to see which asshole is trying to sour my mood even more. When I get a good look at a young guy dressed as Santa, I crack a smile, despite myself. The guy, who can"t be any older than twenty, is tall and broad-shouldered. It"s the smirk on his face that has me shaking my head in a humorous manner.

"The bad girls are that way, Santa," I say with a grunt, and nod toward where Missy and some of the other paralegals from the office are babbling about God only knows what to my colleagues, who only seem interested in their tits.

Santa chuckles as he sits down on the stool beside me. The bartender hands us our drinks before heading over to someone waving him down. My gaze is pulled back in Santa"s direction when he tugs off his cap to run his fingers through his messy light brown hair, that"s wild and overgrown. He sets the hat on the bar top and regards me with an impish grin.

"Thanks for the drink, buddy," he says and holds his glass out to me.

The man"s brown eyes are sharp and intelligent despite his fucking stupid Christmas outfit. I don"t even know him and I know everyone who works at our firm. He must have come with someone as a guest, or perhaps he"s someone staying at this hotel who"s decided to crash the party.

"Dane," I grunt and clink my glass to his.

"Nick," he replies and leans on his elbow to watch Missy and the gang. I can hear her giggles all the way over here and can"t help but cringe.

"Like St. Nick"" I question with a lifted brow. "Clever."

His attention darts back to mine and he shrugs. "Something like that." When he starts working at the buttons on the front of his red suit, I find myself fixated on his strong fingers. He pulls off the jacket and tosses it on the bar. "Fuck, it"s hot in here."

I admire his physique. His white T-shirt is molded to his sculpted chest. I"ve always tried to maintain my body. Hell, it was one of the things Janice would always bitch about. "You work out too much," as if staying fit was a bad thing. I pinch the bridge of my nose and attempt to block out thoughts of her. Even on the verge of finalizing our divorce, she"s still controlling my every thought and action.

"We"ll have another," Nick hollers to the bartender. "This one"s on me. My friend here is having a bad day." He reaches forward and squeezes my shoulder. Awareness prickles through me.

Don"t go there, Dane.

Last time I let those feelings get ahold of me, I almost lost my best friend.

"Want to talk about it"" he questions, dragging me from my self-loathing.

I scrub at my scruffy face with one hand and shake my head. "Not really. Why are you over here talking to me anyway"" I turn to see one of Missy"s friends making eyes at Nick. "Cassia would love for you to talk to her."

When I look back at him, his lips twitch in amusement, and I find myself staring at them for longer than necessary. Goddammit, Dane. Get your head out of your ass.

"Cassia already tried to talk to me," he says with a groan. "And by talking, I mean, she stuck her hand down the front of my pants and gripped my cock. Told me she"d been a bad little girl."


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