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In public, I’m as crisp and smooth as an apple made of ice.
But in private… I’m burning up with lust.
And it’s all thanks to her: Cora Bradbury.
Her red hair smells like cinnamon, her wild curves have just as much spice. She’s supposed to be an intern at my company but she acts like her real job is making my pants too tight.
I’d love to show her how dangerous it is to flirt with me…
But she’s the daughter of my best friend and co-worker.
Touching Cora would cause a scandal that would throw everything I’ve worked for into the garbage. My enemies would jump at the chance to ruin me.
So I know better than to go near this barely eighteen year old.
I think I can control myself. I’m sure I’ll stay strong.
Until we’re left alone in my office late one night.
Then I find out just how spicy Cora really is.Books by Author:Penny Wylder Books


U sually I hate Mondays , but the redhead sitting in reception might just change my mind. Not many people make it up to the executive reception area on the twenty-fifth floor, even fewer are incredibly attractive women. She"s wearing a dress that clings to her in all the right places"of which she has many"flipping through a folder. I should stop staring at her and go to the meeting with my business partner that I"m late for, but chances are this is the best view I"m going to have all day so I decide to savor it for a few more precious seconds.

A moment before I step away, she looks up to catch me glancing down at her legs. I watch as her eyes drift from mine down the length of my body and back, and when her gaze meets mine again, there"s a faint smile on her face. She arches an eyebrow as if she"s daring me to keep looking, and as she does, she leans forward, allowing me to see down her dress to the generous swell of cleavage within. The sight makes my pants uncomfortably tight, and I shift so that it"s less obvious. She has a smirk on her face that tells me she knows exactly what she"s doing and loving it. Which is"intriguing.

A glance at the clock on the wall tells me if I don"t move Jack is going to use it as an excuse for me to buy drinks at happy hour all week long, as well as busting my ass, even if it is good-natured. I give the redhead a small smile and head down the hallway to his office, filing away her image in my mind for later. Hopefully I"ll see her again. Jack Warner has been my closest friend for the last ten years, and as long as I"ve known him, people being late is one of the things he hates the most. Or maybe he just hates it when I"m late. Which is why I generally try not to be. I think he"ll understand when I tell him about the red bombshell in reception. Hell, he"ll probably walk straight out of the office to take a look himself.

I tap my knuckle on the doorframe as I walk into his corner office. Mine is in the opposite corner, and sometimes it feels like we"re in different universes. Jack looks up, a glare on his face. I serve that look right back to him. "I"m not that late."

"You do realize that "late" is a thing you are or you aren"t. There is no "that late.""

I chuckle as I sit down into my favorite chair in his office. "I do since you say it every fucking time."

He sighs, resigned. "Fine, I have just a couple things. But first," he says as he pushes the intercom on his phone, "Liz, send Cora in, will you""

"Cora"" I ask.

"Our new intern," Jack says, nodding to the door.

Seconds later, the redhead from reception appears in the door and damn that dress looks even better now that she"s standing. Cora . I have a flash of the two of us twined together and what it would feel like to have that silky material under my hands, peeling it off her shoulders. I snap back to myself as Jack stands, coming around the desk to stand with her.

"Michael," he says, "this is Cora Bradbury, she"ll be our intern for the rest of the summer. She"ll be a senior at University of Houston in the fall and she"s also my daughter."

I do a double take, having lost myself in imagining my hands in her hair while she moans my name. I feel the surprise register on my face. "Jack, I"ve known you for more than ten years. I didn"t know you had a daughter."

"It"s not a long story," he says, looking a little sheepish. "I never knew about her. Cora"s mother never told me, and I only found out a couple of years back when Cora reached out to me. Cora is a computer science major and we wanted to get to know each other better. An internship seemed like the perfect opportunity."

I nod, turning back to Cora and holding out my hand. "It does seem perfect. My apologies Cora, I"m very happy to have you here." I can"t help but notice how soft her hands are as she shakes mine, or imagine them other places. Shit. It would just be my luck that she"s Jack"s daughter. It"s been longer than I"d ever admit to anyone since I"ve been with someone that mattered. Sure, there have been women, but they"re never my guest for more than a night. I keep telling myself that I"m going to invest more, find someone, but I don"t. Somehow there"s always work to be done and other things occupying my thoughts. That is until Cora was sitting in reception and I stopped and looked .


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