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I suck at bedside manner, and this small town is driving me [email protected] crazy.
Until Charlie walks into my exam room.
The picture-perfect small-town girl.
Ebony hair, full curves, and virginity all wrapped up in one irresistible package.
I"m rude, arrogant, and I say whatever I want.
We couldn"t be more opposite.
And I couldn"t be more turned on.
We have one week together before my job takes me to another state.
So I"ll play the good doctor.
Check her pulse with my stethoscope.
Make her say AHHH with my large tongue depressor.
Now, she"s carrying a secret.
Our secret.
It could ruin her in this small town and cost me my career.
But I"ll be damned if I"ll let her carry it alone.Books by Author:Kira Blakely Books

Chapter 1


This chick had a walk that could set the world on fire.

Good thing I was flameproof.

I held the door to my office open and observed her. Shy, sweet, raven curls framed her heart-shaped face, and sapphire eyes sparkled back at me. She was an angel. A fucking angel.

She swayed by me, her blue cotton dress with a little toothpaste stain on the strap. A temptation all by itself. So natural, no makeup, and a slight pink tinge to her cheeks.

"Take a seat," I said, and gestured to the chair in front of the mahogany desk. The desk that wasn"t my desk.

My visit to Summit Springs had been inspired by my mother. A short stopover to visit her before I headed out to Alaska the next morning, and somehow, this had happened. Doctor Henman was a family friend, and my mom knew how to twist my arm.

"Please, darling, his patients need your help. I know it"s not delivering babies, but it"s still people." Her beseeching tone swam through my memory.

It was a favor, and I"d be on my way in the morning. No big deal.

I could handle a couple rich hypochondriacs. But can you handle her"

I shut the office door with a click and the woman, the one who had my dick twitching for attention, jerked in her seat.

She"d jerk like that on my cock too. Couple it with a moan. Maybe a soft sigh or ten.

Jesus, down boy.

This never happened.

I"d never been great with people. A couple of my colleagues had compared me to that dude from House"code for "you"re an asshole."

Women" that was another story. They were putty in my hands, but I didn"t play often.

No time for bullshit relationships and fuck-ups.

I circled the desk and sat down opposite her and flicked open the folder Natalie, Doctor Henman"s receptionist, had placed on my desk.

Finally, the angel raised her head and caught my gaze. She sucked in a breath, eyes widened. "Hey-lo," she said.

"Halo"" I asked.

"What" No, I"hello, I meant. It was"I tried to say hey and hello at the same time." Two pink spots appeared in her cheeks.

Fucking adorable. Dangerously adorable. I tightened up all over and forced the thoughts away. Get a grip, dickhead. You"re a professional. "Well, heylo to you, too," I said. "What seems to be the problem Miss"Stinson""

"Charlie," she said, and dragged her teeth across that plump bottom lip. "Charlie, please."

Vague recognition flitted through my thoughts and off again. A memory from the party I"d attended last night, but no, it couldn"t be.

"I, this is a really sensitive subject for me, Doctor Henman."

"Pope," I said. "Houston Pope. Henman"s got appendicitis." All the words came out tight and rough. If the fucker hadn"t come down with it, I wouldn"t be here. I"d be delivering babies in Alaska, jump-starting a sharp upswing in my career trajectory " it"d taken me five months to get a license there, for fuck"s sake.

"Oh, Doctor Pope, OK," she said. "I didn"t think to ask. Oh, that"s not important." She came over all pink again. Pink as a rose, pink as those lips. Fuck it, pink as her cunt would be after I"d finished with her.

Don"t! I distracted myself, focused on the picture of Henman"s happy little family on the desk. Him, his wife, and their grinning kid. A happy family. Just like the one I"d never had and never would.

I inhaled through my teeth, forced a smile that probably came off wolfish. "What is important, Charlie"" I asked, and switched my attention to the file and the notes within, again. It was her first time at the doctor"s in this tiny, rich ass town. "You still haven"t told me why you"re in my office. And it seems you haven"t told the receptionist, either."

"I, OK. Well, I want a prescription for the pill."

Fuck. Me.

That shouldn"t turn me on, but it did. She wanted the pill. She wanted to fuck. No, no, that"s not necessarily true. Maybe she has acne.

Yeah, in her twenties, smooth-skinned and fucking gorgeous, but the pill was for acne.

Deductive powers of a genius, Pope.

"I see," I replied, at last. "That"s simple enough." I opened Henman"s drawer and withdrew his pad, grabbed a pen from the holder on the edge of the desk.

"It"s not like that," she said, her voice strangled up.

"Like what""

Charlie worked her hands in her lap, scrunched up the dress and released it, scrunched and released it. "I"m not, I don"t want the pill because I"m some crazed sex maniac. I"ve never done anything like that before. I just want it because""

"You don"t have to tell me," I replied, and waved the pen at her. "I don"t want to know."

She stiffened, and this time it was redness that spread across her d"colletage, up her neck, and onto her face. A rash of anger, no doubt.

"Oh," Charlie said.


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