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Jude and Reagan Titan’s story continues in Dirty Defiance by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss and Brenda Rothert.Books by Author:Chelle Bliss BooksBrenda Rothert Books



I strain my wrists against the tension of the nylon rope binding them together. They don"t move at all, which is no surprise.

My husband learned how to tie knots in the military, and he learned well. I think the only thing he"s more expert in is my body. His large hand is reminding me of that now as he trails it up my inner thigh, leaving a scorching ache in its wake.

"Miss me, Reagan"" His deep voice is raspy with desire.

He knows damn well I missed him, but this is our new game. And damned if it doesn"t make me hotter than anything ever has before.

"Yes." It"s more of a whimper than a word.

I don"t whimper. At least, I didn"t until I married Jude Titan. He brings things out of me, though, and he glories in doing it.

"Hmm." He shakes his head and runs his palm back down my thigh, making me whine with disappointment. "I hardly even heard you. You must not have missed me much."

"I did." My eyes widen as I blurt it out. "I missed you so fucking much, Jude. Touch me."

A smile quirks at the corner of his lips. "You want me to touch you""

"Jude"" Annoyance tinges my voice.

Before he walked in the door a few minutes ago, he"d been gone for nearly three weeks on a work trip. Now that he"s running for governor, we don"t get as much time for anything anymore. Even sex.

"Taking a tone with me"" He arches a brow with amusement. "I told you to expect this. Remember when you sent me that photo of your fingers in your pussy last week""

I try not to smile, but it"s so hard. He"d told me he was about to walk into a big fundraising dinner meeting over the phone, and I"d sent him the photo as soon as we hung up. He"d sent a growly response about having a hard-on and getting back at me.

And my body had heated in response to those words. Our games are torture for me, but it"s a delicious torture I crave.

"I remember," I manage, sucking in a breath as his fingertips graze over my bare rib cage.

He"d told me to be naked when he walked in the door, and I had been"and spread-eagled on our bed to boot. But after letting his dark gaze sweep me up and down as he stepped out of his shoes and took off his tie, he"d told me to get up.

Moving painfully slowly, he"d taken the neatly wound red nylon ropes from a dresser drawer and drawn his gaze up and down me yet again, his charcoal dress pants tented with his erection.

I"d expected a fast, hard fuck. My body had been ready for that. But he"d left me, nipples hard and pussy wet, making me stand facing him in front of a chest of drawers, where he"d made me spread my feet apart so he could bind each of my ankles to a leg of the dark bureau.

And now I stand here, legs open, nipples still hard and pussy still very wet, as he taunts me.

"I"m at a disadvantage, babe," he says in a low tone, unbuttoning the top button of his white dress shirt. His eyes are locked on mine as he slowly moves to the second one. "The other men I travel with can look at the female lobbyists with legs for days. They can spend the night with the women we meet at events who throw themselves at us. But me"" He shakes his head slightly as he reaches the fifth button of his shirt.

I swallow hard, my body practically throbbing with awareness of him. He"s several feet away, but I caught a note of his body wash when he was tying me up, and I can still smell it. My body knows that scent"it means desire so powerful I have no choice but to give in.

The corners of his lips quirk up a little. He knows what he"s doing to me right now.

"I can"t do any of that," he continues in that low, confident tone I fell in love with when he was my opponent for the Senate seat he now holds. "Because I know I already have the sexiest, smartest, most breathtaking woman waiting for me at home. Other women don"t compare. Only you can satisfy me, Reagan. Only my wife."

I lick my lips and strain against the rope on my wrists again, to no avail. My hands are staying bound at the small of my back until Jude decides otherwise.

"That"s right," I say, pushing my chest out slightly. "So get over here and let me do it. Untie me so we can fuck."

"Yeah"" His smile slides away, and his eyes darken with hunger. "That does sound good right now. I could just pick you up and slide you up and down on my dick until I come inside that hot little pussy."


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