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She"s Louisiana"s finest, and she just moved in next door.
Right when I was getting ready to leave this shit hole.

I could mop her up like a buttermilk biscuit.

Love was the last thing on my mind.
But just what this doctor needed.
She"s on a mission to fix up her old family house.
And I know just how to use a hammer.
Must"ve been fate that she"d fall off a ladder and land right on top of me.
We were in lust the moment we touched.
But Becca doesn"t want "long-term."
She"s hiding scars and carrying baggage a mile long.
And when her past shows up to haunt her, I"ll prescribe just the right antidote.
The woman I never wanted. A neighbor I could love forever.

And the mother I knew she could be.
Well, maybe I"ll hang around for a bit.Books by Author:Olivia Rush Books

Chapter 1


My cock pressed against the inside of my jeans, hard as rock.

This was the first time I"d seen her. Hadn"t even spoken yet.

My new next-door neighbor balanced on the top rung of a rickety wooden ladder and fiddled with one of the eaves on the Starr house. Adorable squeaks and grunts escaped her"didn"t help the growing "situation" downstairs"and her long dark hair swayed with each tug.

She was in cutoff jeans, her tan legs long and shapely, her ass"fuck it, "dat ass""was priceless. A work of fucking art. Her skin glowed and glistened with sweat in the Louisiana summer sunshine.

What are you, a goddamn perv" So much for the friendly neighborhood doctor gig. Damn, boy, relax.

I readjusted the situation downstairs, my curiosity growing faster than my dick, and walked toward the front gate that hung on one hinge. The Starr house had been in a state for a long time, ever since the elderly couple who"d lived there had moved out and away.

Apparently, the new owner had been left with the remains"broken shutters, busted-up eaves, and a front door that looked like it"d seen its fair share of mildew and better days.

I opened the gate and stepped onto the short, stepping-stone path that led up to the front stairs, and paused.

My neighbor sighed and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, ain"t this a bitch," she muttered.

I held back a snort. An ass like that and a smart mouth. Cute. And totally what I"m not interested in right now. But, that didn"t stop me from helping out. I strode forward and halted at the base of the ladder in the long grass.

"You need some help"" I asked.

The sex-cat let out a shriek and hopped on the spot. The ladder wobbled, and she fumbled with it, her left foot sliding backward into space. She fell from the sky like a goddamn angel, and I stepped forward, arms outstretched, and caught her.

If I"d been mesmerized before, it was nothing compared to now.

Bright, baby-blue eyes, cushiony lips parted ever so slightly in shock"she was stunning. A fine nose with a smattering of freckles across it and eyebrows that were on the thick side. No makeup.

She stared at me, and I stared right the fuck back, the erection I"d barely gotten under control raging now.

"Ho," she said.

"Huh"" Did she just call me a slut" It couldn"t have been further from the damn truth"divorce papers signed this morning on the only serious relationship I"d had. The one where my ex had cheated. The irony amused me. "I"m a ho"" I asked.

Her cheeks flushed. "Ho"I mean, no. I mean" hello."

My gaze shifted from her eyes to that refined nose, down to her lips, and then lower to her slender neck and the slopes of her breasts pressing out from under her camisole, and back up again. She was even redder. I was even harder. "Hello," I replied, a growl in my voice.

"Thanks for catching me," she said and squirmed in my arms. "Not thanks for scaring the bejesus out of me."

"It was my pleasure."

"Which" The scaring or the catching""

"Everything so far."

She squirmed again, and it was fucking torture. The side of her right breast rubbed against my chest, her thick ass did the same against my arm. "Stop it," I said.

She stiffened. "Then put me down. In case you haven"t noticed, we"ve been standing here like this for the past two minutes. It"s kinda awkward."

Kinda" Well, shit. I let her down gently, and she planted the heel of her sneaker on the bridge of mine. Pain screeched through my foot"old injury from my college football days"and I grunted, stepped back.

Angelface lost her balance all over again. She dipped backward with another adorable shriek. I looped an arm around her waist, quick as a flash. "I"ve got y""

But I didn"t have her. The momentum carried us both over and we landed in the grass next to the legs of the damn ladder that had started all of this. She was below, gripping my back, pulling me into her. I was on top, one arm braced beside her head, the other trapped beneath her firm, supple body.

My dick pressed into her softness, right against the front of her cutoff jeans.

Her eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open again, but no words came.

Christ, she smelled good. Like fucking rose petals or something. Feminine, sweet, and soft. It"d been months since I"d touched a woman, and this was my first test. A woman who had the power to break through all the goals I"d set for myself.

Leave Stoneport behind. Start a new life at the practice in Vermont. Forget the past year ever happened. Fuck it, I had all my moving boxes set up next door. But all the goals disappeared, replaced by images of our bodies tangled up in each other.

Her legs wrapped around my waist.


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