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Two hot surgeons.
Four expert hands.
The possibilities are endless.

It was my first day at work as a nurse.
I tried to be professional.
Care for the patients. Learn from the doctors.
But I just couldn’t concentrate.
My two new bosses were hot as hell.
Dangerously sinful.
By lunch time, they had me blushing.
By the afternoon, they had me begging.
I really shouldn’t… right"
I’m supposed to look after the patients, not the surgeons.
But I want them.
Both of them.
Me in the middle.
Writhing and moaning.
So tonight after work, when the doctors order me to remove my clothing…
I’ll do my best not to disappoint.

Do I have to choose"
Or is a throuple relationship just what the doctor ordered…

Double Doctors is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words.

Candy Stone. [email protected] romance for good girls.Books by Author:Candy Stone Books

Chapter 1


"I"m a plastic surgeon."

And, just like that, I had her.

She was the one leading me by the wrist into the bathroom. It had been the third thing I told her, off-hand. I didn"t know her name, I didn"t know her eye color, and I didn"t know one fucking thing about her. And yet, how much did I have to know about her, other than she was a hot blonde, whose body I really wanted to meet" Well while you"re at it, ask her name at least, asshole. Say something nice to her.

I shoved her to the wall, and kept her there with my kisses. Her skin tasted like banana cream pie, although I resisted the urge to ask. Talking led to questions, which led to stalling. I"d gotten what I wanted, why waste time with more chit-chat" Jesus, when did I get to be such an ass"

Although already, this hook-up was not as hot as I might have wanted. Bathroom girl was clearly into it, she was groaning like I was already in her, after all. But her body was limp, as if waiting for me to do what I wanted. And yet, when her hands snaked for my package, I grabbed them, lifted them over her head and held them there. She needed to understand"I"d be fucking her at my pace, not hers. And, if I was being perfectly honest, for most of these hookups, by this time I was critical as fuck. I couldn"t remember the last time I"d been pleasantly surprised by a one-night bar stranger. Come on, admit it. Where women were concerned, I was a self-centered dick.

As my tongue explored her mouth, my hands explored her body. She tasted like vodka and felt creamy. I kissed my way down her body, my lips following the path my hands were tracing. First the long slick neck, then the silky pink camisole, then the short leather skirt, then the legs"

Her hands grabbed my face"I"d let them go in my haste. Now she was ramming her tongue down my throat. Just then I reached up her skirt and pulled down. Her black lacy G-string fell to the floor and she let out a pleased sigh.

That was when the bathroom stall door flew open. A girl, her freckled cheeks bright red with embarrassment, raced by and out the door. I watched her go with a slight pang. Maybe she could have joined us.

We both laughed. Bathroom girl turned my head so it was facing her. Her fake-nailed hands went for my package, and this time I let her. She fumbled a bit with the buttons of my jeans, the ones I jokingly called my "chastity pants." I spanked her. Dude, most people would have the good graces to be horrified or at least embarrassed right now. What"s wrong with you" Now there"s a question I don"t have nearly enough time to answer. Besides, if I knew, I wouldn"t still be living like this. I might have a wife, two kids and a dog by now. Hells-bells, somebody shoot me now.

"Faster," I growled, trying to turn off the voice in my head.

She paused to narrow her"brown, they were brown, right""eyes, in an expression of sassy defiance. I took those glossed-up lips and shoved my tongue in between them.

By now, my hands had found their way up her waist, up to her tits. One camisole strap down and then the other. And then, wow.

My first thought upon seeing her tits held precariously by a glittery bra, was that they couldn"t be real. My second thought was"who the fuck cares! They were ridiculously big and jiggly. The poor girl was still working on the buttons of my jeans, although I hardly cared. Right now, I had much bigger"pun intended"things to concern myself with.

And oh, what big beautiful things they were. When I finally reached around and unhooked her bra, there was a beautiful second of anticipation where the thing hung there. Then I swiped my fingers into the strap, pulling it off of her and" there they were. Two jiggling mounds of perfection. I had been right, of course. Takes one to know one after all. Not to mention that anything too good to be true, usually is. But fuck"what fucking glorious orbs of fake perfection they were. You"d think a man in your profession would have a more discerning eye and not act like an adolescent obsessed with gigantic tits.

My lips shot to her breast. Around and around the nipple my sucking nibbling lips circled, drawing nearer and nearer. Her shrill moans grew louder. When my mouth finally closed on that perfectly pink nipple, her whole body sagged down a little. Down enough for my hand to slide up her thigh. Stroking, higher and higher and then, gotcha. Her pussy was just as wet as I"d expected.


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