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I gave my submission to two dominant men. And now I"m carrying their baby.

I"m usually a good girl.
But that night, I learned just how bad I can be.
I let myself be dominated by two s*xy, commanding men.
Before long, we were alone in a room – the three of us, me on my knees, blindfolded, my wrists gently tied above my head.
For one night, I gave myself to them completely and whole heartedly and it was pure bliss.
Now I"m pregnant and in the worst possible dilemma.
I don"t know which dom is the father.

The Doms:
Kylie"s submission was the sweetest we"ve ever tasted.
Together we claimed her, we owned her, we [email protected] her.
But we never intended to get her pregnant.
She wants to raise the baby on her own.
We won"t let her slip away.
Her body and soul are ours to touch, to command, to dominate. We"ll give her everything she ever desires.
And now that our secret is out, we"re all in a hell of danger.
Our submissive needs our protection and we won"t let her get away.
We"re not going to stop until she and our baby are safe.

Double Doms is a novel of 80000 words. It contains menage scenes and light BD$M. It’s safe at all times and all about her.Books by Author:Tia Siren BooksCandy Stone Books

Chapter 1


I stood outside of my apartment door, fiddling with my keys in the dark hallway. The girl with me leaned against the wall and flipped through her phone, giggling at whatever it was she was looking at. I shot her a glance that had irritation written all over it. This complex housed more than one of the professors at the school, and though I was a professor, too, it was my first year, and I didn"t want to give myself a bad reputation. In my line of business, almost everything revolved around your reputation. It was late on a Thursday night, so almost everyone would be asleep, but I could never be too careful.

Thursday night was my favorite night out at the bars. All the graduate students came out. The girls were hot, old enough to drink, and most of them were completely bewitched at the idea of hooking up with one of the professors. I had picked up Vanessa, a twenty-three-year-old accounting student and brought her back to my place. She was incredibly sexy and followed instruction well, making me think she might make the perfect submissive, something incredibly hard to find these days. I was pretty sure I remembered her from one of my classes when I was assisting the year before, but I wasn"t positive. There were a ton of hot girls floating around the campus, and after a while, they all kind of melted together. If she had been in the class, that meant I remembered her, which was a good thing since I tended to shrug off most women, none of them capable of fully satisfying my want for a submissive.

Now, I wasn"t one of those people completely absorbed in the world of BDSM, but I liked the lighter stuff, and I really liked it when a girl bent to my will. It was hard to find a girl who was submissive and hot. This girl, though, she had long red hair, curves in all the right places, and a pair of fake tits you wouldn"t normally find on these ivy league girls. She was smart but flighty, and I needed her to focus. I needed her to do exactly what I told her so I could turn her into that hot submissive I was looking for. That was the original intent, at least. At that moment, though, I was more concentrated on the fact that she was young and hot, and she had a mouth on her I could already imagine sucking me off.

We got inside, and she looked around, obviously impressed with the place that I was staying in. Most professors waited a few years to rent one of the more expensive apartments close by, but I wanted to impress, and I felt if I lived the life completely, my success would come to me sooner. My goal was to be the youngest tenured professor in the university"s history. It was just my first year, but I was good at playing the game and keeping the secrets.

"Come on," I said, snapping my fingers as I walked toward the bedroom.

I closed the door behind us and took off my tie and jacket, unbuttoning my top two buttons and situating myself on the bed. I leaned up against the headboard and looked up at her standing there on the floor. She looked timid but not scared, and I wanted to see what I could get her to do.

"Take your clothes off real slow," I said watching her.

She smiled coyly and put her purse on the table. She reached up and started unbuttoning her shirt, looking up at me every few seconds. Her body was amazing, and I wasn"t feeling like wasting any time.

"Faster," I demanded in a monotone voice.

She pulled her shirt off and dropped it on the floor. I reached up and took my shirt and pants off, lying in my boxer briefs and rubbing my growing hard-on through the fabric. She dropped her tight little skirt to the floor and stood looking at me in thigh-high stockings and matching black lace bra and panties. She reached back and unhooked her bra, letting her perfectly sculpted tits bounce out. She reached for her panties.

"Leave them on," I said. "Crawl toward me."

She walked forward, crawling across the bed and reaching her hand toward my cock. I shook my head and pushed it away, patting the bed next to me. She smiled and lay down on the bed, watching as I turned and ran my hand up her thigh and to the edge of her panties. She closed her eyes and licked her lips as my fingers trickled right under the edge of them. She was wet, and it turned me on knowing she wanted me. Normally, I would take my time, but with the whiskey coursing through my veins, I was feeling a bit impatient.


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