Embers (Dark in You #4) ~ Page 2

Nonetheless, I"ll be there. On another note, how"s your ass"

She almost flushed at the memory of him spanking it earlier as he"d fucked her from behind. A little tingly. Sensing his smugness, she felt her lips thin. You shouldn"t like the idea.

I"m just remembering what a pretty shade of pink your ass turned.

To describe Knox as "highly sexual" would be an understatement. Dominant and demanding with psychic hands that could deliver phenomenal orgasms, he was a total rock star in the bedroom. He was also as sensually lethal as he was physically lethal.

"You go to the party," said Lou. "I"ll babysit Asher."

Harper held up her finger. "Okay, first of all, you will never babysit Asher; we"ve gone over this before""

"How can you not trust me with him""

"Was that a trick question""

"It"s not like I"m stoned today or"" He jerked as flames engulfed his cap, which then abruptly disappeared. A millisecond later, fire erupted out of Asher"s hand " and there was Lou"s cap, completely intact.

Giggling, Asher dropped the hat and clapped his little hands as his mind touched hers, buzzing with mischief and pride. His giggle was the purest, infectious, heart-melting sound, and she couldn"t help but laugh along with him.

Although she"d yet to see him pyroport like Knox, she"d often seen objects pyroport to Asher"mostly her knickknacks that lined the mantel of the fireplace. Since he was so young, the ability didn"t always "answer" him. Plenty of times she"d seen him glaring at his hand, as if annoyed that it was empty.

Lou grinned at him. "Such a clever boy! Ah, did it bug you that I wasn"t paying you any attention" You know your Uncle Lou is your biggest fan." Standing, Lou crossed to him. "Time to hand over the cap."

A shower of ashes, embers, and sparks surrounded Asher"a tough-as-shit shield he"d first raised when in her womb. He"d also released a blast of disabling energy whilst in her womb, but he hadn"t done it again since being born.

Lou laughed. "Damn, Harper, I totally dig this kid." With a mock sigh of reprimand at Asher, he placed his hands on his hips. "Don"t you smirk at me. I want that cap."

Inside the shield, Asher instead dumped a brick in the cap.

"It"s not a toy, mister."

But Asher apparently thought differently, because he plopped another brick in it.

Lou tried pushing his hand through the shield. Sparks buzzed, hissed, and popped. Lou jerked back with a harsh curse, blowing on his blistered palm.

"Why do you do that every time"" Harper asked him, sighing. "You know you can"t get through the shield." The only person she"d seen do it was Knox"s demon when it was in its full, body-of-flames glory. There were far worse things in hell than Lucifer, including archdemons"cold and brutal creatures that were born from the flames. And, unknown to most, Knox just happened to be one.

"I"m trying to work out what it"s made of," said Lou. "It"s hard as steel and burns worse than hellfire. I"ve never come across anything like it." And that seemed to excite him.

"I thought you"d lose your fascination with Asher once you saw that he isn"t some soulless being that was born with the sole purpose of obliterating the universe."

"I never thought he"d be soulless."

"Pure evil, then."

"He may not be evil, but he could still decimate life as you know it. Don"t give me that look, is it my fault you can"t handle the truth" I think not." Lou grimaced as his cap returned to his head in a small spurt of fire " which wouldn"t have hurt him if the cap wasn"t bulging with bricks. Lou emptied them onto the rug. "He might be a Thorne, but there"s a lot of Wallis in him."

Lowering his shield, Asher clapped again. "Ma!"

Harper smiled. "I saw you, little man. Very good." He didn"t call her Mama, as if too lazy to finish the word. Similarly, he called Knox "Da".

A familiar mind touched hers as a voice said, I"m here. You ready" It was Keenan, Asher"s personal bodyguard who, like Tanner, was also one of Knox"s sentinels.

We"ll be two minutes, Harper told him. "Tanner, time to go. I just need to quickly pack Asher"s bag." She headed into the kitchen to find Meg, the housekeeper, sticking a bottle of formula in Asher"s bag.

Meg put the bag into Harper"s hands. "Diapers, formula, wet wipes, his blanket"it"s all there."

Honestly, Harper didn"t know what she"d do without the woman. "Thanks, Meg, you"re a star."

Meg flushed, pleased. "Have a good time at the party!"

"Will do," said Harper. Honestly, though, taking Asher off the estate always made her nervous. For the first four months of his life, they"d kept him there for his own protection. Awful as it was, there were people who would use him for their own ends. After all, anyone who had him in their possession could effectively control Knox, who"d do anything to keep his son safe. And since Knox was believed to be the most powerful demon in existence and was also rumored to have the ability to call on the flames of hell, their kind feared him in a major way.

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