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A Harris Brother Scottish Wedding!

This short story was first published in the Cocktales Anthology. It reads well as a standalone but will be enjoyed better if you read Challenge first.

Only professional footballer, Camden Harris, is cocky enough to elope to Scotland with his fianc" and leave the Harris Family behind.Books in Series:Harris Brothers Series by Amy DawsBooks by Author:Amy Daws Books


Cocky Teammates


"Specs!" I shout as I jog across the grass toward my fianc"e. She"s in the middle of the Tower Park pitch surrounded by a sea of balls and has her hands all over my brother Booker.

Normally, my woman"s hands on another bloke would send me into a jealous rage. But Specs"aka Dr. Indie Porter"is the assistant team doctor for Bethnal Green F.C., so I kind of have to deal with it.

Bethnal is the football club"or soccer team, as Americans call it"my dad, Vaughn Harris, manages in London. It"s where my younger brother, Booker, and my twin brother, Tanner, play. Last year, I was right beside them until I signed on with Arsenal. Our older brother, Gareth, plays defence for Manchester United. We"re a family of footballers through and through. And even though our sister, Vi, doesn"t play, she"s the loudest fan you"ll hear in the stands at any of our matches.

Needless to say, we all eat, sleep, and breathe football.

That"s why I thought my life was over when I tore my ACL last year. I was caked in mud from a rainy match when they wheeled me into The Royal London Hospital on a stretcher. With my football career at risk, I was feeling the lowest I"d ever felt.

Then a stunning, curly-haired redhead with cheetah-print glasses and a sexy smart mouth waltzed into the exam room, claiming to be a doctor. I thought she was way too young and gorgeous to be a doctor, but it turned out she was my surgeon and a brilliant one at that.

She is way too good for me, which is exactly why I put a ring on her finger several months ago.

"Oi! Get your hands off my brother, you slapper!" I crow as I kick a few stray balls out of the way and reach Indie, who"s hunched over as she stretches out Booker"s hamstring. I rear back my hand and slap my fianc"e"s arse with a satisfying crack.

"Ouch, Camden!" Indie squeals. Her hands immediately drop Booker"s leg and fly back to rub her rear end. She turns wide, angry eyes at me that are framed by a pair of red glasses today. "What on earth are you doing" This is my place of work! You can"t come in here and do that!"

I roll my eyes at her overreaction. I grew up on this pitch. This is where I learned the game of football. There"s absolutely nothing I could do here that would shock anyone.

I wrap my arm around Indie and pull her to my side. "Relax, Specs. When your dad manages the team, no one blinks an eye at you." I release my hold on her to bend over and pick up one of the many footballs spread out all around us. Moving away, I begin bouncing it on my knees and head nod to Booker, who"s still lying on the grass. "Hey, Book."

"Cam," Booker replies, pulling his knee to his chest to stretch himself like he was perfectly capable of doing all along. The cheeky wanker.

I glance over at my beautiful fianc"e, who is currently shooting daggers at me. Her brown eyes are stunning as ever, but they do not look soothed by my words. "I"m serious, Cam. You can"t come around the pitch to see me whenever you feel like it."

I stop bouncing the ball and clutch it to my hip. "Why not""

"Because it"s unprofessional."

"Stuff that! You"ve broken the rules for me before," I reply with a wink. Memories of Indie playing hot doctor and me being the naughty patient will be the highlight of my life when my balls are old and saggy. Forbidden romances always do taste the sweetest.

"Well, no more," she retorts firmly. "I don"t need anyone else talking crap about me because I"m engaged to the manager"s son." She closes her eyes and grimaces like she didn"t mean to say the last part.

I drop the ball and turn to my brother. "Who is talking crap""

Booker rises up to a sitting position and props his arms on his knees. "Tanner and I put them straight. Don"t worry about it, Cam."

"Tell me," I nearly growl and kick the football high, toward the goal that"s over half a football field away. It bounces off the top bar and misses.

Out of nowhere, Tanner leaps up onto my tensed back. His beard tickles the side of my face as he bellows, "Hey, broseph! What are you doing here" Did the Gunners fire you already""

He tries to pull me in a headlock, but I shove him off and kick another football in frustration. "No"I"m already done for the day. What"s this shit I"m hearing about the team trash-talking Indie""

"Camden!" Indie exclaims, attempting to grab my arm and pull me toward her. "Just leave it. I"ve got it handled."

Tanner"s eyes narrow as he crosses his arms and stares back at me. It"s hard to take him seriously with his man bun and Dumbledore beard. However, he"s lost all humour on his face, so I know this isn"t a laughing matter.


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