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Pierce Lancaster is bad news.
Sexy as "
He"s exactly what I don"t want in my life. What I don’t need.
I"m not the girl he knew before.
I"ve changed.
But he hasn"t.
He"s trouble filled with empty promises.
I"ve come too far to fall back.
Yet I can"t seem to stay away.
I can"t say no.
I am addicted to Pierce Lancaster.

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Saturday, June 4

Official groundbreaking ceremony to start at 7 p.m. followed by a celebratory dinner.

Pretentious fucking bastard.

I"m not surprised. He"s always been a pompous ass. Goddamn Spencer Lancaster. Heir to the Lancaster family fortune, head honcho at the biggest hotel chain in America, and, most importantly, my brother. My oldest brother.

The one who has it all and has no problem reminding you. He"s always loved to flaunt his wealth, and today is no different. If anything, today is even worse. With a promise to build an elite property fit for royalty on a plot of land in Antibes, France, he already has everyone whispering amongst themselves about how great he is. If that isn"t enough, he"s down on one knee in front of his closest friends and family, handing over his balls to a recovering addict.

And they say I"m the fuck-up.

Who doesn"t like to have a good time" What the fuck else is there to do" I like booze, drugs, and women, but at least it doesn"t own me. Unlike Olivia, my older brother Spencer"s fianc"e, I can hold my own. At least unlike her, I never ended up in rehab. I can stop whenever I want. Sound like a clich"" Too bad, because it"s the truth.

I"m not my brothers, and I"m not expected to contribute to the family name. No one has ever asked me to work for the family business, to run a chain of hotels, hell, they haven"t even asked me to work at one, so if they don"t want me around, why should my decision to spend time and money on my vices matter to anyone" Yet, by the nasty phone messages I"ve been getting from Spencer and, even more surprisingly, my other brother Grant, my "reckless lifestyle" is all that matters to them.

The irony of this situation isn"t lost on me.

Spencer"s constantly breathing down my neck about how I"m soiling the Lancaster name, which is completely ridiculous. Hypocrisy much" Here he is, promising his life away to someone who was snorting lines not even a year ago, and I"m going to be the one to bring down the name. How is she any different from me"

Fuck them.

I pull my flask out of my pocket and take a swig, not caring who sees. The liquid burns my throat, scorching the persistent bitter feelings that threaten to float to the surface. My entire life I"ve been the black sheep of the family, always overshadowed by my brothers" success. They don"t even give me a chance. For years, they ignored me, all too busy with their own drama, so I kept myself busy with other distractions. Getting fucked is an easy way to forget just how irrelevant you are to the world.

"Clap your hands, Pierce."

A soft voice cuts through my inner rant, and I turn my head, looking down at Olivia"s best friend, Lindsey. Her eyes are narrowed, their color so deep with thought they appear black as the night, dark and ominous. I lift my gaze back up to scan her face and am met with lips downturned in a scowl. Apparently, she"s not happy to be here either. That, or she doesn"t like me very much. No, I"m always a good time.

Brown locks fan her shoulder, resting on her translucent skin. Something twists in my gut as I watch her. Lindsey sitting in a wheelchair, helpless, sucks. A devastating accident left her pretty badly banged up and has kept her away from our typical hangouts. She used to be the life of the party, and I have to admit I miss seeing her around.

"Want some"" I point the flask in her direction.

She shakes her head.

"It wouldn"t kill you to act happy for your brother," she scolds quietly. Each word comes out only a little above a whisper, but no matter the octave, her intent is present. She"s totally thinking, Suck it up, Pierce.

I roll my eyes but do as she suggests, bringing my hands up to slowly clap. I"m not fooling anyone, especially not her, but I still put forth my best acting effort. Yeah, I"m a dick. So what" My false bravado doesn"t seem to faze anyone. No one cares. They"re all too excited to notice me.

Hoots and hollers are called from all around. I take it all in, watching the cheers from the sidelines. Everybody"s happy for the couple. Spencer and Olivia are about to plan a wedding, one that"s sure to be the soiree of the year, and apparently, this is the kickoff. My stomach twists. A strange feeling of jealousy washes over me, and it"s unwelcome.

"Oh, come on, Lindsey. Don"t you want to get drunk and make bad decisions"" I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively.

"Eww." Lindsey scrunches her nose in disgust. I shrug, knowing she"s full of shit. Before her accident, she wanted me bad. She"s alluded many times when there were copious amounts of drinks being had, just how much. It never happened, unfortunately. Not because I"m not attracted to her, but because some other girl beat her to the punch. Tonight I could use the camaraderie, and a good blow job wouldn"t hurt either.


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