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Did he really just ask me to marry him"
The “King” from our high school days"
He’s got balls of steel, I’ll give him that.
Cocky bastard took my virginity when we were young.
Not that I minded. That chiseled jaw and those rock-hard abs could make me do just about anything.
And the whole single dad thing makes me want to lap him up like a banana split.
So, I’ll play the fianc"e.
But his kisses don’t feel fake. And my heart is pounding way too hard.
I’m trying to keep it superficial, but Conner Rex is stretching me beyond my comfort zone.
New York’s most eligible surgeon isn’t just breaking down my walls.
He’s kicking them in, pushing his way through, and taking what’s his.
One month to fake it. One month to convince myself he doesn’t love me. One month before he asks me…Books by Author:Kira Blakely Books

Chapter 1


"You"want me to show you where it hurts""

Oh, come on.

I folded my arms across my stout chest and regarded the girl sitting on the table across from me in the sterile, brightly lit examination room. She looked up at me with big, brown eyes, the slightest hint of a smile playing on her face.

Thing that annoys the shit out of me about girls her age: They"ve got no damn subtlety when it comes to flirting.

"Why don"t we start with you just telling me what"s been going on, Miss Hendricks"" I asked, keeping my voice stern and professional.

Jenny flipped her curly, bottle-blonde hair over one shoulder and began.

"Well, it happened last week at the gym on campus," she said, her voice low and seductive, in an over-the-top way. "I was doing some squats, and I think I just went down too far, too fast."

She shifted her weight from one side of her body to the other, the paper underneath her crinkling as she showed me the bare expanse of skin on the back of her leg, just below the bottoms of her way-too-short shorts.

"And it"s just so achy," she said, affecting a pouty, Marilyn-Monroe-esque tone to her voice as she made a little frown.

Come on, kid, I thought. Take it down a damn notch.

I knew that I was a catch, and I wasn"t too humble to admit it. With my height, my muscular frame, and jaw cut out of granite, I was more than used to making the women fall over themselves just for a chance to get at me. But I wasn"t a college kid anymore"I had a career and a son, and that"s where my head was these days. Chasing horny college girls was about the lowest priority in my life.

I glanced up at the clock on the wall behind the girl, noting that I still had an hour left of the clinic time the board made me do once a week. For some reason, they think having me spend three hours a week listening to walk-ins complain about aches and pains and fatigue is a good use of the time of the best damn cardiac surgeon in this hospital"hell, the best damn cardiac surgeon in the city.

I walked over to the girl and glanced at where she was showing me. The area looked fine"no redness or swelling. Probably just a pulled muscle. That is, assuming this whole injury wasn"t just some pretense to get me alone in an examination room. Wouldn"t be the first girl who tried something like that.

"You can walk just fine"" I asked.

"Oh yeah," she said, springing out of her seat and onto her feet.

Then she made a little saunter across the room, her hands on her hips as she popped her ass from one side to the other, finishing with a sultry, playful look over her shoulder.

"See"" she asked.

I gave the girl a quick look-over. Pretty face, cute figure, almost certainly DTF. Back in my med school days I would"ve been all over a chick like this, especially one just throwing herself at me. But nowadays the idea of casual sex just bored the hell out of me.

"Probably just a hyperextension," I said. "Bad form will do that. Take some Tylenol for the pain, avoid weights for a few days, and look up some videos for proper squat form on the Internet."

"Oh," she said, glancing down for a moment.

Not the answer she was hoping for, obviously.

"Isn"t there"anything else you"d recommend"" she asked, cutting the distance between the two of us down to a few feet, ending just a few inches deep into my personal bubble.

"We"ve got a great exercise department here at Beth Sinai," I said. "Give them a call if the pain persists."


"Anything else I can help you with""

"Um, no," she said, getting the hint and grabbing her things. "That"s it."

With that, she scooped up her purse and hurried out of the room.

Another thing about girls that age: They never know how to react when a guy doesn"t fall for their very clumsy come-ons. Now that she was gone, I allowed myself a small chuckle at how ridiculous the whole situation was. But our hospital was only a few blocks from one of the NYU campuses in Manhattan, and apparently, I had something of a reputation among the pre-meds there. "Doctor Sexy-As-Shit," they called me. Or so I heard.

I took a sip of my coffee, letting the hot, bitter brew linger on my palate for a moment, then hit the call button of the intercom.

"Annie"" I asked, calling the nurse up front. "Care to send in the next very valuable use of my time""

"Actually," said Annie. "You"re off the hook for the rest of your clinic duty for the day."

"Oh, really"" I asked. "No more shameless coeds, or bored, rich housewives looking to get a Valium script""


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