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A vacation fling wasn’t what she was looking for, or was it"

Six days in Paris, that was the plan. Keep my head down, do my duty, and then I’d go back to my vineyard. It was smooth sailing until she came into the restaurant and sent back my newest full-bodied, savory creation.

I ignored her until she stormed out of the restaurant looking for a taxi at one in the morning. The gentleman I was, I couldn’t leave her wandering around the streets of Paris, could I"

I’d give her a ride, make sure she was safe, and it would be done. Except it wasn’t.

Something about her pulled at me. With one drunken moment and a simple question, everything went haywire.

This could be the vacation fling of a lifetime. After all, there is no real reason for her to know my life story and all my secrets.

I’m France’s most eligible bachelor.

This ‘faux pair’ is almost a faux pas…Books by Author:Natasha Madison Books

Chapter One


"Ladies and gentlemen, we are now boarding Air France flight number eighty-two forty-five, direct to Paris," the lady on the speaker announces. "At this time, we are boarding all passengers seated in zone one."

I look down at my boarding pass to read the printing in the corner. "I"m zone five," I tell my two best friends, Kate and Diana, as they look at their boarding pass.

"Zone five for the win," Diana says, putting up her hand and waiting for us to high-five her. Kate is closest to her, so she holds up her hand and slaps it.

"Why didn"t we do first class again"" Kate asks, and I just laugh, shaking my head as I turn to her.

"Because it was four thousand dollars"" I point out to her, and she just nods.

"Oh, yes, that," she says, and we all laugh. I look at the people handing over their boarding passes as they walk onto the plane.

The three of us have gotten really close in the past four years. We met when we were all bridesmaids for our mutual friend Sonia. Between the bridesmaids lunches, the bachelorette party, the bride"s shower, and the groom"s picnic, the three of us just kind of migrated toward each other. We just clicked and have been best friends ever since. Now they are the first people I call when stuff goes down or I have a great day.

"Are you sure the Airbnb place will be okay for the three of us"" I ask them, and they both nod, the two of them on their phone scrolling through Instagram.

"Yes, it says one bed, but it has a couch. Besides, who cares" We are in Paris," Diana says, and my eyebrows scrunch together.

"Well, I think we are all going to care when one of us is sleeping on the floor," I tell them, and then I hear the woman on the speaker again.

"We will now be loading zone two," she says, "and anyone with children or who needs extra assistance."

We all sit back in our chairs. "How long is the flight"" Diana asks.

"Seven hours," I tell her. "We arrive in Paris at ten a.m."

"Thank god, we dressed comfy," I tell them, looking at our yoga pants, white T-shirts, and running shoes. "I also downloaded the whole season of Shameless. Thank you, Netflix."

"I"m going to sleep," Diana says.

"I really hope I can sleep," Kate says, and we all nod our heads. When it"s our time to finally board, we walk in one after another down the carpeted ramp toward the plane. We pass an entrance that says Zone One. "I guess this is almost like the Titanic." I look back at them, and they laugh.

"Fucking Rose," Kate says. "She could have shared the door."

I shake my head and continue walking down the ramp. As we approach the airplane door, we slow when we see a line and creep slowly in and the flight attendant smiles at us. "We are in row twelve."

"Straight and to the right," she says, pointing at the end of the plane. When I walk down the aisle, I see three seats on the right and left side, and five seats down the middle, realizing how big this plane really is. I look up and find our seat to the right. "Do I take the window seat"" I ask them over my shoulder, and they both shrug. I slide into the window seat, Diana slides into the middle, and Kate has the aisle seat.

I put my bag under the chair in front of me, then grab my iPad and earphones. "Why did you bring the big Louis"" Kate asks me. "If we get kidnapped and taken, it"ll be because of that purse." She points down at said purse.

"Why aren"t you giving her the third degree"" I say, pointing at Diana as she stuffs her Gucci under her seat, leaning forward and trying to get her earphones out.

"Both of you," she says, sitting back and shrugging off her black sweater. "If I end up in a sex trafficking ring, it"ll be because of both of you." She reaches up and opens the air on her. "I"m fucking melting."

I"m about to say something to her when the flight attendant begins her announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tamara, and I"m your chief flight attendant. On behalf of the captain and the entire crew, welcome aboard Air France flight eighty-two forty-five, nonstop service from Toronto to Paris. Our flight time will be seven hours and twenty minutes.

At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full and upright position and that your seat belt is securely fastened. Also, your portable electronic devices must be set to airplane mode until an announcement is made. Thank you."

She goes on to repeat the instructions in French. "I think the flight is full," Diana says as she looks at the back of the plane and then at the front. "Oh my god, look at that. First class has beds." She turns around to look at us. "Pods."


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