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I’ll do anything for a second chance with my first love.

When Melissa walks into my office,
The past comes rushing back.
Smokin’ hot and curves for days,
She’s not the feisty girl I once knew.
She’s guarded. Damaged. And in need of my help.
As a single dad and a doctor now, giving comes naturally.
I’ll give her what she needs. Plus a whole lot more.
And while I heal her, I’ll make her mine.

70,000+ words in this steamy, standalone second chance romance. HEA guaranteed.Books by Author:Amy Brent Books

Chapter 1


"Come on, Sarah! We"re going to be late."

I saw my little girl running around the corner with her black curls bouncing around her face. She ran with her arms outstretched to me, and I swept her up into my arms. I spun her around, listening to her giggles as she held on tightly to me, and I breathed in the deep scent of her hair as I held her close.

This was the only time I seemed to experience happiness anymore. My nights were long and sleepless. I tossed and turned, fighting off a drone that kept going on inside my head. I didn"t recognize the sound. The only sound I was familiar with these days were the sounds of my tears soaking my pillow. My body ached and my shoulders creaked. My knees cracked and my back would pop. I"d look at my daughter sometimes, and I"d miss the joy in her eyes because I knew she was studying me.

But moments like this, where she was happy and carefree despite how I looked, were the times I longed for in her life. They reminded me I wasn"t a terrible mother and that we would be just fine without my happiness.

Without Carl.

Without her grandparents.

"Mommy" Go school, please""

"Yes, sweetheart," I said as I sniffled. "We"re going to get you to school."

Sarah loved going to daycare. I always tried to time our arrivals to when Ava showed up with her son, Logan. Logan was the same age as Sarah and was also growing up without a father, though the circumstances were a bit different. I met Ava when I was hired as the accountant for the tech company we both work for, and we bonded over our mutual titles as single working mothers. She was the main desk receptionist and single-handedly kept all of our lives and schedules intact. She was the epitome of the strength I wished to possess. She talked about the day Logan"s father left them as if it was nothing, and yet I could hardly talk about Carl"s death without losing my eyeballs to the burning tears.

My husband perishing in a car accident before Sarah turned one was difficult enough, but every single day I looked at her, she seemed to look more and more like him. Sure, she had my dark hair, eyes, and skin, but her facial expressions were all him. Every time she smiled. Every time she ran. Every time she got upset or cried or laughed, he was etched upon her. In the creases of her eyes and the wrinkles on her hands. Even her little tush I still had to wipe was shaped like his.

"Mommy late," Sarah said.

"Come on. Want to go see Logan"" I asked breathlessly.

"Logan!" she shrieked.

I piled her into the car and buzzed through town to get her to daycare. Ava was walking in with Logan as we pulled up, and Sarah started kicking the back of my seat.

"Mommy, Logan! Look, look, look!"

"I see them, sweetheart. Just be patient."

"Logan here today!"

I climbed out of the car and called out to Ava. She turned around and waved just before Logan broke into a run across the parking lot. I called out for him, running toward him so he wouldn’t get hit by any cars before I scooped him up. Ava came running in her heels, fear and anger etched on her face as she scolded him.

"What did I tell you about the street""

"Don"t cross no Mommy," he said.

"Yes. Don"t cross ever without Mommy. You hear me""

"And good morning to you, too," I said as I gave Logan back to Ava.

"It"s been one of those days already, and it"s only eight thirty," she said, sighing. "Let"s get these kiddos dropped off, and maybe we can chance getting some decent coffee before we head to work."

"Not me. I have a doctor"s appointment at three. I have to get to work and knock some things out before I leave early."

"You all right, Mel"" she asked.

"Yeah, yeah. Just having some aches and pains that I don"t think are related to my sleeplessness."

"The dreams of Carl coming back"" she asked.

"Mel, they"re always there," I said, sighing.

We took the kids in and dropped them off. I watched Logan and Sarah scurry off hand in hand, and it brought tears to my eyes. The happiness and joy she found in this world made me both happy and jealous. I was so glad she didn"t seem to have my tendencies to be sad or down for no reason, but part of me wanted to experience the happiness she experienced. I wanted to experience the joy of simply holding hands with a friend like Mel was doing with me now. Even as the comfort from the warmth of her hand drifted up my arm, I still felt lifeless.



"I hope it"s nothing serious," Ava said as we turned to head for the door.


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