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Five gorgeous, dominant bad boys, and they want to share. I"m about to get dealt the luckiest hand of my life"

I"ve been a bad girl. Well, I haven"t yet, but I think I"m about to be. You see, there"s this guy at work I"ve been crushing on. The only problem"

It"s not one guy.

"It"s five.

Five gorgeous, possessive, powerful men. Oh, right, and they"re my bosses – the owners of the hottest new bar in New York City and the undisputed champions of the underground poker club beneath it.

There"s Gaige, the panty-melting flirt, and Dane, the ridiculously hot tease. Noah"s got a filthy mouth and a wicked tongue, and he knows how to use it. Luke"s the extra big guy of the bunch, in every sense of the word. And then there"s Vince, whose dark eyes and growling voice make me want to drop to my knees and say yes sir.

Five teasing mouths. Ten tantalizing hands. Five big, huge, uh, decks" I mean, how"s a girl to choose"

Unless she doesn"t have to.

"Unless they want to share.

Life"s a gamble, and sometimes, you"ve gotta bet big. But something tells me I"m about to get very very lucky"

This extra hot, extra over-the-top mfmmmm romance is all about her " no m/m. If you"re a sucker for filthy talking bad boys, outrageously fast insta-love, and diving into the wildest fantasy imaginable, this one"s for you! HEA with NO CHEATING!Books by Author:Madison Faye Books



I groan, sinking gratefully onto the barstool and feeling my calves relax. My legs ache, my ears ring, and my feet are actually squelching in my shoes " soaked through with probably enough booze that they"re a fire hazard.

"You did pretty damn good tonight, you know."

I can"t even pretend to stop the heat that sizzles through me as he rests his muscled arms on the bar and leans into me. I chance a glance up and immediately feel my pulse skip as I lose myself in those piercing, gorgeous, wickedly tempting blue eyes.

As insane as the night was, and as obnoxiously loud, and crazy, and demanding the club crowd was, and as much as I feel like I just ran a marathon in a dance party, this has been my saving grace all evening.

Gaige King.

Ridiculously good looking. Confidently cocky, in that charming way that makes girls lose their ability to speak or make rational thoughts. Funny, witty, and an unabashed flirt. Working behind the small, cramped, fast-paced bar, trying to hear over thumping club music, has been made infinitely better with Gaige here. He has made everything about this night way better.

The close proximity has also gotten much more than my shoes soaking wet, if we"re being completely honest.

But, it"s not just the thrill of working all night with a staggeringly hot guy " rubbing against him, and feeling those muscled arms of his brush across me as he reached for a beer or a glass. No, if I can get out of my own dry-spell-induced lust for this man, working with him tonight actually totally saved my ass. My companion behind the bar " tonight, my first freaking night working here " was supposed to be some girl named Jenna. Except, Jenna never showed. So it was Gaige, the acting bar manager, who ended up stepping in to make sure I didn"t drown in the sea of thirsty club-goers all night.

Oh, right, the gorgeous, sexy-as-hell, flirty-as-sin guy with the tight white t-shirt, the sleeve tattoo and the smile that does all sorts of things to certain parts of my body"

Yeah, he"s my boss. And he"s really really my boss, too. The bar manager thing is just him filling in until they can find a replacement for a guy who left a few months back. In reality though, Gaige is one of the owners of this place " Lume, one of the hottest new nightclubs in New York. Getting a gig bartending here was a miracle, not to mention an insanely lucrative one given how popular the place is. That doesn"t mean I"m not going to work for it though, like I did tonight.

But like I said, the hustle and grind of slinging drinks for cash all night is a whole lot less grinding when you"ve got someone like Gaige King, well, grinding you all night.

"You kept your head, you kicked ass, and you really only stepped on my feet like, four times."

I grin, trying to hide the blush and trying not to stare at him with googly eyes as he leans across the bar, grinning that insanely charming smile at me.

"Coughlin"s law, never show surprise""

"Dude, enough with the Cocktails quotes. Jesus."

I laugh, turning my head to glance at the other person responsible for making my night a whole lot better than it could have been: Dane, Gaige"s best friend and also a business partner in Lume. Dane who"s gorgeous " blond to Gaige"s tousled dark hair with dark, smoky eyes. When he"d first shown up and reached over the freaking bar to help himself to a bottle of tequila and a glass, I about lost it. Until Gaige laughed and explained who he was. So, great, my first night here and I meet two insanely attractive men, and both of them are most certainly off-limits because they"re my bosses. Just my luck.

Dane chuckles, shaking his head and running his fingers through his hair. "I mean, it"s a great movie, but you have got to stop quoting that fucking thing all the time."

Gaige flips him off. “You need schooling on classic Tom Cruise movies, bud.”

He winks at me before sliding a clean, empty glass my way.

"What are you drinking""

I exhale, my eyes dancing over the bottles behind him. A drink honestly sounds necessary after the insanity of the night.


Gaige chuckles as he takes his hand away from the vodka it was resting on. "Shit, pegged you wrong. But that"s right, you"re a country girl, right""

"Oh that"s right! Dane smirks at me. "This is your first time living in the big city, huh" You"re like, from a farm or something""

They"re teasing me, and I know it. I roll my eyes at the two of them as Gaige pours my drink.

"I"m from Nashville. You know, tall buildings, highways, electricity, running water, lots of country music" Maybe you"ve heard of it""


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