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Five billionaire tycoons, and they all want me.
My mouth always gets me in trouble.
It got me fired, and then, it got me hired.
The Worth brothers, each one more gorgeous than the last, need a nanny.
And, they’re willing to share… everything.

I’ve always done — and said — exactly what I wanted.
But even this is a surprise.
And maybe it’s my dream come true.
The twins’ are identical… in every way…
Their brother’s MMA build.
The eldest won’t take no for an answer,
While the youngest is the sweetest lover.
I couldn’t give up a single one of them.

But can they handle me"
Without our fairy tale blowing up in our faces"

This is a steamy standalone 50,000 word novel with a HEA, and no cheating!Books by Author:Jess Bentley Books


It"s all arranged. I"ve informed the staff that she should be arriving any second now, and then I want her up here to meet Royce in ten minutes, exactly. I think she"s already downstairs. Probably walking toward the elevator.

The key is convincing Royce. He doesn"t understand that we need this. We need to have a woman in our lives. At first it seemed like a convenient thing, or a financial thing, but now it seems like the only way our family will survive is if we are unified.

It"s going to take a miracle.

Royce is predictably annoyed that I set it up without asking him. But August sent me surveillance video of her. There"s something to her. Maybe it"s crazy to think this, but I felt like I really saw something surprising in this one.

So we are going to try again, come hell or high water.

Royce is mad. He stands with his hands on his hips, his shirt in a crumpled mass in his hand, his chest streaked with sweat. His nostrils flare and that muscle jumps at the back of his jawline.

If we had more time, I would take him downstairs and spar in the ring for a little while. Maybe work it out. Because that"s part of who we are: we are physical. We may be the richest men in the country, but we are also just men. We need a physical reality, not just a financial one. Because what is money anyway, some kind of fairytale"

I hear the elevator mechanism engaging and find a reason to leave the room, ducking into the service hallway to watch from a distance. I shouldn"t do it, but I need to see what happens in person. I need to know if there"s any chance at all.

She comes in tentatively, wearing a feminine but sporty little dress that accentuates her curvy strength. She"s smaller than I expected, but also wound tight like a gymnast. Her calves flex with every step that she takes toward him. Her fingers pluck nervously at the hem of her skirt.

Royce is facing the other way, looking for a clean shirt to wear before she gets here, not realizing she is standing right behind him. He takes his sweaty shirt and tosses it over his shoulder, right into her hands. She catches it.

He turns around.

Backing away, I stand out of sight again. I don"t want him to know I"m still here, spying on him. I can hear their voices but not the words, yet I can still kind of understand the tone and cadence of their voices. They go from icy to easy in a remarkably short period of time. It sounds like they"re both already flirting.

She has an interesting, sultry voice. A little gravelly, a little worldly. Not like she"s been worn down, but like she"s an astute observer. She"s seen things.

She"s no angel, and that"s what we need.

Angels are too delicate.

Finally, I can"t wait anymore. I peek around the corner again to see what"s happening.

"I think you would be really surprised at the content of my wildest dreams," I hear her say in a sexy purr.

"Oh really"" Royce challenges. He is intrigued, certainly. His cock stands out in high relief in his track pants. She says something else and sashays forward, reaching right for him.

She doesn"t know who we are, and I told August to tell her as little as possible. She doesn"t know that she"s stroking one of the richest cocks in the world in her palm. When she falls to her knees in front of him, and he closes his eyes and tips his head back in relief, I feel that spark in the air.

There"s magic here. I know it. I"m not sure how many of us still believe in magic, but I"m damn sure going to keep trying.

Chapter 2


Seems like I am the only person here who knows how to refill the coffee maker. It"s not brain surgery, right" So out of six waitresses, how come I"m the only one who ever seems to be taking the old filter out, banging the basket on the side of the garbage, and setting it all back up again"

Thirty-eight seconds. That"s all it takes, and I know because I timed myself. Thirty-eight seconds! I guess I"m the only person here who has thirty-eight seconds to spare for fresh coffee.

Which is extra weird, since people drink coffee all day long. That"s what diners are for, right" You get your regulars, who line up at the counter and just drink cup after cup all day long. It"s their daily habit, sitting on the vintage stools with their elbows propped up on the Formica, dirty plates pushed back so the busboy can scoop them up. They expect to be able to enjoy five or six hours of bottomless coffee and chitchat with the other old fogies.


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