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Her purity is promised to another man, but I’m about to be king.
And I make the rules.

Marriage was never my thing,
But my country needs a king–and I need an heir.
When my best friend’s sister walks back into my life,
She seems like the perfect woman for the position.
Pure, innocent, and untouched,
The girl who was once a royal pain is now a regal beauty about to be claimed.
I’m rock hard at the thought of her.
But she’s forbidden — promised to someone else.

I can’t stand the thought of that sweet body belonging to another man,
or someone else’s baby in her belly.
No matter what ancient laws and enemies stand in our way,
I’ll destroy it all to make her my queen.

***Forbidden Prince is a 61k word full-length standalone novel with a HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. – Jess Bentley (USA Today Bestselling Author), Zoey Oliver***Books by Author:Zoey Oliver BooksJess Bentley Books

Chapter One


"Man, I"ve missed this place. Missed you, too. I"m looking forward to catching up with you," Spencer says, looking around the royal gardens. "It"s been too long."

I pick up a black pebble from among the white stones of the garden path and toss it into the air, catch it, and toss it again. "Well, maybe you shouldn"t go skipping off to the other side of the world for months, chasing wild women," I tease him.

"Like you"re one to talk."

"What was her name again" Carly""

My best friend shakes his head with a wry grin. "Candy."

I let out a chuckle and whip the pebble with an underhanded toss at a bronze statue to my left. It zips through the air and makes a sharp ping sound as it hits the metal. "Seriously, man. What were you thinking""

Spencer shrugs. "I was thinking" I don"t know. I wanted to try something different. Just go with the flow and see where it takes me. Be a beach bum for a while."

"Actually, sounds perfect. Why"d you come back""

He laughs and shakes his head. "It wasn"t for me. Eventually, I got bored of her."

I catch the hint of something in his voice. Not boredom. Has Spencer hitched his horse to the adult wagon and decided to grow up" Some of us don"t have much of a choice…

We round a bend on the path, and to the right, through the trees, I see a line of cars pulled up to the main entrance of my palace. But that"s not what catches my eye.

"Hey," I say, throwing my left hand up, landing it squarely in the middle of Spencer"s chest, causing him to expel a huff of air and come to an abrupt halt. "Who is that""

He whips his head around. "Where" Who""

I nod toward the front of the palace where an entourage is emerging from black town cars and limos, people spilling out onto the grass and stone walkway. "There, her."

My gaze is fixated on a curvy young woman with a waterfall of thick, black hair spilling across her shoulders and down her back.

I watch as she smooths her dress regally and gestures at a stack of luggage sitting beside a vintage Rolls Royce. The suitcases and trunks are immediately picked up and carried into the palace by several men wearing my family"s livery " burgundy and gold three-piece suits.

Spencer steps forward and squints in the direction of the activity. "Uh, that"s Abi."

I give him a push. "Yeah, right. No, really, who is that" I"ve never seen her before. And believe me, I"d remember."

Spencer gives me sideways look. "Henry, I think you still have a hangover from last night." He points emphatically at the woman. "That is Abigail."

"Nooo" your sister" Little Abi" Annoying-as-shit Abi""

My mouth falls open in disbelief. No way. There is no way that gorgeous woman " with graceful posture and sexy curves for days " is Spencer"s little sister. It can"t be Abi" not the tomboy covered in muck from playing in the garden ponds" the goofy kid who followed us everywhere and hid in credenzas to spy on her brother and myself" the frizzy-haired teenage tattletale who told on us when we snuck down to the boathouse to smoke cigarettes.

That was Abi. Not this raven-haired vixen giving out orders with poised confidence like she owns the place.

"Not so little anymore, is she" Still annoying as all hell, though," Spencer says with a chuckle.

"Uh, no" she"s" definitely grown up. I mean, she"s" got"" I motion with my hands, swirling them in front of me to show an hourglass figure, and Spencer immediately whacks me across the back of my neck.

"Dammit, Henry. I don"t want to hear about that. And you " don"t get any ideas."

I drop my hands to my sides, but I can"t stop staring at her, despite feeling Spencer"s disapproving gaze on me.

"I have no idea what you"re talking about," I say, my eyes tracking Abigail"s every move. "I"m practically celibate."

My best friend nearly chokes on his laugh. "Right, Henry. Try selling that story somewhere else."

"Sold it to The Inquirer last week, right after I did body shots off those twins from Doremont," I say with a cocky grin.

It"s a lie, but Spencer doesn"t know that. It"s a lie that has credence, because that"s the guy I used to be, back when Spencer and I were inseparable. Now" I haven"t left the palace grounds in months except for official engagements. My nights of non-stop partying and seducing a new woman at every opportunity " those things seem like a lifetime ago.

The entourage makes its way up the wide marble steps to the grand entrance of the palace. Abi pauses and leans to the woman on her left, whispering something in her ear before continuing up the steps. I wonder what she"s saying" what her hair smells like" what her breathy sighs of pleasure would feel like against my skin.


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