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A gold letter, wrapped in diamonds, addressed to me.

You are cordially invited to Mystique Island.
I"m the nanny to the world"s hottest billionaire.
He spends his spare time at Mystique Island.
Perfect for me.
And I just received an invitation.

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Chapter 1


Holden Long is my personal form of torture.

He"s my boss. He"s my fantasy. He makes me ache in all the right places.

And I can never, ever touch him.

I stand in the kitchen of Holden"s two-story home, a brick-faced duplex in Manhattan, and prepare his daughter"s snack for her trip to her mom"s house.

Five-year-old Jessie is super excited to see her mother, and I"m always happy to see this precious little girl, whom I"ve only known for a month, reacting like this. Even if it means I have to take a weekend off, away from Holden and his sharp gaze, his sturdy silence, his presence.

Ugh, it"s been one month! Get a grip. You can"t fall in love with someone after a month. It"s never gonna happen, girl. And it"s totally wrong, too.

"Mommy"s here!" Jessie scoots into the kitchen, dressed in her princess outfit and grinning from ear to ear. "I"m leaving, Nansy!" She calls me that instead of "the Nanny," and I kinda like it.

"That"s great, honey. I hope you have an awesome weekend with your momma," I say, handing her the little Finding Nemo bag I"ve packed her lunch into. "Be safe. Where"s my hug"" I crouch in front of her.

Jessie flies into my arms and squeezes so tight I wheeze. "I"ll be back on Monday, Nansy." She pats me on the back of my head. "Don"t worry. You won"t be lonely for too long."

"Aw, thanks, sweetie."

She steps out of my arms, grinning broadly, her blue eyes sparkling. They"re the same as her father"s.

"Ready to go, angel"" His voice purrs through the kitchen, and my heart tha-thumps against the inside of my ribcage.

Speak of the devil. The delicious, totally-out-of-reach devil.

The newly divorced Holden Long fills the doorway that leads into the kitchen. He takes up all the space"hell, he steals the air right outta the room.

Towering above me, with those ice blue eyes, a sharp, long nose, and full, expressive lips and that beard I"m dying to touch, he stuns me. A swimmer"s body. That"s probably the best way to describe it. So sexy.

But Holden Long is so much more than a hot, muscly frame and forever eyes. He"s strong and silent, and he"s borne the hurt of his divorce without showing any pain. He"s helped Jessie adapt to a new life these past few months.

The only reason I"m here is because it"s difficult for him to juggle a billion-dollar empire and all his duties at home without a partner to share the load.

"Bye," Jessie cries out, one last time.

"Bye, sweetheart. See you soon."

The two of them head out, and I hurry to finish cleaning the mess I"ve made. I may have gone a little overboard with Jessie"s snack. I"ll miss her, after all, and she deserves a treat after going through so much.

"What are you doing, Dani"" I mutter to myself.

This is supposed to be a way to save money for my studies. I"m twenty-two and desperate to go for my private pilot"s license, then the commercial, but I can"t afford a loan. This job is a total boon.

Holden pays well more than what I need to survive, and he"s put me up in the guestroom in his house, just down the hall from the master bedroom.

My core tightens"the thought of him in there, naked, under the sheets.

Stop! You need this damn job. You can"t screw it up!

I busy myself washing off plates then wrench open the door to the dishwasher and start stacking.

It"s probably a good thing I have to leave this weekend. I"m going to visit my sister upstate. Get my head away from Holden, out of his bedroom, out of his pants. God, I"ve had maybe one boyfriend in my entire life, and I"ve never been this hard up for it.

What the hell is wrong with me"

The door slams and footsteps echo down the hall.

I tense up but keep stacking, bending so my ass is on display in the tight skinny jeans I chose this morning. Each day, I try a little something to grab his attention, as pathetic as that may seem. Nothing"s ever going to happen.

Still, I wiggle my butt and hum.

"Danielle." His voice is a growl behind me.

I shut the dishwasher"s door, straighten, and flush hot from head to toe. Then I turn slowly to face my fantasy. He"s inches from my chest, looking down, his pupils dilated.

"Hi, Mr. Long," I say. I never call him Mr. Long.

"I"ll be leaving this afternoon to see my brother." His gaze lights on the sparse cleavage that shows above the lip of my blouse. I try to keep it modest around the house. "Have you got somewhere to go for the weekend" Or will you be staying here""

My breath hitches in my chest. God, I wish that was an invitation. "Yes. My sister"s."


Silence builds between us. Heat. I have to get out of this kitchen before I throw myself at him. Wrap my legs around his waist, grind my already wet pussy against the outside of his jeans, which fit him to perfection.


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